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Classical Confusion

Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#17909
Fun:*** (2.23)
Difficulty:*** (2.39)
Submitted By:spookboy0Aus**




Below, you see a clue. Solve the clue to get the name of a classical music piece.

In the very late day, you see a sign in front of you that says "Bald Mountain". You go there and sleep.

This event would be called your...

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Jun 13, 2004

sorry i still don't get it
Jun 14, 2004

Er... i don't really know any musical pieces... so great job on stumping me. Dude I only know one guy for the old ages, Bhetoven

Jun 14, 2004

Maybe you've heard of Beethoven. That'd make 2!
Jun 14, 2004

well, how do i put this?'s special in its own special way...
Jun 14, 2004

Well, thats why it just happens to be in the "Trivia" category, not alot pf people don't know about classical. But the clue should provide enough to guess what it is anyway, whether or not you know it's a piece of classical music.
Jun 14, 2004

still don't get it... I'm a metal head... so, unless there is some Metallica, Disturbed, or Pantera trivia, I'm lost.
Jun 14, 2004

You mean Panthera, right?
Oct 12, 2004

When I read the answer, the only thing I could say was "duh, how could I miss that?"
Dec 16, 2004

Dec 23, 2004

Very easy, but creative. Watch "Fantasia" (the first one) to get an idea of the music. It's worth your time, even if you prefer metal!
Apr 25, 2005

All I can say is I'm not a classical person at far as knowlege is concerned, but I should have got it from the clue. Fantasia is great! I want to buy it if I can find it...(off to e-bay)...
May 31, 2005

Night on Bald Mountain is one of my favorite songs--and I'm a metal head!
Oct 01, 2005

You stumped me on this one. Keep them coming.
Feb 02, 2014

Umm, I was expecting it to be a little less literal than THAT.

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