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Opposites Attract

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#18444
Fun:**** (3.1)
Difficulty:** (1.39)
Submitted By:horse_luverAca******




These seemingly "nonsense" words have pairs of opposites in them. For example:
lshoorntg would be "Long /Short" (LshOorNtG). If you've noticed, the letters in the words are always in the same order. Get the idea? Great! Now try these!

1) Wfateirer
2) Grsokuynd
3) Rpoiocrh
4) Frbeoiezle
5) Ppenecinl
6) Wmaomnan
7) Ldaigrhkt
8) Ounvderer
9) Cdilreatny
10) Riwrgohngt

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Aug 05, 2004

Ooh good one. Me and my friend worked together on this one and got about 2/3 of them right. Anyway, thanks.
Aug 12, 2004

I got all of them but #9. Good ones they had me thinking for awhile.

Nov 08, 2004

Good one. Very very easy but interesting and fun. Got all of them in matter of minutes
Nov 08, 2004

I'm with V Bapat. I was very fun though. Well done.
(user deleted)
Nov 08, 2004

LOVED this one!! I play scrabble and it helps to be able to see the word(s) inside the word!
Nov 08, 2004

Very easy, but it was fun!! I got all of them but number one. Haha I rhyme...
Nov 08, 2004

I got all of them whithin a matter of seconds #'s 2 & 4 I didn't get those at all, this was a good one I must say
Nov 15, 2004

this was a pretty good one.. I liked it but it was kinda hard for me.. I am a blonde. good job.
Dec 10, 2004

i just have to put eery smile i got because this was truly a master piece
Dec 19, 2004

I'd have to agree with sofine29ismine!! Truely a masterpiece!! I won't put all the smiles, though!!!
Sep 08, 2005

Finally i did not get stumped!

another good one
Oct 05, 2005

Good one horse_luver, keep up the good job.
Mar 09, 2006

It was awesome! It wasn't too easy, but not too hard either
Jul 10, 2008

Cool. First comment this time around. I liked this teaser. Most were easy, but still had to think about it. Thanks for posting.
Jul 10, 2008

Are pen and pencil opposites?
Jul 10, 2008

Great!!! I really liked this one!!
Jul 10, 2008

A great teaser to start the day and get me thinking!!!!
Jul 10, 2008

This was really hard, but fun, too.
Jul 10, 2008

Ol' SourDough wishes to thank thou for a Fun Teaser!

Jul 10, 2008

Awfully easy, but still fun. Some weren't really opposites, though...
Jul 10, 2008

Very cool teaser, but as noted by others some were not really opposites. Related would be a better term, but fun puzzle. Thanks.
Jul 10, 2008

This was fun. I couldn't get #1 and almost just gave up and was about to click on answer, but then I gave the rest a try and they were not that hard for me. I agree with auntiesis.
Jul 10, 2008

FonUNe! Enjoyed it. Simple, easy and entertaining!
Jul 10, 2008

Easy but fun. i like it
(user deleted)
Jul 10, 2008

Loved this one. Solved all of them, the ninth one took me some time though because it was arranged in a tricky way.
Jul 11, 2008

Woman/Man - not Opposites - a common misconception. They are two aspects of the same thing.
Fire/Water and Pen/Pencil aren't Opposites either...
Jul 11, 2008

Fun, fun, fun!!

But much harder than it looked.
Aug 19, 2008

That was fun!
I got 'em all!
More, please...
Jul 10, 2011

At first it looked hard, but when I got started it fell into place. Loved it!
Jul 10, 2011

Nice teaser, even though I'm not sure that all of them are opposites
Jul 10, 2011

Thanks for this teaser! Got them all pretty readily, even tho a very few were not opposites but contrasting in some way!
Jul 10, 2011

Three of these are not opposites,for instance (pen and pencil are both writing instruments, their chemical balance is different. So that does not make them opposites). I could go on and on,but I choose to say the editors don't review their material, or they would quit publishing these incorrect type teasers. I'm sure some of you agree with me, and if you don't so be it.
Jul 10, 2011

too easy, no challenge, give me one that makes me think.
Jul 10, 2011

Fun! Took me a bit on the freeze/boil one, though, the rest came pretty easily. Great job!
Jul 10, 2011

yeah i got all of them quite quickly but was really fun actually do another one like it
Jul 10, 2011

I like this type of teaser. A couple of them jumped out at me and a couple of them took a few minutes! Thanks for a good one!
Jul 10, 2011

Easy one but well made.Going to my favorites.
Jul 10, 2011

Very creative, I enjoyed this more than most I have tried. My patience didn't allow me to dwell on Rich/Poor long enough to get it but the rest went down
Jul 10, 2014

I see I worked this one out back in 2011 so did not try again as the hour is late and I am sleepy. Good one though!
Jul 10, 2014

Easy but fun.
Jul 10, 2014

Interesting, but a bit to easy.
Jul 10, 2014

As noted by several others, some of the pairs were not technically opposites but it was still a fun teaser and quite solvable if you put in the few minutes it took.
Jul 10, 2014

This was a good one and just the right amount of challenge for me today. Thanks for posting!
Jul 10, 2014

Good teaser, fairly easy for the most part, a couple of them took an extra second to spot.
Jul 10, 2014

#9 got me too for whatever reason. Good one!

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