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Lots of Volts

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#19363
Fun:*** (2.32)
Difficulty:* (0.86)
Submitted By:Caim*us******
Corrected By:Gizzer




Mike was a very intelligent kid. He told his fifth grade science teacher that he knew how to create thousands of volts of electricity with only a comb. The teacher didn't believe him and told him to prove it to her. The next day Mike proved it and brought information on the subject.

How did Mike do it?

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Nov 08, 2004

This one probably one of the easiest here
Nov 08, 2004

Not really... i never would've guessed it in a million years. Obviously, everyone knows it creates static.. but 1000's of volts?????????? I'm pretty sure you didn't know that... actually, I dont' know if i believe it lol.
Nov 08, 2004

Hahahahah, I knew there would be people that wouldn't believe it but that dosent make it wrong. This ones my first teaser .
Nov 11, 2004

I think you found a way to solve the worlds energies problems, we need to hook up wires to the comb, and comb away!
Good Teaser.
Nov 13, 2004

Ok, then send me a link to a credible site, and I'll believe you. Maybe.
Nov 13, 2004

that's funny but i have to say this was an easy one, but a good one for your first try!!!
Nov 14, 2004

This was kind of fun, but technically he didn't use only a comb. He was using the hair. If you are going by those rules, he could've let the comb get struck by lightning, or used a comb with a cord and plugged it in- just about anything.
Nov 16, 2004

Either of those would've resulted in him being quite dead...
Nov 22, 2004

After doing that to your comb, go to a sink. Turn the water on to a small thin stream. As you but the comb near it, the water will bend towards the comb. Cool trick, thank God for Mr. Wizard on TV when I was young. (I'm still young, we late twenty somethings will remember Mr. Wizard).
Dec 09, 2004

This was very easy but there is no way a comb and hair can create enough energy to power a house.
Dec 29, 2004

damn right.
Jan 16, 2005

pretty cool for a first try. i feel proud this was one of the few i got, keep up the good work. but seriosly wouldnt it be cool if we didint have the electricity bills, cuz we oculd mke our own... maybe it is farfetched?
Jan 24, 2005

Y\'all need to be aware that amperage has a whole lot to do with electricy. Its the workhorse of an elctrical current. Static electricity with thousand of volts has a miniscule amount of amerage (ie. 0.01) A 9 volt battery with enough amperage could buzz your arss!
Feb 14, 2005

threw it up in the air and it got struck by lightning used nutin but luck you fell it slipped in a criminals pocket then he sat on the electric chair random it could be lots of things my personal favorite is that he falls, the comb is stays int he same place for ten years and some stupid kid decides to fling it at a power line and split it apart causing enough power to power someones house for a long time if it doesnt burn down
Mar 28, 2005

Didn't know it was so many volts, but good teaser.
Apr 15, 2005

Pretty easy, but we just studied electricity, nice try
May 02, 2005

I'm an early twentsomething and remember Mr. wizard.
May 18, 2005

'twas easy as pi. HAHA like my mathmatical plug? Wow, i am a dork...
Jul 31, 2005

It was easy...but good! I dont claim to understand how static electricity works, But I did see it on myth busters, so I know that it is correct. Static can set off the fumes when you're pumping gas.
It's caused by the friction made when your clothing rubs against the cloth seat. Dont forget to discharge by touching metal!!!!
Jul 31, 2005

STATIC ELECTRICITY" is not unmoving, it really means "HIGH VOLTAGE ELECTRICITY."

When you scuff your shoes upon a rug on a dry winter day, your body typically charges up to a potential of several thousand volts with respect to ground. In physics this is a well-known fact and is easily verified by meter measurements
Aug 28, 2005

Thanks for the comments. I love electrostatics
Sep 24, 2005

I knew that people woldnt rate the teaser well because they dont't "believe" the science behind it. It HAS been proved.

Here is a very nice page about the subject:
Nov 10, 2005

well i believed it. after all, even some vegetables can power a lightbulb for a while, why not carge up thousands of volts with a comb?? good one.
Dec 10, 2005

Good one- I always like it when the balloon sticks to your head!!!
Jan 19, 2006

Actually, static does mean not moving. It's not high voltage, it's low current. Amperage is far more important.
Aug 20, 2006

I knew that!

(but it's low current)
Dec 03, 2006

What a dumb teacher.
Feb 06, 2007

On the subject of static electricity in general:

Static electricity is a bit of a misnomer. Static means unmoving. Electricity is the FLOW of electrons. So "static electricity" is an oxymoron. The proper term for the electrons that accumulate on a comb, or anywhere else, is "static charge."

The spark you sometimes see when you touch a metal object after walking across carpet is the dissipation of static charge. The spark you see is no longer static, but rather high voltage dynamic electricity bridging the gap between your body and the grounded object.

Nov 24, 2007

he's using his hair so e is using more than a comb
Jun 20, 2008

this question is a little 2 easy...but it is still very fun to see this type of question!!!

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