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Little Mad Ade's School Day

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#19586
Fun:*** (2.12)
Difficulty:*** (2.64)
Submitted By:Mad-AdeAhu***
Corrected By:boodler




Little Mad Ade, son of Mad Ade, leaves home in the morning to go to school. As he leaves the house he looks at the clock in the mirror. The clock has no number indication and for this reason the boy makes a mistake in interpreting the time (mirror-image). Just assuming the clock must be out of order, the Little Mad Ade cycles to school, where he arrives after twenty minutes. At that moment, the clock at school shows a time that is two and a half hours later than the time that Little Mad Ade saw on the clock at home.
At what time did he reach school?

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Dec 10, 2004

This teaser is impossible to figure out because in it you never indicate a specific time he is to be at school.
Dec 11, 2004

there is nothing in the teaser that requires you to know what time Little Mad Ade starts school.
Dec 11, 2004

You also didn't mention if he took the school bus, if he had school dinners or took his own packed lunch, and you also didn't say if it was raining or not. sheesh, how are we suuposed to solve it?
You obviously have a lot to learn about writing teasers. When you've submitted a few more I'm sure you will get better. Keep your chins up and don't be disheartened.
Dec 11, 2004

I am really really sorry I promise to try much better sir....honest I will.
Dec 12, 2004

God boy
Jan 07, 2005

Technically, babygirl35 was partially correct. There are indeed two possible, correct answers, the second of which is actually alluded to in the official answer (Quote : "note that also five minutes past one can be mirrored in a similar way, but this is not in the morning!). 15PM is not in the morning, but 15AM is (though quite early to be leaving for school). The assumption is necessary that he would be getting to school mid-morning, and not at 1:25AM.
Jan 14, 2005

Actual if he saw 5 after 1 am,
then he would of left 5 before 11 pm which is not morning,
so Mad Ade's stands correct
Jan 15, 2005

I was saying that the actual time was 15 AM. He would have perceived it (through the mirror image) to be 10:55 - AM vs PM is irrelevant here, since he was assuming the clock was messed up, and his arrival time, being 1:25AM, was 1 1/2 hours after 10:55.
Jan 19, 2005

If it was PM he would not or left for school
Jan 23, 2005

I\'m not positive, but couldn\'t the boy have left at 7:35am (in the mirror it would look like 5:25am)...twenty minutes later it would be 7:55am and it would be two and a half hours after the time seen in the mirror.
Jan 24, 2005

Nope - at 7:35, the hour hand would be between the 7 and 8, which would mirror to be between 4 and 5. That means 7:35 would mirror to 4:25, leaving a 3½ hour gap.

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