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You Cannot Avoid Us

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#19911
Fun:*** (2.42)
Difficulty:** (1.4)
Submitted By:mangezmoi25*




Our number is two no more no less,

You cannot avoid us we must confess,

We are the only two certainties that will happen to you,

Before you realize it you'll be victimized too,

But there is one factor that you must know,

Only one of us can give you a life-ending blow,

But don't think you are safe and there's time to relax,

The other will reduce your paycheck just like that.

What are we?

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Dec 14, 2004

I liked the way this rhymes, it is a good teaser. But the six people that voted before gave it almost 2 full question marks for difficulty. This teaser wasn't hard, was it?
Dec 14, 2004

What about people who live in Rwenda or Ethiopia, that live in the jungle, do they pay taxes? I think not.
Dec 14, 2004

my math teacher was just talking about that two days ago. But I still didnt get it right
Dec 14, 2004

i said life and death, but i guess it does depend on circumstances fr you to be born....
Dec 15, 2004

I also said Life and Death.. which makes a lot more sense, since taxes are definitely not certain at all.
Dec 15, 2004

I understand how one can easily pick life and death as the two certainties. But if the context is examined closer one can can see that life cannot work. Both statements describing the two certaintes eliminate life as a certainty. "life-ending blow" is definetly not life and "reduce your paycheck" does in a way relate to life but life in general cannot directly reduce the size of your paycheck. In addition, "life" is always a given for anything. Before one can do anything one must be born. Additionally, life is not a gurantee (your parents did not have to create you) but everyone who has been born must die eventually.
Dec 19, 2004

I said life and death at first, but then I read the reducing the paycheck part and thought "that sounds like taxes." But really the only certainty is death. After all, what if a child dies? Death caught up to him/her, but the child never had to pay taxes.
Jan 06, 2005

I said pay taxes and die right away because I use the phrase in everyday life situations a lot...when somebody tells me that I have do do something that I don't want to do I tell them the only things I have to do are pay taxes and die.
Jan 08, 2005

i agree with some of the other peeplo, taxes arent a certain, but cool riddle.
Jan 16, 2005

i got the death part, lol, i was thinking it was being born and dying. very good riddle
Jan 18, 2005

While taxes are not completely certain (death may come first, people evade taxes, they live in non-taxed habitats, etc.), this riddle is based on a common saying that "only two things in life are certain; death and taxes". Good teaser!
Jan 20, 2005

good one! ...but, how depressing!
Jan 23, 2005

Hmm..But isn\'t life one too?
Feb 19, 2005

The riddle is ok. I just don't agree with it's basis.

Eat, Breathe, having a mother, having blood, having a father.. lots of things are more garanteed than paying taxes...

Which brings me to the question.. How in the world do they attach ambilical chords to test-tube babies. ... hmmm

I guess it's all IV's or some crap... overthinking it.. huh?
Mar 23, 2005

i was able to get the death part, i have to admit for some reason i thought of birth for the other.
Apr 15, 2005

I really like this one!!
Jan 18, 2008

dang taxes! dand death!
Apr 30, 2011

This is really not true, first of all in places like the vatican city no tax is levied, secondly if you die as a baby you won't pay tax, I'm quite unimpressed with this quiz!!!

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