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Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#20225
Fun:*** (2.96)
Difficulty:*** (2.2)
Submitted By:MrIxoliteAen****
Corrected By:phrebh




The letter S is added to pluralise most words in the English language.

eg Letter to Letters, Word to Words and Language to Languages

There is a word however that is pluralised with the addition of the letter C.

What is it?

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Jan 04, 2005

That's what immediately came to mind, but then I thought you meant it had to end with "C," so i wasted another two minutes lol.

And don't forget mouse and mice, and louse and lice.
Jan 04, 2005

Jan 05, 2005

Mouse and Mice and Louse and Lice don't work as you don't just add a C, you remove the O and U and add an I
Jan 05, 2005

Well then you probably should have been more specific on what you meant by "pluralized with C"
Jan 05, 2005

Ok, then I'll pop round and cut up your food for you
Jan 05, 2005

So does your spelling.

Would you really Mrix? That'd be awfully nice of you... after all, I find I choke a lot on big pieces of food

I'll find a mistake one of these days ^_^
Jan 05, 2005

Humble Pie does rather stick in the throat so i've heard
Jan 06, 2005

Very nice teaser! I was thinking it was a C on the end and got stuck!
Jan 07, 2005

how about mouse to mice as well?
Jan 07, 2005

No, to change Mouse you have to do more than just add a C
Jan 07, 2005

Try reading the other comments before posting

...and, btw, in case you weren't sure, I was talking to baffled about his spelling not you, Mrix ;)
Jan 08, 2005

I realised. I noe my spelling is prefect
Jan 09, 2005

It was puzzleing but not much of a riddle. It was almost like a fact that they knew that they put into a riddle. Anyway, I can't wait to ask my friends!
Jan 13, 2005

That, I would guess, is because this isn't in the Riddle category :-)
Feb 06, 2005

Great teaser.. I had seen it before so surprisingly, i got it right! woohoo
Feb 06, 2005

I like this teaser a lot I had to sit and think and think and hit the answer button. Omega Pobody's nerfect
Feb 06, 2005

good one! I feel like i should have gotten that one
Feb 06, 2005

good one...i was stumped. i feel stupid for not getting it.
Feb 06, 2005

That's a good one! I was thinking about poker, I know you don't see the revelance.
Feb 06, 2005

That is one of the easiest teasers that I have ever had to solve.

It was fun though
Feb 06, 2005

haha great. i thought it had to end with c as well. Tiggr, Pobody? lol
Feb 06, 2005

i thought the 'c on the end' thing as well....good teaser, though...
(user deleted)
Feb 06, 2005

This was too difficult, therefore it wasn't any fun.
Feb 07, 2005

Mrlxolite, I really enjoy all of your teasers! You always get me thinking!
Feb 07, 2005

Alas, I too thought you had to add a C onto the end. Very good teaser, i enjoyed that one
Feb 07, 2005

I agree that you should have been more specific and said you only change/add one letter. I thought it was two to Twice. Oh well, it was fun!
Feb 07, 2005

Great stuff. I woudn't have thought of this in a million years. Bravo!
Feb 07, 2005

i got it right away! nice.
Feb 07, 2005

i got it right away! nice.
Feb 16, 2005

I wouldn't normally comment on something like this but I didn't get this and had to look at the answer. I kicked myself for not getting it but when I read some of the comments it made me wonder why some people even use this site. Some of the gripes in teaser comments (not just this teaser) are ridiculous. The idea of a teaser/puzzle is to make you think. When information is NOT specifically given in a teaser it is part of the puzzle and aims to promote lateral thinking. If the teaser read: "There is a word whose plural is the same word with JUST a C added but the C isn't necessarily at the end (and by the way it's a 3D object you use to play some games). What is the plural?" then we could all feel smug about getting the answer straight away.
Rant over.
Feb 17, 2005

Tommo I think I love you. Finally someone who sums up my feelings on some of the ridiculous comments I get on some of my teasers. Thank you for ranting, please do it more
Feb 17, 2005

Actually I usually get some entertainment out of some of the daft comments and the long running arguments that go on. I find them quite amusing, especially when the correct answers are disputed for ages after. But on this one something must have finally snapped. I have now been sedated.
Keep the puzzles coming, by the way.
Apr 23, 2005

Good teaser but, the award goes to tommo for his excellent critique and summation of the contents found in many of the teaser comments which are not only argumentative but have no relevancy whatsoever to the actual teaser itself. Bravo!!!
Feb 10, 2008

Bravo! I enjoy a quiz/puzzle and then look at the comments, and some of the comments just ruin my good feeling of fun. Let's just enjoy them and stop being so picky! Especially when the "pickers" are just wrong, wrong, wrong!!!
Feb 10, 2008

nice but quite boring. hehehe..
Feb 10, 2008

I didn't get it. But I did enjoy reading over all the old comments. What fun.
Feb 10, 2008

Oh well,at least the comments were good,can't say as much for the teaser
Feb 10, 2008

I loved this one - I was just explaining it to my grandchildren two days ago! Thanks
Feb 10, 2008

Loved your comment, avonma!
Feb 10, 2008

The instructions were perfectly clear to me. I immediately thought of mice and lice, but knew they wouldn't work because you do more than add a "c." All you do is add a "c" but it doesn't say it has to be at the end. I agree with Tommo and phooey on you Omega.
Feb 10, 2008

Too Hard!!
Feb 10, 2008

Very good.
Feb 10, 2008

excellent teaser and fact... i think the only reason i got it so quickly is because i just got done playing monopoly with my kids
Feb 10, 2008

Good puzzle. I came up with lone and clone. Not exactly a plural, but it does increase the number from one to two.
Feb 12, 2008

I really loved this one. It made you think a bit. I got it though.
Thanks for posting a great teaser.

Feb 15, 2008

I didn't get this one, but I just loved all the plurals that everyone else came up with. Now that is really a good teaser to promote that much thinking, as well as all that controversity. Good job.
Feb 12, 2011

Honestly, Doehead, you seem to find something wrong with every single puzzle posted. You are just too smart for the rest of us; every puzzle is too easy or stupid (when you can't get them?). Why do you waste your time on this site? At least say something interesting, if you MUST comment.

Good teaser; made me think.
Try thinking, Doehead, BEFORE you comment.
Feb 12, 2011


I liked your Teaser very much, but disappointed when I couldn't think of any words that ended with the letter with the letter "C" to plural. Now, Had you said " Ce", I might have gotten the answer. Keep Teasing.
Feb 12, 2011

Ce would not be accurate as an addition, as the e is already in 'die'.

What I wanted to say originally was, how about under Hint, the c is not necessarily at the end.
Feb 12, 2014

No comment on the teaser. However, mrlxolite needs to learn how to spell things in his efforts.
Feb 12, 2014

I did not solve this one but did a facepalm when I saw the answer. I, like many others, was ASSUMING the "C" went on the end as it is what one would expect.
I totally agree with Tommo's comments, were we given as much information as some of the comments seem to suggest we should get, the hint may as well be "BTW, the answer is die --> dice"
Feb 13, 2017

Like some others, I thought of mouse and mice but I understand now why that wouldn't work. Good puzzle and a challenge. Thanks for

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