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Counting to 50

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#20287
Fun:*** (2.9)
Difficulty:*** (2.38)
Submitted By:tsimkinAus*****!




Henry and Gretchen are going to play a game. Henry explains, "You and I will take turns saying numbers. The first person will say a number between 1 and 10. Then the other person will say a number that is at least 1 higher than that number, and at most 10 higher. We will keep going back and forth in this way until one of us says the number 50. That person wins. I'll start."

"Not so fast!" says Gretchen. "I want to win, so I will start."

What number should Gretchen say to start?

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(user deleted)
Jan 11, 2005

good one
Jan 12, 2005

I really wanted to get this one and it took me some time. Excellent!!
Jan 12, 2005

Jan 13, 2005

this was a 5 star teaser
Jan 13, 2005

I like your teaser I saw something like that on tv once.
(user deleted)
Jan 20, 2005

isnt it possible to beat her if i say 15?
Jan 20, 2005

no. if you say 15, she will say 17. then whatever you say, she will be able to say 28. then whatever you say, she will be able to say 39. then whatever you say, she will be able to say 50, and win.
Jan 23, 2005

I liked it, but it was a bit easy. I play these kinds of games all the time. Kepp up the great teasers.
(user deleted)
Jan 26, 2005

I used to play a game like this called "21." We could say 3 numbers at a time and the first one to say 21 loses.

I like this teaser! This one is definetly going into my Favorites!
Jan 27, 2005

Feb 09, 2005

one of my favorites, great job.
Feb 11, 2005

U sure stumped me! Nice one!
Feb 11, 2005

i wuz stumped until i read the hint
make sum mor!!

Feb 11, 2005

Feb 11, 2005

I suck at math, so I didn't get this. But I like this kind of puzzle, so:
Feb 11, 2005

I don't know about everone else, but that teaser was really hard for me. I'm not too great with numbers... Anyway, great teaser!
(user deleted)
Feb 12, 2005

new to this site...enjoy it very much....nice teaser,albeit just a tad easy...good though...thats the thing with math...the numbers never lie...keep 'em coming...
Feb 12, 2005

I've played the 21 game too, but you WIN if you get to 21... very nice, though, finally a tough one!
Feb 13, 2005

I liked this one and was able to solve it easily .
Feb 13, 2005

awesome! i'm gonna play that game now, cause i'm sure to win!! keep up the good work!!
Feb 15, 2005

Good job! One thing though: The words "at least" leave too many possibilities. It could have worked out differently.
Feb 15, 2005

Actually, the words "at least" do not leave too many possibilities. Whatever Henry says after Gretchen says "6", she will be able to say "17". For example, if he said, "12", she would say "17". Then whatever he said next (say, 19), she would say 28. If you disagree, send me a PM. Thanks.
Feb 24, 2005

Very good teaser. I've never seen one like that. It reminds me of a game where you take away marbles in rows that I played recently.
Sep 10, 2005

why not just say 50?
Sep 12, 2005

jimmym -- You don't just say 50 for the same reason that you don't play darts by walking up to the dart board to placing your darts all in the bull's-eye. The game has rules, and the object is to win it while still playing by the rules. "The first person will say a number between 1 and 10..."
Sep 13, 2006

Sep 18, 2006

i found it easy

no seriously
Jan 14, 2007

how am i supposed to know?????????????
Jan 14, 2007

just say 50 and you win
Sep 08, 2008

Good thought provoking teaser. i didn't get it right either. Thanks for posting.
Sep 08, 2008

i didnt even try! i like the answer of just say
Sep 08, 2008

That was easy, I started with 50 and worked backwards, just like the answer. It took me longer to figure it out than to read the answer and I needed paper & pen.
Sep 08, 2008

Very easy. 50-(11+1x4)=6
Sep 08, 2008

I meant 10+1x4
Sep 08, 2008

Sep 08, 2008

Tough but fair! Thanks
Sep 08, 2008

Great quiz!
But, I don't do numbers...
Sep 08, 2008

Like anybody would actually play that game in real life.
Sep 08, 2008

Nice puzzle! I had to work it backwards also. :-)
Sep 08, 2008

What can I say? This was easy for me, a nim expert.
Sep 08, 2008

hehe me and my friends used to play a game where you would have to count to 100. whoever got there was out and kept going until there was one person left. whoever was left wins :-)

good teaser btw!
Sep 08, 2008

I disagree...
6, "and at most 10 higher" is 16
NOT 17...

Maybe I'm just tired but it doesn't make sense to me!

Sep 08, 2011

Just say 50 Gretchen!
Sep 08, 2011

That was my solution too BookWorm. Did the rules say we couldn't say 50 right off the bat?
Sep 08, 2011

Opps nevermind, yes it did, you had to start with a number between 1 and 10.
Sep 08, 2011

AROB. Still easy
Sep 08, 2011

Ok, if she says 10, then he says 11 − 20, then she can pick 21, he 22 − 31, her 32, him - 33 −42, her - either 39 or 50 depending on his pick.
Isn't this a possibility as well?

And doe - please translate arob???

Sep 08, 2011

Teri -- when you say that he can say 33-42, that means he can say 39. If he does, Gretchen is out of luck, since she will then have to say a number between 40 and 49.
Sep 08, 2011

guess I need more coffee!
Sep 08, 2011

great teaser. Something to amuse my kids!!
Sep 08, 2014

I am not good at figuring these things out. I just assumed if she started out saying ten, then he would add ten and then she ten etc. until she said 50. That was my easy solution. He might not say the ten each time tho and there goes my theory.
Sep 08, 2014

I started backwards, too. Easier that way I figured.
Sep 08, 2014

I did it that way, too, Catmom. That's the way I think. I did get 6. fun puzzle.
Sep 08, 2014

If G says 10 then H will have to say a maximum of 20 and G will say a max of 30 then H will say a max of 40 G will win ?
Sep 08, 2014

NiCe OnE bRo :3

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