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Arson Wells?

Situation puzzles (sometimes called lateral thinking puzzles) are ones where you need to ask lots of yes or no questions to figure out what happened in the situation. These are good puzzles for groups where one person knows the puzzle and answers the questions.


Puzzle ID:#20301
Fun:*** (2.23)
Difficulty:*** (2.77)
Submitted By:MrIxoliteAen****
Corrected By:eyenowhour




Billy "Firestarter" McCabe threw a lit match in a dangerous atmosphere.

Thousands saw him do it and it was caught on camera, but nobody said anything.

How did Billy get away with it?

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Jan 12, 2005

Jan 13, 2005

Eminemlover I must applaud you for the most ridiculous comment I have had on one of my teasers EVER. It is so completely unfounded and bizzarre that it has gone from being bad to being totally fantastic. I mean, come on sexist? That's priceless. The sex of the boxer is not even remotely relevant. Please Please Please comment on some more of my teasers. I have not laughed so hard since I can't remember when.
Thank you.
Jan 13, 2005

Surely a simple "PANTS" would have sufficed.
Jan 13, 2005

As a fellow female..... that is the biggets load of poo I have ever seen posted as a comment.

Not only total crud, but I was blue when I had finished reading it..... have you never heard of punctuation? Where are we suposeed to breath?
(user deleted)
Jan 13, 2005

Jan 15, 2005

I think eminem lover comments was way more sexist than the teaser (which was not sexist at all), she said women clean and cook for men and don't get any thanks, for one thing, my dad cooks supper more than my mom, and 2, my dad thanks my mom for everything she does, so stop saying women do everything for men because the don't and sto acting like men are against women's liberation because we aren't and don't say men are bad people because that is the most sexist thing I've ever heard

Anyways, good teaser, I gueesed that it was a TV show and everyone knew it wasn't real
Jan 16, 2005

.......and another thing, I have a female friend called Billy.

Got to go now, my husband is calling to say my dinner is ready.
Jan 18, 2005

Jan 20, 2005

woa...well thats real out in left field there ...good teaser!
(user deleted)
Jan 22, 2005

Ohhh! I didn\'t look at the answer and Im like \"I thought the comment section was to ask questions for this kind of teaser....\"

But eminem\'s comment makes sense why it is so stupid. I thought were just posting something totally unrelated to the teaser......Haha

Good teaser by the way....I don\'t really get how to answer these tho...can somebody please explain?
(user deleted)
Jan 22, 2005

Oh ya....sorry for double posting....but I read something interesting that eminem said:

\"if they were true guys they would stick up for women and their rights and stop being so darn sexest girls have feelings that should be well thought over and agian not thrown away to the side like a bad apple as it was in the olden days\"

In the olden days? No offenese ...but in the olden days women were treated like dirt...they were expected to do everything at home and STAY at home. Women were NEVER allowed to leave the house in these \"olden days\" you speak of. They were not allowed to hold a job outside the home. So read up on women history because you are completely incorrect in your statement.

So Ive arrived at one of two conclusions:
1)You are clueless to the way your sex has developed and made a place in the world today. Your watching too much TV and watching the skanks on shows like \"The Club\" and \"WWE Wrestling\" and thinking thats what women really are. Just some big chested bimbos that have sex with every guy they meet! And after they have his child they work for him and him alone.
Well let me tell you something. Women today don\'t let men push them around. The strong women (not physical-wise) have made a place in the world and are vital to make sure the world survives. Some women let themselves get pushed around.....but that is because she doesn\'t have it in her to stand up to her husband or call the police if she is being abused. Yes...some people in the world are sexist, but that doesn\'t mean womankind have been tossed to the curb.

My other conclusion is that your really a sick man that is trying to start some trouble....Either way....Make sure you read up on your Women History before you say we are sexist!
Jan 23, 2005

this is a really cool one
Jan 28, 2005

I thought the teaser was interesting, but I have to say that the comments are better thatn the teaser
Mar 01, 2005

ok yea i'm a girl, but go "rabid" that was the most random comment from "eminem..." how is that teaser sexist? i know they say 'he' but it should be a complement that no women are stupid enough to do boxing or wrestling. Those people are just bad actors who couldn't get jobs anywhere else. well not in boxing. but still ... ne ways good teaser.
Mar 05, 2005

That was not sexist at all i dont think man geez cool with this sexist thing it wasnt sexist let leave it at that ty ba bye now
Mar 28, 2005

The banter is better than the riddle, which was great fun. Love your playful attitude, MrIxolite!

I went in a completely different (wrong) direction, assuming he may have been a firefighter fighting a dangerous fire...with fire.

Further thought - "desplioting????"
Apr 12, 2005

arrgh i can't think of anything to write

good teaser though. I actually thought that Billy lit a match into an oxygen-infested atmosphere. Then the match would burn up. Billy could have jumped into the fire to prevent the police catching him alive.

Oh, by the way, = : + lol + :
Apr 14, 2005

Apr 14, 2005

great teaser but, no offense mr. lx, i think the comments and debate over what eminem lover said is more fun than the teaser!!!!just kidding
Apr 15, 2005

None taken. I agree actually
Apr 15, 2005

Some women make other women look so stupid. Its no wonder guys look at us the way they do sometimes it's because of people like eminemlover. If you wanted respect then get a life and stop posting stupid comments on an otherwise fun site.
Jul 13, 2005

wow - i can't believe an argument about women's liberation started from a teaser about boxing; truly bizarre.

anyway, i thought that the reason that he didn't get into trouble was because he was meant to be doing it (eg to burn up some infected/contaminated material)
Jul 14, 2005

Its a shame that the original comment from eminem lover has been removed.
Jun 16, 2006

i dont get it
Sep 14, 2013

BRILLIANT teaser, I love it. *favorite*

Strangest comment thread ever, lol.
Oct 27, 2013

How is this teaser only rated 2.22 on fun? I guess most people are not smart enough to understand the brilliance.

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