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Brother Hunt

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#20428
Fun:** (2.06)
Difficulty:** (1.53)
Submitted By:roseblood003***
Corrected By:Winner4600




Mark came home from school to find his 3-year old little brother Fred missing. He called his friends Abby and Carl to help him look. He told them his parents left a little while ago and his dad had just fixed the vent system in the attic. Upon entering the living room, Abby immediately noticed dirty footprints of a barefoot child. She pointed them out to Mark. He looked at them and suddenly heard a crash above him. Carl ran out of the room. Where is Fred and where is Carl going?

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Jan 16, 2005

Very easy but clever
Jan 16, 2005

Jan 16, 2005

Jan 18, 2005

Heh, I woulda left the kid up there. Needs to learn from his mistakes.
Jan 18, 2005

this teaser could have had many answers.
(user deleted)
Jan 21, 2005

Uh.....I dont really get it..but w/e.
Jan 24, 2005

Scooby Doo would have just followed the footprints
Jan 28, 2005

that was easy but fun!
Jan 28, 2005

a teaser is a teaser but to be honest this one was way too easy. .
Feb 01, 2005

Not enough information, hon. How were we supposed to know Fred was crying, or that he got a sandwich? Otherwise nice.
Feb 01, 2005

I thought he was playing in the ventelation system.
Feb 02, 2005

Sorry everyone that doesn't like my teaser! Can't please everyone!
Feb 06, 2005

Yes roseblood its hard to please evry1, but hey I liked it. Keep them comin!
Feb 08, 2005

u just needed sum more information like a sandwich wuz missin frum the fridge or sumthin lol
Feb 22, 2005

Not a good punch, I was enjoying the mystery, then I thought the obvious answer, and checked and yes the answer should be short and sweet, all this other sandwich,and crying nonsense. It's a good try, I will say that, and an intersting theory, keep trying, How old are you too? Some of us should keep this in mind before slammin you with negitivty
Feb 26, 2005

a little bit of a complicated answer don't ya think?
Mar 04, 2005

That was very, uh, interesting. I don't think that there was quite enough info to figure out the complete answer... 'to get a sandwich'?
Apr 02, 2005

didn't really care 4 it but it was aight
Apr 06, 2005

Not one of your best....but I couldnt do any better
(user deleted)
Apr 10, 2005

Not that good. There were no clues that carl heard any crying. And Fred having a sandwich wasnt very helpful and he couldve got a drink or something.
(user deleted)
May 04, 2005'd think the answer would be he was looking for somewhere to hide and went back in the attic and hid in the vent,I didn't like it.

a sandwhich?
May 19, 2005

No need to be mean about it!!!

If you didn't get it though...

Sorry. It might not be the best teaser on the site, but it got approved so it is at least ok,

If you didn't get it, then it must have been hard for you, b/c there WAS enough information.
May 25, 2005

is this really a teaser?
Jun 07, 2005

Fun one
Oct 12, 2005

I could not figure out that he was helping his dad, i figured he was just playing up there
Nov 13, 2005

and by the way... learn how to spell. ... SANDWHICH... psh...
Feb 17, 2006

do 3 year olds usually make their own sandwiches?
May 30, 2006

I didn't get it right b/c i thought my answer was too easy, guess i was wrong. nice try
Jun 02, 2007

The part that struck me as off was that he got home from school and the brother was missing, yet the parents were not home? Who leaves a 3-year-old home alone?
Sep 11, 2007

I too wondered why the child wasn't found to be with the parents since he shouldn't have been left alone.

After that, following the footprints was the obvious answer to where the child was and no neighborhood friends would have been required to come to that conclusion.

This wasn't one of my favorites because it was too vague. Please add more details and clues that will lead to the conclusion you offered.

Thanks for the effort.
Sep 29, 2007

Good job on the teaser, i really liked it
Dec 01, 2010

it dont really make sense
Dec 17, 2010

i didnt really understand it
Aug 14, 2011

Wow, lame dad, lol.
Jul 11, 2013

The crash could easily be something falling. And how are we supposed to know that the house only has one story?

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