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Seven Jack O'Lanterns

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#20639
Fun:*** (3.02)
Difficulty:*** (2.47)
Submitted By:fishmedAus******mod
Corrected By:boodler




It appears that you have angered the spirit of Halloween by failing to revere the Great Pumpkin, and now a curse has befallen you. On the walkway to your house is a Ward of Seven Jack O'Lanterns arranged in a circle. If midnight comes and any of the seven are still lit, a dark reaper and seven dark horses with seven dark riders shall visit thy abode. They shall surround thy domicile and, while circling it, they will proceed to pelt thy dwelling with eggs and cream of shaving. And come morn there will be a great mess to be reckoned with. Verily. So you better get those lanterns out.

You quickly discover something odd about these lanterns. When you blow out the first one, the lanterns on either side extinguish as well! But there is more. If you blow out a lantern adjacent to one that is extinguished, the extinguished one(s) will relight. It seems that blowing on any lantern will change the state of three - the one you blew on and its two neighbors. Finally, you can blow on an extinguished lantern and it will relight, and its neighbors will light/extinguish as applicable. After trying once and finding all seven lit again, you decide, being the excellent puzzler, you sit down and examine this closer. But hurry, I hear the beating of many hooves...

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Jan 26, 2005

Very nice teaser. I have seen something similar done with a wall of bricks where the four bricks surrounding the first brick become recessed.....FUN!
Jan 26, 2005

This was hard to me because i have a short attention span and ummm what was i talking about?
Jan 27, 2005

nice one but is a bit long
Jan 28, 2005

This is one of my favorites. I didn't really look at it the way you did though, I just figured out what pattern they had to be in to extinguish them all, and then I got to that point. It is interesting though because it took me exactly seven steps. Nice one!
Jan 29, 2005

Actually it can be done in seven steps

Imagine these are the seven (B=burning, O=Out)






Jan 29, 2005

whups, I meant 5 steps
Jan 29, 2005

again whups i did it wrong I thought i had checked it, but i guess i didn't can somebody delete these three posts?
Jan 29, 2005

I just requested the last 3 were removed for you. I am glad you guys liked it.
Jan 31, 2005

u add way to much information... just tell me wat i need to know and get it over with... i get lost when there is too much info
Feb 01, 2005

Very well written and entertaining.
Fabulous Job!!!
Feb 01, 2005

Thanks. Glad you liked it.
Feb 02, 2005

Nothing wrong with a good storyline.
Feb 09, 2005

loved this one! i guess i'm one of few who likes the funny story line?

took me a little while to figure out. nice work.

Feb 09, 2005

loved this one! i guess i'm one of few who likes the funny story line?

took me a little while to figure out. nice work.

Feb 11, 2005

Like Peanuts?
Feb 11, 2005

Of course I do!
Feb 13, 2005

great! long! but one of the bests
Feb 13, 2005

Feb 28, 2005

too long... i got lost on the first paragraph
May 10, 2005

heh. I blew out the two corner ones and then the middle one
May 15, 2005

I loved the story and the challenge
May 16, 2005

rotwyla, they are in a circle, so there are no 'corner' ones. Nice thought, though.
May 31, 2005

I like this teaser, but I loved the answer. Explaining it in with the commutative power is wonderful. I did answer it, but with trial and error and I did not come close to understanding the mathmatical proof for solving. (actually the answer was the first attempt I made)
Mar 25, 2006

WHAT ???
yah ... thanks alot ! now i'm scared of jack-o-lanterns !
May 21, 2006

Nicely done, Fish! Kudos!
Jul 29, 2006

I'm really lost, who or what is Jack O'Lanterns? But seems like a well liked teasers.
Aug 11, 2006

Jack O' Lanterns are hollowed-out pumpkins that have faces carved into them and then are lit from inside with a candle. Usually used for decorations during Halloween.
Feb 07, 2007

Nice ripoff, this was originally posted at back in 1998.
Feb 08, 2007

I actually got it from my father. I am not sure where he got it from.
Jun 05, 2007

this one was cleverly nice
Jun 10, 2007

nice one to the good teaser
Jun 18, 2007

Fun teaser but quite difficult!
Jan 18, 2008

This was funny, entertaining and unique... I loved it!

I cut 7 little squares from paper, drew a little lit candle on the one side and left the other blank then arranged them in a circle, lit side up. When I altered one, I flipped the two adjacent squares. Wasn't too difficult. Trick was to "blow out" all but one then blow out the two middles of the lit ones.

Anyway, a lot of fun!
Feb 28, 2009

Excellent teaser! I don't generally like too much extraneous story, but I thought it was amusing enough and not too long, so it was fine.

I missed the commutive property, but came up with another line of reasoning to determine that seven steps were the minimum.

Each step toggles three candles. You need an odd multiple of seven toggles in order to toggle the seven candles off. The least common multiple between three and seven is 3 x 7 = 21, so seven steps is the minimum. Then I just guessed that you could blow them out in order and was mildly surprised when is worked!

(user deleted)
Feb 20, 2010

It is easier than you describe. All lanterns need to be switched an odd number of times, so the total number of switches must fall in the sequence 7, 21, 35, 49 etc. but since 3 are switched with each blow the total must also be divisible by 3. The first such number in the sequence is 21, meaning 7 blows are required (7x3=21). By blowing a lantern once and the lanterns either side once as well the lantern in question ends up being blown out. It is clear from this that each must be blown once because all are blown once, and for each lantern both either side are blown once - meaning they all end up being out.
Feb 22, 2013

I didn't really analyze very much. Just tried it out and got it on the first try with 7 blows. Reading the answer and finding out that the order of the blows didn't really matter made me laugh... Great teaser!
May 24, 2016

I did it in seven steps, but not in the same way the solution gives. XD
Feb 23, 2017


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