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The Race - Part I

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#21105
Fun:*** (3.01)
Difficulty:**** (3.16)
Submitted By:Sane*****
Corrected By:Splatt




Five competitors (two women named Alexa and Breanna, and three men named Larry, Arnold and Michael) recently decided they would race each other for a large prize. Before the race would start, each person decided to do a different aerobics class to try and become more fit and healthy. Each had already raced for a number of months in competitions (3, 6, 9, 12, 15). Their surnames are Anderson, Cameron, Douglas, Ewell and Farlin. After two months of aerobics each person noticed a different benefit from their exercise. From the clues below, can you match the full name of each competitor with the number of months they've raced before, the benefit each has experienced from aerobics, and the brand of sneakers each wears?

1. Arnold, who isn't surnamed Anderson, doesn't use Nike shoes.

2. Arnold has been racing for fewer months than the woman who noticed an increase in her energy level; she has been racing for fewer months than the friend who wears Brooks shoes.

3. The person who has been racing for the least amount of time is neither the man who uses Adidas shoes, nor another person surnamed Douglas.

4. The man who uses Reebok shoes has been racing longer than the person surnamed Ewell, who has been racing longer than the person who lowered his/her cholesterol level.

5. The person who has experienced weight loss began racing after the one who gained muscle tone and before Alexa (who doesn't use Nike).

6. Larry lowered his cholesterol level.

7. The one surnamed Anderson hasn't noticed any weight loss.

8. Ms. Ewell isn't the woman who gained muscle tone.

9. Ms. Cameron enjoys aerobics so much that she goes to the gym at least 5 times a week.

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Feb 19, 2005

i really screwed up cause it was SO hard!!! 4 me @ least. but it was still real fun
Feb 19, 2005

i didn't read it it's too long
Feb 20, 2005

28 votes but 2 comments, Sane isn't happy.
Feb 21, 2005

This was excellent! I like when it's challenging enough for me to have to go through the clues 3 or 4 times to fill in the grid. I used every section, too, which is unusual. Outstanding job!
Feb 21, 2005

This one was really took all I had to not look at the answers.
Feb 21, 2005

This one was by far the best one yet...keep them coming!
Feb 21, 2005

Tough one, the challenge was enjoyable!
Feb 21, 2005

Wow... thank you everybody.
Feb 22, 2005

that was outstanding! cant wait for part 2!!
Feb 22, 2005

Good puzzle.... I had to concentrate on the grid and clues. I like the ones that I have to think on.
Feb 22, 2005

Part II was rejected due to a slight mistake by me (I forgot to distinguish between the different groups). It will be up in two weeks at the least.
Feb 23, 2005

Great Job!!!!
Feb 23, 2005

This was a tough one, I got lost somewhere. Fun, though. I'll have to go back and see where I went wrong. But I do love the challenge. Most of these logic-grid teasers are way too easy, so way to go, Sane! Most are so easy, I was thinking I was brilliant. Maybe not so much now...
Feb 23, 2005

Well you beat me on this one. Couldn't get it it but that could have been because I misread the first clue as Arther surname was Anderson not wasn't.
Feb 25, 2005

Good one. The only problem I had was with statement 8. "The woman who has more muscle tone isn't Ms. Ewell." As a matter of strict logic, it does not follow from that statement that Ewell is a woman. I wasn't sure if that was a trick or was a clue revealing that Ewell was in fact a Ms.
Feb 25, 2005

Very Hard! I got all the accomplishments, but had a lot of trouble trying to figure out last names & their order. I got a couple of them wrong. the clue with Ms. Ewell tricked me too!, I spent a lot of time on this puzzle, but enjoyed it!
Mar 04, 2005

My teaser dropped 20 happy points in the last 5 votes...
Mar 09, 2005

Nicely done! This one was very challenging without being impossible.
Mar 09, 2005

Loved it. It made me get creative in solving it without being too crazy. Keep 'em coming!
Mar 12, 2005

I never HUH! thought Ummm..
nevermind, you dont want to hear it
Mar 17, 2005

I love these kind of teasers...they are just fantastic...great job!!!
Apr 03, 2005

excellent job! i had to start over twice before i got it! very fun and i actually found myself talking to myself!
Apr 10, 2005

I love this teaser! Although it took me 20 minutes to finish, I had fun doing it. This is the best and hardest one I've ever done! I'm so happy I got all the answers correct. Yipee!
Apr 29, 2005

May 24, 2005

Excellent teaser!! One of the best one of the logic grid puzzles on this site!
Jun 18, 2005

GREAT job i hope ur next will be even harder!!!!! cant wait
(user deleted)
Aug 04, 2005

How do you come up with the surname? farlin. Its not mentioned anywere in the text. Had to look at the answers for the last surname
Aug 09, 2005

Good one! I just joined and love the hard ones that really make you think. I had to do the grid twice! Thanks!
Sep 14, 2005

Great challenge! Very hard!
(user deleted)
Sep 14, 2005

Great Puzzle! took me a while, but there was no more information than I needed. I enjoyed it immensly.
Nov 02, 2005

Ooo it hurts
Nov 02, 2005

Brilliant! Fun, challenging, and not impossible. I love the hard, but not impossible ones. They make me think the most. While I didn't need it, it's awsome that you put the steps or whatever in the answer.

One of the best logic-grids I've done so far!
(user deleted)
Nov 11, 2005

From clue 3 we're supposed to conclude that Douglas does not wear Adidas? Douglas and Adidas could be the same person, but have the 3-monther not be that person... I kept getting to the end and having it go either way for Farlin and Douglas to be either Arnold or Michael. Other than that, very good.
Nov 23, 2005

Congrats Sane because I'm not sure that I am any more (sane that is I finally solved this teaser after my nth try (n being a number of unknown quantity) over several sessions over several days. I did not look at the answers until I was confident that there was a good chance that I had solved it correctly (and I had) I had to keep restarting because after I had gone so far on the grid (once nearly filling it) I would come up against inconsistancies and impossibilities which forced me to restart the grid. I cannot say what mistakes I was making, it did not seem to be consistantly the same one. I just know that I was becoming almost compulsive in trying to solve this inscrutable little conundrum, wrapped up inside an enigma hiding inside an oxymoron. Thank you for your assistance toward my insanity. Or to put it more susictly, REALLY GREAT PUZZLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 25, 2006

Great Job!!! Very good puzzle. Good degree of difficulty.
Feb 25, 2006

Great puzzle. I had to restart the grid when I ended up having x's all the way thru one row...oops. But I got it on the second try. Thanks for submitting!
Mar 28, 2006

This is one of my favorite puzzles on the site so far. It's rare that one is complicated enough that I have to take notes to keep it all straight. Great job!
Jun 16, 2006

Super hard. I don't know where I messed up, but it made the whole thing wrong and I couldn't figure out my mistake.
Great teaser.
(user deleted)
Dec 25, 2006

Great Puzzle - I particularly like how you can misinterpret #5 and complete the grid but have incorrect timelines for the people. Very crafty. Nice Work.
Jan 27, 2007

ok that was really hard! i got like half way through it and gave up... good job
Feb 12, 2007

Very fun to do. Had to try twice, but got it! I like the fact that I had to use almost all the grid sections - that's pretty rare. Great job!
(user deleted)
May 08, 2007

I feel the puzzle was incomplete..
where does hushpuppy and endurance come from???
facts are real tricky n it cud have been a good puzzle.......
May 24, 2007

Really kept me busy for awile, fun, tricky .. the best kind .. keep'm coming
Sep 16, 2007

Wickedly Awesome! This one had my brain turning for over 1/2 hour! Got it first time through the grid though...YEAH me! Kinda threw me in the intro when you mention different aerobics classes, then as for different shoe brands instead. sneaky sneaky. I'll be doing part 2 next! Keep up the good work.
Sep 23, 2007

this puzzle wasn't incomplete at all, it was just very difficult. This was my second attempt and I got it this time around -- phew! that was hard work!

p.s. -- I didn't know that Michael Douglas (an American leading actor) wore Reeboks and that he was trying to lose weight! lol
Oct 07, 2007

Excellent puzzle. Well constructed, and a son-of a-gun to do!
Thanks and keep them coming.
Oct 14, 2007

Nov 24, 2007

Very challenging. Thank you!
Dec 04, 2007

I'm confused I couldn't figure this one out, so I checked the answers and the explanation given didn't make sense to me. It stated that Arnold had been racing for fewer months than Alexis, so he didn't have weight loss. But, a person can have weight loss after 2 months, for example, of working out. Especially from aerobic exercise. Am I missing something here? Could someone please help me understand?
Jan 22, 2008

This puzzle is only 90% solvable due to Hushpuppies and 'more endurance' not being mentioned. There are many other benefits and shoes that could be used instead.
Nov 17, 2008

Heaps of fun!! It was difficult but I managed to get it correct in the end. Awesome work.
Dec 15, 2008

The instructions don't include hushpuppy nor more endurance.
Apr 21, 2009

GREAT puzzle. By far the most difficult one on this site.

After spending hours on this puzzle (I must've started over a dozen times) I finally figured out where I was going wrong: clue number 5. Started racing before = having raced LONGER. Very tricky!
Apr 30, 2009

This puzzle is 100% solveable with the given information and has a unique answer. It doesn't matter that they don't mention endurance or hushpuppys. It is possible to deduce who must have gained endurance and who must wear hushpuppies from the given clues by elimination.

Anyway, it took me a while and 2 tries but I got it done with just the grid.
Apr 01, 2010

Somehow I got Farlin, Douglas, Anderson, Rebok, Adidas mixed while everything else was correct. Not sure how that happened. The puzzle seemed to go so smoothly
Feb 21, 2011

That was a tricky one! Really awesome job!
Dec 12, 2013

Great teaser!

I especially like the way you explain the solution steps in the answer, it really helps me learn how to do better!
Jun 25, 2014

On word that best describes it is, AHHHHHH!

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