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The Cockroach

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#21807
Fun:*** (2.55)
Difficulty:** (1.97)
Submitted By:Tammy93Aus****!
Corrected By:PineappleMama




Bobby Bigelow was an average sixth grader. That is, except for the fact that he had the mind of Sherlock Holmes himself. One day, while walking around the block, he noticed two of the students at school arguing over something.

The two boys were Jeremy and Jacob. Jeremy was accusing Jacob of killing his pet cockroach! As Bobby looked at the shiny back of the creature, Jacob explained his story.

"Jeremy let me take care of his cockroach for the day," began Jacob, "I kept it with me the whole day. About half an hour ago, I noticed that the cockroach had not moved for a long time. When I found that it didn't move when I tapped the cage, I called Jeremy. I left the cockroach exactly as it was, and here we are. Jeremy accusing me of killing his cockroach."

After a few moments, Bobby concluded that Jacob had indeed killed the cockroach.

Why was he so sure?

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Mar 26, 2005

Only someone who studies cockroaches would know that. I won't even go near 'em!
Mar 26, 2005

i went over the teaser again & again trying to fid a clue to the answer not knowing the first thing about cockroahes i would never have got it
Mar 26, 2005

good teaser keep up the good work, and maybe one day ull be editing them
Mar 26, 2005

i really liked that riddle! I figured out the answer only because every year our house gets sprayed for bugs and sometimes we find cockroaches on their back. I noticed that when the roaches back was described and he said he looked at it's "shiny back" that it should have been it's stomach! that was a great one keep it up!
Mar 26, 2005

Good teaser. I knew the answer immediately because we spray our house for bugs several times a year. Cockroaches our our most hated bug besides the fire ant and red wasps of course. Luckily we usually never get the bugs in the house and see them on the ground outside dead. Keep up the good work.
Mar 26, 2005

What kind of red wasps? Cowkillers? Or those superfast when flying but superslow when walking red hornets?
Or paperwasps?
Cowkillers are kind of fat sometimes, and are furry a little.
The red hornets (which I've never known what they were) are in the shape of hornets, and, if you look closely at its neck, you'll see a little yellow dot.
And paperwasps are red, white, and yellow. With a little black.
Mar 26, 2005

This was a stupid riddle. Though only a child getting average marks would find it hard.I for one, found it extremely boring.
Mar 26, 2005

Since I also know nothing about cockroaches (except that there is no good cockroach like a dead one) I did not get the answer. I have my house and grounds sprayed every month but have been lucky enough not to see any of these lying around belly up!
Mar 27, 2005

Well, I don't study cockroaches. I just knew from general knowledge. I suppose average students would find it rather hard. Thanks for the comments.
Mar 27, 2005

that was hard. i dont kno anything about cockaroches.
Mar 28, 2005

I didnt know that about cockroaches! That was rather awesome
Mar 28, 2005

"I suppose average students would find it rather hard."

omg... full of yourself much?
Mar 28, 2005

Yea, but if he killed the darn thing, how did he do it? Obviously it wasn't smashed. -my favorite way of killing the things.
Mar 28, 2005

Good teaser but who the hell knows about cockroaches???
Mar 28, 2005

interesting.. pretty easy
Mar 28, 2005

One possible solution to how he killed it could have been with some sort of a chemical. Smashing it would give him away.
Mar 28, 2005

Great one!

Three points:
1. A cage for that bug is not a good place to have it. I would put it in a jar or something.
2. If the bug was on a jar, and the guilty boy closed it with a hermetic lid, then the bug may have died for lack of oxygen!
3. This teaser also applies to trivia, wouldn't you think?
Mar 30, 2005

I agree with willy....i think this would belong in Trivia....

good one though
Apr 02, 2005

Apr 08, 2005

Well, you learn something new every day.
Apr 17, 2005

Cute, but how many people know the death throes of cockroaches,or care?
Apr 17, 2005

Cute, but how many people know the death throes of cockroaches,or care?
Apr 17, 2005

Cute, but how many people know the death throes of cockroaches,or care?
May 03, 2005

while i have no idea whether or not cockroaches do roll onto their backs when they die a natural death, i'm wondering about all the people who commented that they have their houses sprayed for bugs they find the cockroaches on their backs...poisoning the cockroaches isn't a natural death people...
May 04, 2005

shoulda been a science teaser
May 10, 2005

You are smart.
May 10, 2005

Thanks Doris. It's just from reading loooottttttttssssss of mystery books. i also find reading my science books helpful. Tip: dont read the boring books. I fell asleep.
May 12, 2005

I knew that when it said "the shiny black creature" that that was a clue, but i didn't know the science to put it together...god one...might have been better under the science category tho
May 12, 2005

I agree, it could go under science/trivia, but that would give it away, don't u think?
(user deleted)
May 18, 2005

Just because the cockroach died dosn't mean Jacob killed it....
May 25, 2005

Why would Jacob kill a croackroach, anyways????? WEIRD.....
May 30, 2005

someone with the mind of sherlock holmes himself? sherlock holmes isnt even real!!!!!!
May 30, 2005

who would have a pet coakroach anyway?
May 31, 2005

Padme: It's true, Sherlock Holmes isn't a real person, but he is so famous that nowadays, people often refer to him as an extremely intelligent detective. Thank you all for posting. (Sheesh, I'm starting to sound like my english teacher!)
Jun 07, 2005

LOL!! This one was a good one.
I never guessed it. Now I know that they roll over when they die.

Jun 19, 2005

maybe you could add a hint as not that many people would know that little fact about cockroaches.
Jul 02, 2005

i HATE cockroaches!!!! But, i loved your story! keep up the good work!
Jul 03, 2005

Yes, don't we all. I chose cockroaches just to drive you away from the answer a wee bit.
Jul 04, 2005

he sure is a sherlock holmes knowing about cockroaches maybe it wood be better if it was not a stupid bug!!
Jul 11, 2005

I HATE ROACHES!!!! That was a really good teaser though!
Should have been in trivia!!!
Jul 11, 2005

putting it in trivia or science would give it away!
Jul 20, 2005

Good One even though I hate cockroaches!
Jul 25, 2005

cockroaches eeewwww!!! nicely written, but i'm scared of them! really, really scared
Sep 20, 2005

really cute, but knowing that little tidbit really weirds me out
Oct 03, 2005

very good. Didn't know that about la cucarachas
Oct 20, 2005

I did enjoy it and I hate to do this to you but here goes
1 in the wild most roaches die right side up. that is the one that aren't eaten first.
2 most insecticides are nerve agents causing roaches to go through spasms before they die flipping them on their backs.
3 roaches have a hard time flipping back over if they fall on their backs and will die if they don't flip back over.
I give you credit for a good try keep them coming.
Oct 21, 2005

It's a ok greywolf. If everyone posted nothing but approvals, I would never learn! Thank you for the tips, I will remember not to overlook them on future teasers.
(user deleted)
Dec 01, 2005

sherlock holmes just put an innocent man in prison.
May 29, 2006

I really enjoyed that one. it was short and somewhat easy! keep up the great work
Aug 15, 2007

Dec 21, 2007

I LIked this taser a lot.I know it is really hard to write teasers and you did a WONDERFUL JOB GOOD WORK and THANKS.

Apr 23, 2009

Just because the kid flipped the roach over doesn't mean he killed him. Maybe he was checking on the roach and flipped him over only to discover he was already dead. You have to take some leaps in logic to say Jacob killed the thing.
Feb 06, 2010

great quiz--i know zilch about cockroaches, so i had no idea still fun
Jul 11, 2013

Why does he even HAVE a pet cockroach?

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