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Golden With Lacquer

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#22414
Fun:*** (2.88)
Difficulty:*** (2.84)
Submitted By:CPlusPlusMan*us****
Corrected By:adam




Created I was, in 1841,
By someone with the name of an evil one,
He was a Belgian, living in Paris,
This man had to be very zealous.

Fourteen of me, this young man made,
Some above A, but not quite B,
With some higher than D, but lower than E,
And some that are C, and three halves above D,
That's why my popularity's so easy to see.

Golden with lacquer, I usually am,
I sometimes am used to honor Uncle Sam,

Patented I was in 1846,
I'm the one who gives some their kicks,
I'm shaped like a J - with a hook on the end,
So, can you tell what I am?

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Apr 22, 2005

Good one! I knew it was music but couldn't put it all together...Great job!
Apr 22, 2005

Good one.
I figured out something with music but I didn't get the sax.
Apr 22, 2005

I didn't get that it was a saxopohone, but that's because trumpets are better! Anyway, great riidle!
Apr 22, 2005

sorry, I meant riddle, but I spelt it wrong.
Apr 22, 2005

ohh, I spelt saxaphone wrong too! what's the matter with me?!
Apr 22, 2005

You spelled spelt wrong too.
Apr 22, 2005

it is also impropper to usa an "!" before a "q" naw.....jk ***great riddle, i knew it had to b sumthing musical, but i did not get the good ole' sax ( idk how to spell saxaphone, o wait did i? o well)
Apr 22, 2005

well i messed up..........i ment "it is propper to us an "!" before a "?"..........o well i guess im not perfect either
Apr 22, 2005

i caught another one, on my first comment i put "q" instead of "?", well i guess u really dont care SORRY
Apr 23, 2005

I don't want to toot my own horn but...
being a musician gave me the upper hand on this one.
Anyone that is familiar with the brass section should get this right away.
Apr 23, 2005

My first thought was a musical note because it's shaped somewhat like a J. Never even got close to a sax as the answer and my husband plays one!!! Name That Tune ......"Boy Do I Feel Dumb"!!!
Apr 24, 2005

don't be so hard on yourself froggy...
i thought of sax before i got thru all the clues.
then i started to doubt my first guess after reading all the clues.
but i thought it has to be a brass horn if it is not a sax...but it was.
so ...just don't let your hubby know that U don't pay attention to his craft...and U'll B fine.
Apr 24, 2005

Apr 29, 2005

Musical background here....daughter plays the Sax...we both got this one with much fun....GOOD JOB!!!
May 07, 2005

this one was indeed clever. i couldnt get what it was, i figured it would have been a musical instrument, but my lack of knowlege for the sax's history stumped me.
May 23, 2005

This was really cute! Enjoyed the flow while reading...
May 23, 2005

This one was definitely hard! I had a fun time trying to figure out what it was. And my answer was WAY off...
May 23, 2005

To me, the only connection between Paris and Uncle Sam was the Statue of Liberty
May 23, 2005

Very nice! I greatly enjoyed this one!!!! Excellent!
May 23, 2005

a saxaphone is in the woodwind section not the brass should know that if your a musician
May 23, 2005

May 23, 2005

May 23, 2005

Your clue helped me get it! Good teaser!
May 23, 2005

Awesome teaser! As a former sax player, I loved this one!
May 23, 2005

good one. i had no idea.....

May 23, 2005

Already read it and knew the answer. Hmmmm......
May 23, 2005

Thought it was fish hooks but that didn't tie in to uncle sam
May 23, 2005

to easy lol the part of the letters gave it off
May 23, 2005

I knew it was a musical instrument after the letter stanza, but I didn't know which. The J with a hook finally revealed to me that it was a Sax-o-mo-phone
May 23, 2005

The letter part confused me, but as a sax player I got it..... after a min
May 23, 2005

I got it, but I wouldn't have if I wasn't talking to my friend who's a sax player online. I knew it had to do with music, but couldnt figure it out, so I cheated and asked. but i still got it! lol!
May 23, 2005

I got it, but I wouldn't have if I wasn't talking to my friend who's a sax player online. I knew it had to do with music, but couldnt figure it out, so I cheated and asked. but i still got it! lol!
May 23, 2005

I got it after the hint. . Note for fishdish You spelt it wrong A 3rd time it is saxophone. lol
May 23, 2005

wow! it seems everyone and their mother plays the sax! hm. i guess the reason i didn't get it right away is cuz i'm a piano player...

nice one!
May 23, 2005

I like how it's all a poem
I could never think of something like that!

PS. I never would have guessed that!
May 23, 2005

I thought it was Yoda because of the language.
May 23, 2005

I loved it! Way too cool and by the way:
1) it is spelled SAXOPHONE with an "o"
2) Alto sax players rule the earth, I should know as that is what I play in my high school band!!!!! And yes, everyone, their grandma, and their great aunt Fran plays the saxophone.
May 23, 2005

i luvd this one mainly b/c it was music. i love music.
May 24, 2005

I'm with you there, all the way. Music is the key to the soul (even if you can't always find the lock)
May 24, 2005

I loved this one! As you can tell by my username, I am a band nerd, but I play trombone....
May 24, 2005

How very cool! I had no idea who invented the saxophone. You learn something new every day! I liked the way the riddle was written.
Jun 07, 2005

Long answer!

Sep 10, 2005

liked the way you explained it all at the end
i never knew any of that-no wonder it was so hard for me!
good one
Nov 05, 2008

No one can ever fault you for not explaining your teaser! Nice job.
Nov 05, 2008

More than three years and still a good one. Pretty easy but sax is one of my interests
Nov 05, 2008

very clever !
Nov 05, 2008

The hook part gave it away for me. I knew it was some sort of instrument before that. Good one!
Nov 05, 2008

I kept trying to make it a bugle because of the Uncle Sam clue. Or trumpet. Finally, I just went with saxophone...and it was right! I'm a piano player, also; I'm not too good at sorting out the brass section.
Very good! Thanks!
Nov 05, 2008

This was a very nice teaser. I liked the explanation section. I liked that I learned something. Thank you.
Nov 05, 2008

I knew it was a musical instrument, but didn't know what it was.
Nov 05, 2008

Great riddle!! One of my favorites so far. It took the hint for me to get it, as I am not musical and tend not to think that way. I can't wait to ask my musical in-laws (conductor, violinist), they should get it in a heartbeat. Well done!
Nov 05, 2008

Awesome. That's all I have to say about it. In the past couple of days, all I've seen were easy riddles as Teasers of the Day, and this one was hard, but REALLY cool. Of course, I'm a music fan, so I really like teasers related to music.

No, I didn't get the answer, but I got really close. I knew it had to be one of the larger woodwinds. I just couldn't come up with the name. I had fun with this nonetheless. Please keep more teasers like this coming!
Nov 06, 2011

Your clue was good
But poetry bad.
Meter way off,
And that is sad
Keep your job
A poet you're not
Sorry to say it,
It's just my thought!
Nov 06, 2011

Your poem is a good one, Babe. I liked this teaser, but didn't get the right answer. But I've always loved the saxaphone. Hearing music by Earl Bostic and his alto sax brings back so many happy memories of years in the 1950's. Have a wonderful Sunday, friends. Don't forget to turn your clocks back an hour!
Nov 06, 2011

Cool! I happened to come across today, and their Answer of the day is related to saxes too.
Nov 06, 2011

When I was young,I loved to listen to my brother play the saxophone. The answer came easy to me. Everybody have a great Sunday.
Nov 06, 2011

On first reading, this was very hard, and I was going to give up right away; I'd only gotten as far as musical instrument! The J-shape at the end gave me a little focus, and I already knew it was brass. I had been trying to think of an evil person's LAST name, and then it hit me who invented the saxophone: VERY evil The Uncle Sam reference I had no idea about.

Glad I didn't give up!! The extra sleep today must have helped me!
Nov 11, 2011

nice one! my friend plays the alto sax. i should tell her this riddle.
Nov 06, 2014

I was close, but no sax for me.
Nov 06, 2014

Good teaser! Even though I remember this one from a few years ago, I still enjoyed it!
Nov 06, 2014

New to me. I learned a few things about the sax that I didn't know. Great teaser but I didn't get it.

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