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Mile Drive

Situation puzzles (sometimes called lateral thinking puzzles) are ones where you need to ask lots of yes or no questions to figure out what happened in the situation. These are good puzzles for groups where one person knows the puzzle and answers the questions.


Puzzle ID:#2270
Fun:*** (2.91)
Difficulty:*** (2.13)
Submitted By:RayneeDay***
Corrected By:bookwrmKP




Johny, Jack and Jose are sitting in a bar on a cold winter night. Jose starts getting a little braggadocious and states that he has ten thousand dollars that says he can hit a golf ball a mile. Jose clarifies that he means a regulation golf ball and driver off of a tee, and Johny and Jack smile and say they'll take that bet.

Jose got his drinking money out of them for the next month. How did he do it?


In the dead of winter, Lake Michigan is completely frozen over. Jose teed up the ball on the banks of the lake and hit a perfect drive that would under normal circumstances go 300 to 400 yards. But with almost zero friction of the ice, the ball rolled completely out of sight.

Quick Tip: My daddy always told me, "No matter how bizarre the bet may seem, if a man is willing to bet his money that he can do something, he probably can!"


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Feb 18, 2002

My answer was that he drove it off a cliff. The altitude required would be consistant with the cold weather.
Mar 25, 2002

good teaser, and good quote, your dad was a very wise man.
Mar 26, 2002

great teaser... your hint threw me off even more though
Mar 26, 2002

that's a really good one it's hard to guess
Apr 13, 2002

This sounds like a good one to try=) Although I'm a bit concerned that he spend $10,000 on drinks in just one month!
May 06, 2002

or maybe he hit it down a downhill road?
Jun 01, 2002

My Science teacher told me that one, good tip though!
Jun 06, 2002

i did some math, turns out JOse is going do spend $33 on drinks a day. And he's still going to have $10 leftover. God he's going to be drunk!
(user deleted)
Jun 07, 2002

Good teaser. My answer was that 'a ball a mile' could mean per mile, so he could just walk 2 miles hitting the ball every mile.
Jul 04, 2002

I thought it was a play on words, and they hired a "driver" to "drive" the ball off of the tee and then take it for a mile long ride. Don't ask... my mind works in strange ways
Aug 01, 2002

I thought he would hit the ball out of a plane or off a steep mountain, letting gravity take it down a mile.
Aug 14, 2002

If there's one bad golf bet teaser, I haven't heard it!
Aug 22, 2002

yet another person who got it wrong. I thought that as it did not state in the question that he would hit the ball 1 mile with one hit, he would just hit it loads of times.
Sep 17, 2003

So Lake Michigan slopes downhill does it? So that's why they don't need a boat to go water skiing in summer.
Jan 03, 2005

Loved it
Oct 02, 2006

doesn't he get $20,000 dollars as it's $10,000 from each of them?

i also thought it was hit it off of a cliff.
Mar 12, 2007

Good teaser,I thought it would be off a high cliff or something. Good quote too, It reminded me of Guys and Dolls.
Jun 25, 2007

i thought he hit the golf ball off of a mountain
Dec 09, 2007

Thanks for the advice!! Great Teaser!!
Apr 30, 2008

Wow. First of all, if he lived in MI, there's no doubt he can drink that much.

Secondly, theoretically, yes, there is no friction on the ice, but, there is plenty of snow on the ground before the ice freezes, and, once it does, drifts onto the lake. The ball won't go that far, it will just hit snow and stop.

Trust me.
Oct 22, 2011

I thought a cliff too
Nov 06, 2014

i thought that he could hit it down the mountain

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