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Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#2322
Fun:*** (2.71)
Difficulty:*** (2.69)
Submitted By:rayneeday***
Corrected By:cowman12




A young woman was very upset with a failing grade she received on a rather important paper in her sociology class at college. She had spent hours studying the adolescent and teenage populations of Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and China. She wrote a fifteen page paper comparing the societal, religious and governmental influences. The paper was grammatically correct. Can you explain why she received the failing grade?

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Feb 23, 2002

an excelent use of word play, well done.
May 21, 2002

I thoguht it was because she spelt "adolecent" wrong!
Funny though!
Jul 07, 2002

Or she forgot to turn it in
Aug 22, 2002

Nice, nice !! Don't like the hint though
Apr 30, 2003

great hint, great teaser
Mar 02, 2005

wow..this is now my favorite teaser..nicely done!
Oct 05, 2005

Great one!!
Jan 04, 2007

a joke, yes?
Sep 15, 2007

Sep 15, 2007

yeah this was easy for me considering i heard it as a joke/possibly true story (it was hard to tell) in 7th grade...
Sep 15, 2007

IMURRAY has been being nicer lately. But I think he is wrong about this teaser. I thought it was very cute. I laughed when I saw the answer. Very cute and very nicely done!
Sep 15, 2007

ooooo - good one - i thought it was going to be like - she handed it for a different class by mistake - but liked it
Sep 15, 2007

A bit obvious. I was thinking she wrote on the wrong topic, which she did. But the answer makes up a little for it. Nice play of words.
Sep 15, 2007

I didn't see that one coming! Anybody ever see Ali G's joke on that word play (I don't know if he's well known in the States).
Sep 15, 2007

I'm with Imurray this time -- this isn't a riddle, it's simply a joke trying to masquerade as a riddle. The only hints, such as they are, call for way too big a stretch of the imagination.
Sep 15, 2007

I honestly did not care for this teaser. I also think it was more of a joke. But commendations on the effort and thought put into it, I would never have guessed that answer.
Sep 15, 2007

The answer is really not revelant
to the question. considering there were no punctual indifferences.
Sep 15, 2007

Ha! hat gotmy brain thinking and it was fun!
Sep 15, 2007

i dont get it...would someone please tell me what it is?
Sep 15, 2007

I don't think lMURRAY is that mean. He speaks his mind and gives advice or his opinion.

I didn't understand this riddle. It didn't really have enough in the writing for me to follow where the riddle was leading. I didn't get to use the clue cuz when I went to the page the answer was there so I saw it.

It was a nice play on words though.
Sep 15, 2007

The act of CONFUSION
Sep 15, 2007

You may not always like what lmurray has to say, but at least I've never seen him call anyone a piece of ****. I agree totally with his opinion on this weak, weak teaser.
Sep 15, 2007

Nice play on words. Reminds me of Pirates of Penzance wherein Freddie became apprenticed to a Pirate instead of a Pilot.
Sep 15, 2007

I don't know lmurray, or his work, so I don't judge him on "meaness".
There are quite a few users who think only their opinion counts. I just try to skip over their comments.
I also didn't get this. I thought maybe studying the youth in Vietnam, China and Korea(North /South?) Would be incomplete because of their secrecy. It would of been better placed in "Trick", allowing people to think outside the box.
It was funny.
See the difference between good and bad critique?
Sep 15, 2007

I did not get it.
Sep 15, 2007

Sep 15, 2007

When a teaser is presented as a "riddle" and is marked as "very difficult", people set their minds up to look for intricate cues and work hard to solve some mystery. When it turns out that it was an obscure play on words which was not even presented in the riddle, there is dissappointment and a feeling of trickery. But there is also enjoyment of the joke. I guess we all like to solve these teasers and don't like to be duped.
Sep 15, 2007

This teaser just continues to annoy me.....
How about giving the audience a break by changing the title to "The Misunderstood Assignment"?

I just can't picture how a student could not have seen (only heard) the word Euthanasia when the assignment was given I'll be quiet.
Sep 15, 2007

Real cute.
Sep 15, 2007

Did anyone get the answer? I agree that it was a good story and a cute joke, but I don't see how one could actually figure out the answer. I also thought that the meanest comment was that meade by Menz.
Sep 15, 2007

Sorry-typo! "made",not "meade"
Sep 15, 2007

I'm with GrandmaB. She said it all !!
Sep 15, 2007

This is a great play on words. Euthasia is hardly an obscure term. I agree with the very first comment by mad-ade.
Sep 15, 2007

excellent teaser! it took me a while, but i started laughing when i actually got it great job!
Sep 15, 2007

I think the teaser was an interesting play on words, but if the hint wasn't present, it would seem (to me anyways) to be almost impossible to solve. It should have included that hint in the actual text, then add something else for a real hint, i.e. 'these are all Asian countries.'
Sep 15, 2007

Yeah, this isn't a riddle, it's a joke. It could fall under the "Trivia" category though and it would be fine. As it is, it doesn't belong in the "language" category.
Sep 15, 2007

That would explain it.
Sep 15, 2007

I was thinking that she compared teens and adolescents and how they each lived in the different countries...Since teens and adolescents mean the same thing, I then thought that might have been the reason why she failed...I was off though...
Oh well, at least I learned a new word today! Thanks for the great teaser. Keep more like this coming!
Sep 15, 2007

rayneeday...u got me! haven't been stumped in a while. loved it!
Sep 15, 2007

I thought the student should have gotten an A+ then be put down (youthinasiaised) for being stupid!
Sep 15, 2007

I must say that this is the first teaser that I really didn't care for as it seemed more like a joke than a puzzle. However that said, the play on words was funny.
Sep 15, 2007

That might be useful as a joke(sort of)
Sep 15, 2007

I found it very cute and funny!
Sep 16, 2007

Too funny One of the best play on words I've seen. I loved it
Sep 16, 2007

That was awesome. I didn't get it right, but when I saw the answer I felt like kicking myself. Thanks for a wonderful teaser.

Sep 16, 2007

It *does* belong in the language category, because the solution depends upon a play on words.

Had I read it here at Braingle, instead of in my newsletter, I probably would have solved it because the hint pretty much gave away the answer.

Fortunately, I didn't, because I wouldn't have had quite the same pleasure in learning the answer without the surprising pun. It was very cleverly done.

Wonderful teaser!
Sep 16, 2007

I am one of those that felt duped by this teaser...

The means to answering it was not available in the text of the teaser and yet it was very humorous when I read the answer. I felt ripped off but not angry.

I do believe this teaser belongs in the SITUATION category, but it hadn't been invented yet at the time this teaser was written.

I prefer teasers with a logical way of solving them, but always appreciate the author's effort. Way to go!

By the way, I don't mind IMurray's honesty and forthright manner... he's tough but not overly rude and never foul.
Sep 16, 2007

Easy! Loved it!
Sep 17, 2007

I didn't like this one
Sep 17, 2007

very odd, didn't like it at all
Sep 19, 2007

i didn't get it...

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