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Balancing a Dinosaur

Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#23497
Fun:*** (2.69)
Difficulty:** (1.95)
Submitted By:aks_gupta07Ain****!




An apatosaur starts trampling a farmer's fields. The farmer, getting hysterical, gets a REALLY big axe and chops off the apatosaur's tail. The farmer's fields are now covered totally in the dinosaur's blood (surprisingly, the apatosaur isn't dead yet), but unknowingly, he saves all his surrounding fields from getting ruined. Why is this if the dinosaur isn't yet dead?

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Jun 08, 2005

Why wouldn't it just roll around the field squashing everything?
Jun 08, 2005

the not logicalness makes this illogical, but then some things that are logical are illogical, even though the logical things are logical,
did not like it overall, get better material
Jun 09, 2005

hmm... well, it was interesting.. thank you for the science/history lesson
Jun 09, 2005

I know it's logic is really absurd. And, truthman, I don't follow you.
Jun 09, 2005

I am with the first comment. Why wouldn't it roll around in pain?
Jun 10, 2005

It's supposed to be stupid.
Jun 10, 2005

that was pretty easy, I even got it w/o the hint, but I thought it was a creative teaser!
Jun 13, 2005

Good job! Who cares if the logic is right, it's a fun teaser!
Jun 20, 2005

I crinkle my nose at this one....I'm not sure it should have made it past the editors...I mean it was ok trivia, but the lay out of the 'situation' could have been better.
Jul 03, 2005

I'll be dipped in dinosaur poop. Boring Alert! is in effect. Too easy, but was this based on a true story?
Jul 08, 2005

Interesting...and a bit gory...I liked it!I would have called it "The Farmer's Revenge"! hee hee hee
Jul 20, 2005

Interesting trivia..good job...
Sep 29, 2005

I had fun with this one, keep them coming.
Jul 06, 2006

A trivia of 'ifs'... But true, the dinosaur would die. But blood loss would take a long time due to a unique circulation system. And while its tail was for balance it could move about without it, as some small yet proportional reptiles do with similar loss. But still a nice teaser.

And yes, in the realm of teasers, farmers can chop off dinosaur tails, dragon's fly, or ghost enters and exit locked rooms...The teaser writer's rules. Sometimes logic looses out.

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