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Bridal Shower

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#23523
Fun:**** (3.15)
Difficulty:*** (2.25)
Submitted By:ragsdaleam****




Five bridesmaids threw a shower for their bride. Each brought a gift and made a favorite food of the bride. They all arrived at different times, and during the wedding each was wearing a different color of her choice. Determine the gift and food each bridesmaid brought, the time she arrived, and what color she chose for her dress.

1. The bridesmaid with the painting had trouble getting it in her car, and the bridesmaid with the potato salad got lost on the way, so they were the last two to arrive.
2. Amanda hated the color green and potato salad.
3. Kourtney and Selena did not wear the blue dress and did not bring the turkey sandwiches.
4. Stacie arrived before the bridesmaid with the painting, but after the bridesmaid who brought the sheets, and the bridesmaid who made the cheese dip.
5. The bridesmaid with a blue dress arrived 10 minutes before the bridesmaid who brought the sandwiches.
6. The bridesmaid with the veggie tray arrived 25 minutes after the bridesmaid who brought flatware, but before the bridesmaid who would be wearing a blue dress.
7. The five bridesmaids arrived in the following order: The one who baked the cake, Amanda, the one who would be wearing a yellow dress, the one with a toaster for a gift, and the one who arrived last.
8. Selena brought a cake with green frosting, the same color as her dress.
9. Amanda brought pink sheets as a gift to the bride, but she did not like pink for herself.

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Jun 09, 2005

Challenging, but I got it .
Jun 09, 2005

Nice puzzle..too a while to answer but worth the work
Jun 09, 2005

Great puzzle -- difficult, but not to the point of causing a migraine! LOL!
Jun 09, 2005

Too hard for bleach blonde little old me.
Jun 09, 2005

Not too hard, but it's a time-taker. Time well spent!
Jun 10, 2005

It may have taken a bit of time and thought, but I figured it out. Good teaser. Made me think and that's what is was supposed to do! Enjoyed it!
Jun 10, 2005

Jun 10, 2005

I thought it was a good idea, but there was a lot of information missing. For example, there was no mention of actual time, Stephanie, towels and a purple dress were also never mentioned.
Jun 10, 2005

I don't usually use the grid. I suppose if I had I would have had all of the information necessary.
Jun 11, 2005

This is great! I got it and I feel REALLY smart now, since it took like half an hour! I LOVE this! Going in my favorites
Jun 11, 2005

aelomas - There's supposed to be information missing, you have to get that by getting all the other information.

Was a good one though! Took some time, but did manage to get it . Enjoyed it.
Jun 11, 2005

Lot's of fun, this! I thought one or two of the clues were a bit redundant, but not to the point that I can tell you which one.

I know, it would be better if I wrote down each step, but I'm LAZY!!!!
Jun 12, 2005

GOOD job...
Jun 14, 2005

I did get it and it was fun...but lots o info was I made up the other stuff and ended up getting the stuff to the right people
Jun 27, 2005

That was good!! There were just enough clues to get it and few enough to make you think!!
Aug 07, 2005

Don't listen to people that said info was missing. We know it is supposed to be a process of elimination. It was well written.
Sep 14, 2005

You must open the grid if you want to solve the puzle. I prefer to get all the info in the text. Anyway, it was a very fine teaser
Nov 07, 2005

wow, that was a pretty mean comment. I thought it was a nice puzzle. Very appropriate, since this is the "Logic-Grid" section.
Nov 17, 2005

I will preface my comments by saying that I got Stacie and Stephanie reversed with the blue and pink dresses simply because I made the dumb mistake of not putting an x in the 3:45 square under the blue dress since clue #5 said that the one with the blue dress arrived before the one with the sandwiches but that just proves my point when I say that anyone who does not use the logic grid and read the story cannot complain that all the information is not given, and even if there is some informa ion which the individual does not know but which is common knowledge and the individual can easily find out (which is NOT the case with this puzzle) there is still no reason to complain!!!! So I said all that to say this: GOOD JOB and GOOD PUZZLE!!!!!!
Dec 13, 2005

one fine teaser...mb the complainers are the ones who print out/copy down the clues n work on it @intervals(@ bus stand, line-ups etc)...i know it's frustrating, but that's no excuse 2 belittle a good logic grid n put it at fault...nice work done here, ragsdaleam, n many enjoyed it...may i expect more output like this?
Jan 31, 2006

This puzzle was a bit too easy for my taste - I didn't even need all the clues. (There was some redundancy amongst them BTW.) If you had a problem with solving it, you should try easier logic grids and work your way up instead of going by the fact that the title sounded "cute" to you.
Feb 02, 2006

Good job.
Apr 12, 2006

This was a great puzzle! I think it's the best one I've seen on this site. I also think that the people complaining should try reading using the grid and the elimination method.

Good job! I hope to see more from you!
Aug 05, 2006

don't listen to the wanks and the complaints, you make a great teaser, and I love to try and solve your grid puzzles, keep it up!!
Aug 06, 2006

I have come to this one before, looked at the grid, and been scared off before I got to advance to the third clue. Finally, I have braved the challenge and finished it. I got ALL RIGHT! Yay! This was cute and fun, and just the right level challenge! GREAT JOB!!! Keep 'em coming!
Aug 06, 2006

I have come to this one before, looked at the grid, and been scared off before I got to advance to the third clue. Finally, I have braved the challenge and finished it. I got ALL RIGHT! Yay! This was cute and fun, and just the right level challenge! GREAT JOB!!! Keep 'em coming!
Feb 08, 2007

Very fun. This was original and I liked that there weren't actual times mentioned in the clues.
Jun 13, 2007

Not that hard after I quit making the same mistake, over and over again. The first clue says they arrived last. I kept marking the last boxes with red and leaving the first 2 open. The opposite of what you are supposed to do. OOPS. I had to restart 4 tiimes before I caught myself.
Sep 25, 2007

Excellent teaser! I like that you give info about arrival times without actually giving the times. I'll be looking for more from you.

To those who choose not to use the grid: It is the logic "GRID" section. IF you choose not to use it, then it is upon you to look through the clues and at the grid to find any missing info (names, times, etc). It does NOT make the teaser bad. Yes, it is a little inconvenient, but that is the price you pay for choosing not to use the grid. I can say this, cuz I also print out the puzzles to take with me. The difference is, I open the grid and write down all the info if it is not stated in the intro.
Oct 07, 2007

Loved it. I had to restart 3 times because I put x's in the wrong boxes. I had to slow down and think!! Great way to get the brain going!
Oct 08, 2007


That is, hard enough to be a real challenge yet still be do-able. The clues were nice and clear - nothing that required making assumptions.
Jun 13, 2008

five star ... i loved it
Sep 04, 2009

I didn't use the grid from the website.. I always just use pen & paper (I use up a LOT of paper this way but oh well) and I didn't have any problems with it. I'm not saying it was easy, by any was a good challenge..I'm just saying that I still got the answer right and didn't NEED the grid, like some people seem to think you do.. True, I didn't have the info about Stephanie, the color purple, or the towels, but I still had those blanks in their correct places so it's not impossible

Awesome job
Oct 06, 2015

Great puzzle, with NO information missing. The increments of time between arrivals is enough to solve the puzzle. I really liked this one!

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