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Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#23621
Fun:*** (3.09)
Difficulty:** (2.02)
Submitted By:Javian*****




There are seven parts to this riddle,
Each is part of a greater whole.
You see most of these,
Everyday as you please:

First is what I did to a book yesterday,
Second mixes with apples.
Third is a shout, then "ouch" you say,
Fourth shares the sound of mean.
Fifth is what the wind had done,
The sixth is often skipped.
The last and final can be called by two names,
If roses are this, then which is the blue one?

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Jun 12, 2005

We don't get to see these often enough in the desert .. but when we do, it's a great sight .. sometimes double! Thanks for the colorful riddle!
Jun 12, 2005

Very nice.
The title is a good hint though!
Jun 12, 2005

Good job! Very creative!!
Jun 12, 2005 was ok. I thoght it was hard. You should have given a hint. But its still cool
Jun 12, 2005

Nice riddle! One of my faves!
Jun 12, 2005

Thanks for the great comments
Jun 12, 2005

I agree with DeadEye823. I loved it. Ten out of Ten!!!!!!!
Jun 13, 2005

It was very good! (Although the "indigo is often skipped" reminded me of the "la, a note to follow sol" in the Do, a deer song!)
Jun 13, 2005

That was so cool! I got the first and last lines, but not the riddle as a whole! Awesome, KUTGW!
Jun 20, 2005

nice one!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 13, 2005

Jul 13, 2005

Ironic, i just used roy g biv in my last submitted teaser and you still got me. Colorfully clever.
Jul 13, 2005

Very clever! I was completely bamboozled by it!
Jul 13, 2005

I think it was really clever of u. It wasnt easy and it wasnt hard. I liked it!
Jul 13, 2005

it was a tough one for me, i am new to this.

Great job
Jul 13, 2005

It was cool,but I do not understand Indigo is skipped.
Jul 13, 2005

i thought it was very easy, i got it after straight away from the clue for 'red'
Jul 13, 2005

Jul 13, 2005

Great riddle! I thought I had it, but I skipped Indigo!
Jul 13, 2005

i got all of them except indigo i couldn't think of which color is usually skipped. That was really cool
Jul 13, 2005

Good One!
Jul 13, 2005

Good old Roy G. Biv!! (red, orange, yellow, etc). Took me a mo, but I got it!! Nice puzzle
Jul 13, 2005

hehehehe, that was so cute..i liked that one! Good job!!!
Jul 13, 2005

I had no idea with this one!
Jul 13, 2005

A good one, but hard! Lost me on "indigo" and the last line "two names". Everyone else seems to love it, so thats
Jul 13, 2005

Thanks, glad you all liked it.
Jul 13, 2005

Great riddle! I got Red and Violet and started thinking of Clue! mostly because of the line "this is often skipped", which I thought was rope. good job!
Jul 13, 2005

good one I liked it. this is going to be the first ion my favorites list
Jul 13, 2005

Jul 13, 2005

uhm....didnt they already post this one???????????????????????
Jul 13, 2005

i liked. very creative
good one
Jul 13, 2005

That was pretty fun...keep up the good work!
Jul 13, 2005

I knew this one right away, since I did a science fair project on the light spectrume. Nice job!
Jul 13, 2005

Exellent riddle! I thought it was extreemely easy, but that's because I got it before I even started to read the part about the colors. It was still good though.
Jul 13, 2005

Good riddle but it sounds familiar
Jul 13, 2005

Pretty good, but a little easier than some. Good job!
Rainbows are rare in Las Vegas, being in the desert, but they're pretty cool in Washington!
(I live winters in WA and summers in NV)
Jul 13, 2005

good one.. however, i strongly think that pink should be added to the rainbow
Jul 14, 2005

I too think pink should be added to the seven colored rainbow. other people think there are more than seven colors.
Jul 16, 2005

how do u answer teasers
Sep 01, 2005

for me it was really hard good one! it's one of my favorites.
Oct 17, 2005

grrrrrrreat.......i loved it,but didn't get indigo....i always remember the colors of the raimbow as being the first letters of "Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain" R,O,Y,G,B,I,V
Oct 31, 2005 first, I didn't get it...and then, when I knew the first and last answer, I got it...and indigo is one of my favorite colors.
Mar 15, 2006

Very well written! That was great fun!
Jul 13, 2006

Javian, great teaser - you stumped me, but it was so simple once you see the answer. Really good job. More please?
Jul 13, 2006

Nice teaser! I've always thought rainbows had just six colors. Learned something new today. Couldn't figure how ROPE could be a color! (skip rope)

Jul 13, 2006

Really easy, but nicely written. Must be a better clue for indigo, but I'm not going to critisize as I haven't actually come up with one. Not sure about the '2 names' bit. I was always taught ROY G BIV, and I was expecting to learn of another method which didn't end in V.
Jul 13, 2006

Nice teaser. I didn't get it, I was trying to read too much into it.Have to learn to take this kind of teaser at face value. Great job.
Jul 13, 2006

A very *Superb teaser*! Although I had the final answer, the clues leading to the answer were Quite Tough for this character Keep them coming
Jul 13, 2006

Like 'realm2346' above, I got 1 & 7 and simply coloured in the rest. Nice job.
Jul 13, 2006

got the 1st & last line but that's all think I'm making these harder than they are. Nice Job!
Jul 13, 2006

"ROY G. BIV" sure came in handy for this riddle! He makes it easy to remember the colors of the rainbow!! Cute Riddle. Thanks!
Jul 13, 2006

Just saw dodger's comment! We had the same idea!!! I never heard the sentence he used, but I've always know the person Roy G. Biv!!!
Jul 13, 2006

This ones a good one...I guess. Pretty cool, not THAT tough, but, hey, it was pretty fun...
Jul 13, 2006

This was a good one. I only got three of the colors, but I'm new to this. But I enjoy racking my brain.
Jul 13, 2006

I agree with a couple of the other comments. I've seen this riddle before somewhere. I knew the answer from the opening lines and I'm not that smart.
Jul 13, 2006

that was clever and new! I tought that was wicked creative and really good
Jul 13, 2006

Very nice. All I got was the violet!
Jul 13, 2006

That was an AWESOME riddle.
Jul 13, 2006

Very funa nd very creative!
Jul 13, 2006

I liked it! Even though I didn't get it, it wasn't too easy yet it wasn't impossible! Very Good!
Jul 13, 2006

I got the riddle but, the second line about the apples should read - what apples don't mix with - cause the saying is If two things are different they are compareing apples to oranges. Also I guess the other name for violet is blueish purple. good teaser either way
Jul 13, 2006

I like this one! Very cute and clever!
Jul 13, 2006

I didn't get it but it was a good one
Jul 13, 2006

Good job! i liked it!
Jul 13, 2006

Liked it a lot
Jul 13, 2006

Boring and very very very easy to answer. You knew the answer on the first one, because you look for something that is part of a whole.
Jul 13, 2006

I had fun doing this one. Thanks. Not really that easy unless you figured it was colors righ away. I didn't.
Jul 13, 2006

Great teaser, Javian. Clever clues.
Jul 13, 2006

That was great. I Almost checked the answer then gave it another thought. " the opne skipped along with Violets gave ti to me. as Elem teacher, we always include Indigo andthe kids always say What's Indigo?"
Jul 13, 2006

the last is supposed 2 be purple not indigo and violet! DUH!
Jul 13, 2006

ROYGBIV... no indigo is second to last... they're right... very cute teaser, i liked it!!
Jul 13, 2006

I thought it was great!

I had an idea it ahd to do with colors, but didn't have the patience to spend a little more time on it.
Jul 13, 2006

tHAT WAS A gREAT teaser... 2 thumbs UP!!!
Jul 14, 2006

me again i got red yellow and blue
does that mean my mind is starting to work? very good teaser
Jul 14, 2006

me again i didn't
know what ROYGBIV meant, i guess i to the back of tha class again
Jul 14, 2006

Clever format. Pretty easy if you're good pals with ROY. I'm sure it was difficult for the folks that never learned that memory device. Good one. Thanks!
Jul 14, 2006

Double thumbs up. A littlte too easy though...
Aug 04, 2006

'Seven' immediately gave a clue about days of the week, a prism, and a rainbow. Got the first clue easily and the rest followed. Nice teaser and well thought of clues. Thanks. Would like to see more of these.
Oct 24, 2006

I was thinking down a different track, senses: Sight, taste, touch, hear... Now I get it after looking at your answer.
Nov 03, 2008

chheee hooo i aucatlly got diz one...yeah it was preat easy...da vilot and blew and idk somother gave it up...
Jul 13, 2009

Very fun! Thanks for posting!
Jul 13, 2009

I really enjoyed this teaser. I got the color part, but I didn't put it together with a rainbow.
Very good teaser.
Jul 13, 2009

excelent,i only missed the indigo one.
Jul 13, 2009

Nov 30, 2009

Good one - but I'm not sure about indigo ... what do you mean by "is often skipped"? Omitted? I've never heard of a rainbow with only six colours. Never mind, it was an enjoyable teaser.
Jul 13, 2012

GW-it was nice to see your comment yesterday. Where have you been?
Jul 13, 2012

Some how I figured this one out!
CB, nice to hear from you! Check personal messages! Everyone have a great day!!
Jul 13, 2012

puzzle was clever, BUT it needed a little more info as to what was expected...especially when you start with using READ when you want RED. Just my opinion
Jul 13, 2012

A nice, simple puzzle to end the week -- ahh!
Jul 13, 2015

I agree with tripleteam5. I was not impressed with it at all . It was not because I did not get it, but it was because of it not being very clear. Most did not get it either, but still said it was great. Go figure!
Jul 13, 2015

Got the clues for red and orange straight away. The clues for yellow and green, I wasn't sure where you were going. I was thinking cry not yell. Once I got to the clue for blue, it all fell into place, and once again ROagainY G BIV saved the day.
I am thinking they only startrd introducing kids to Roy in the 80s. I was taught that particular mneumonic, yet my sister, who is 10 years older, was not.
Anyway, I enjoyed it. Great teaser!
Jul 13, 2015

I got this one, too Clever puzzle Thanks
Jul 13, 2015

I came up with eight ( colors-

Color that can be called by two names: gray (grey).

Color often skipped: White. In a crayon book children often leave the white sections blank. (Seems as logical as indigo).

Leave it to the judges, lol
Jul 13, 2015

I didn't get all of the clues, but I got enough to associate them with rainbow.

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