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Murder of Mademoiselle

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#23705
Fun:*** (2.84)
Difficulty:* (0.9)
Submitted By:sanj91*ca***
Corrected By:Caim




In the city of Jackson Heights many things were going wrong. The city had the highest unemployment rate, the highest crime rate, and on top of that they were just going through a public transportation strike. On a serene, peaceful evening chaos broke loose. A very well-known, distinguished lady, Mademoiselle Pierre, had been murdered. Two men had been arrested. One was Jean-Philip Dumoulin. The other was Thomas Curdilack. Jean-Philip's story: "I was walking down the street to get a bite to eat when I heard a lady scream. I ran around the corner and I saw Mademoiselle Pierre lying on the ground. Standing over her was Thomas Curdilack. As soon as he saw me he turned and ran away. I then called the police." Thomas Curdilack's story: " I was taking the bus down to the Lakeshore Club to play poker with my buddies. As I got off, I heard a scream from around the corner. I ran around and saw Jean-Philip stabbing Mademoiselle Pierre. I chased him, but he got away. I then called the police." The chief detective told the police to arrest Thomas Curdilack. What made him so sure it was Thomas Curdilack?

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Jun 15, 2005

The general construction of the teaser was promising, but the mention of a transportation strike along with the perpetrator so obviously admitting he took the bus made it too easy. You're on the right track...just work on making us think instead of stating the obvious! Keep writing...I look forward to your next teaser!
Jun 15, 2005

thnx...tht kind of feedback helps a lot
Jun 15, 2005

easy but fun! Good job!!
Jun 15, 2005

You made that one a little too easy
but great teaser.
Jun 15, 2005

I agree with the others, it was a bit easy but i found it really fun. Good Job!

P.S. I often find hiding things in a list (the city was going through problems like transport strikes etc. etc.) helps because no one ever reads lists lol.
Jun 15, 2005

I didn't get it right. Great job
Jun 16, 2005

This was generally a great brain teaser which made me think, except, like the others have said, giving the hint that the city was going through a lot of problems gave it away! Great job! I can't wait to see your next teaser!
Jun 16, 2005

That was an easy one, But a very fun one!
Jun 16, 2005

A second, though completely superfluous, clue was that the second suspect said he saw the other guy "stab" the victim, though the police had made no mention of how she had died. I echo the comments made by the others. Good start.
Jun 16, 2005

I got that one immediately. Even though it was easy, it was a good teaser.
Umnesq, i agree with you on the second clue. I was thinking the same thing.
Jun 17, 2005

Beside the strike thing, I thought, who would chase someone he saw stabbing someone (unless he has a death wish) without attempting to aid the victim by calling 911 or the police first? .. also pretty fishy part .. keep up your mystery writing .. I had fun
Jun 17, 2005

the transpotation strike made it extremely easy but i liked it im lookin forward to ur next teaser
Jun 21, 2005

best teaser ive read a day....
Jun 25, 2005

good one but the part about the strike made it all to easy
Jun 25, 2005

My friend and I think it is waaaaaaaaay to easy, and make your clues more subtle.
Jun 25, 2005

Too easy, but it wasn't a complete waste of time, still enjoyed it.
Jul 03, 2005

i am dolphingurl's friend and yes that was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 2 easy!!!!! nice job though
Aug 04, 2005

good job hint was to obvious but good job still
Sep 12, 2005

that was a good one I'm going to add that to my favorites list.even though it was easy it was still fun!
Sep 28, 2005

Corrected some spelling.
Oct 12, 2005

Okay, I got it! From what I read about in the previous comments, you did get it right this time! Good job! Keep em coming
Oct 28, 2005

great teaser. yeah it was a little too obvious.
Jan 08, 2006

i KNEW IT. Good Teaser.
Feb 08, 2006

2 2 easy.
Jul 20, 2007

A bit too easy... but fun!
Oct 24, 2007

I knew it before i read the hint
Oct 24, 2007

wait i thought i was looking at a different teaser,
nice one any way
Nov 15, 2008

easyyyyyy xD
Feb 15, 2009

Pretty good teaser. I had to reread, but I figured it out!
May 07, 2009

How could Thomas not know??unless he was really that stupid
Aug 27, 2014

Got it!!😛😃😃😃

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