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A Frantic Father's Day

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Puzzle ID:#23839
Fun:*** (2.19)
Difficulty:** (1.12)
Submitted By:cka92us***




Three forgetful best friends (Frankie, Emily, and Alana, yes, they're all girls) realized the day just before Father's day that they had not gotten their dads gifts! They called each other up and made a plan to go shopping. However, none of the girls could agree on where to buy a gift, so they went to three different stores and bought three different gifts. You must determine the girls' fathers' names, the store they went to, and the gifts they bought.
Their Names: Frankie, Alana, and Emily
Their dad's Names: Dan, Rich, and Max
The Stores: Super Fan, Ducks Unlimited, and Bass Pro Shops
The Gifts: ball cap, duck call, and a coffee mug

1. Emily knew her dad loved to be outdoors, so she chose not to go to Super Fan and buy a coffee mug.

2. Max's daughter didn't have to think long to know her father wouldn't want to wear a hat.

3.Alana's father Rich, likes being outdoors, but that's not the kind of store Alana chose to go to.

4. The gift Frankie chose to get makes noises.

5. The girl that went to Ducks Unlimited had to call Alana to ask her opinion on which color gift she should get her father.

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Jun 19, 2005

It's good and easy but I still screwed it up....Who would've known you can't buy a duck call from Ducks Unlimited? LOL Nice job
Jun 19, 2005

Hey yeah I totally agree. That threw me off.
Jun 19, 2005

Same here.
Jun 20, 2005

Yes, myself as well

I think clue #5 is a little weak, especially for people who don't hunt.

But, it was fun, and taught me a lesson about making assumptions!
Jun 20, 2005

I checked one web site and saw many multi-colored duck calls, including different color choices for the same type of call. Unfortunately Emily could have also gotten a duck call at the duck shop.
Jun 20, 2005

It would have been so much easier if things were more practical
Jun 20, 2005

yes i totally agree, i got everything right except the stores which i got completely scrwewed up oh well its still good
Jun 22, 2005

it seems to me there is no way to solve this puzzle without looking at the hint...clue #5 is useless because you can never assume anything with these this one we can't assume the duck call came from ducks unlimited so why would we assume that only the hats came in different colors? I honestly feel bad critisizing other people's teaser's because I have not submitted one of my own but it's late and the author of this one sounded so smug when (in the hint) they said they made it as easy as they apologies for the negativity...
Jun 23, 2005

i think the first clue would be easier to understand if it read "Emily knew her dad loved to be outdoors, so she chose not to go to Super Fan and therefore did not buy a coffee mug."
Jun 24, 2005

Dis teaser waz so e-z. Da author of dis puzzle waz tellin da truth.
Jun 25, 2005

This is the first time I've finished a teaser in less than a minute! My brother is a hunter and buys his gear in odd places, so I didn't fall for the trick - this time!! Very nice move with clue #5 though.
Jun 25, 2005

Thanks you guys for all the compliments, and marianj79, you don't need to apologize, if someone isn't negative about it, it might go to my head! And flipflopchica, I don't mean to sound rude or like a know-it-all or anything, but you can buy a duck call at Ducks Unlimited, but you can also buy them at Bass Pro Shops. I was just trying to make it a little more difficult.
Aug 14, 2005

Too easy, but I didn't read the narrative and I thought Frankie was a boy. However, I saw that couldn't be and got it right.
Nov 14, 2005

duck calls come in many different colors and when my husband has his hanging around his neck he says he is wearing the duck call.
Sep 28, 2007

I was not able to solve this teaser without looking at the hint. You can buy both hats and duck calls at both stores and in many colors. Honestly, I'm not sure how this one got by the editors. I had one rejected because the hint was necessary to solve the puzzle.
Jul 08, 2014


I would ask you to remember that those of us who don't live in the US have never heard of any of those stores and don't know what they sell, some of us have never been duck hunting so we don't know what a duck call looks like or what colours it comes in.

I think getting it right in view of that is an achievement, and I could really do without being patronised in the hint.

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