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Math brain teasers require computations to solve.


Puzzle ID:#2400
Fun:** (1.85)
Difficulty:** (1.35)
Submitted By:Mad-adeAhu***




What is a half times a half?

Open Calculator

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Mar 27, 2002

It's a bad thing when the answer of "a Quarter" ain't worth a plug nickel. But we love ya anyway. ;) --Rayn
(user deleted)
May 02, 2002

Is there anybody who doesn't know this? And using a calculator doesn't exactly give you a hint, does it? It tells you the answer.
May 07, 2002

the use a calculator tip was there for those who may not believe the answer, that is all.
May 12, 2002

back to grade five...
Jun 03, 2002

i must say yes.. too easy... but i did just do the good ideas one.. so... who cares about this one.. it got ya 50 points
(user deleted)
Jun 05, 2002

i think that what mad-ade was trying to accomplish here was the slight shock to some people that if you multiply a number by itself you still get the same thing. and re to dina 2002: i'm in fifth grade thanks ever so and we're doing long division and algebra so shut it.
(user deleted)
Jun 05, 2002

look at this the most part that i want you to see is put in **.does it not make you sick?

Posted by kkats4 Jun 04, 2002

Mad-ade I want to know if you'lll email me *Are you hott?*

simply sickening

Jun 06, 2002

So? adstafar or whateveer, I'm going to 7th. Big deal. Oh-la-la, you're in 5th. I'm so scared. (In case you couldn't tell, for that last sentence I used a little thing called *sarcasm*.)
Jun 06, 2002

In my other comment I didn't use ** at the beginning/end of the question.
Jun 06, 2002

Are you talking about another teaser adrastafr?!?!?! I DIDN'T use *Are you hott?* or *Are you hott*? (The end *stars* are at different spots)
Jun 11, 2002

i am in 5th grade and we are not talking about .5+.5!
Jun 25, 2002

i didnt mean to hurt anybody, but im guessing your school is a good one, because i did that in fifth grade. sorry, but our school was slow
Jun 25, 2002

hey kkats, did madade email you back??lolz..hey im older than you and the fifth grade girl(that is a girl right) ppl jst got bored and didn't know what to write!!ignore me..
Jul 05, 2002

Librashorty, you never finished your comment. When we were in fifth grade that fifth grade girl, it is a girl right? . . . Then you never finished, yes madade emailed me back, whats so funny about it. you could email me too
Jul 08, 2002

oh, you just meant you were older than the fifth grader. Nevermind, I thought you were going to finish a story or something.
Jul 31, 2002

That stinks ! haha
Aug 15, 2002

If there's one bad quarter teaser, I haven't heard it!
Oct 05, 2002

Nov 17, 2002

you are joking me. i never thought i'd see the day when someone would hit on mad-ade. what does that mean, anyways?
Dec 02, 2002

mad-ade, i mean. does it mean angry juice? or is it just random?
Apr 25, 2003

nice one to make a quick 50...
Feb 14, 2005

"So? adstafar or whateveer, I'm going to 7th. Big deal. Oh-la-la, you're in 5th. I'm so scared. (In case you couldn't tell, for that last sentence I used a little thing called *sarcasm*.)"

That has to be the most impulsive (and quite dumb in fact) attempt at an insult I've seen on this site.

Isn't Mad-Ade like 40 years old anyways? Why exactly should a 7th grader be asking that of him?
Feb 15, 2005

Feb 17, 2005

I don't know. I've heard you referred to as "the old guy" on this site, and things like that.

How old are you?
May 31, 2006

actuallt even I read mad-ade once replying to a comment saying he has a son, so he would be around 30+ anyway. Correct me if I am wrong mad-ade
Feb 21, 2009

Are there no standards? In what manner is this a teaser?
Feb 21, 2009

it was one of the first teasers on site when we were just trying to fill the site with something.

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