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Wish for it

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#2445
Fun:*** (2.88)
Difficulty:** (1.68)
Submitted By:watupchicks**
Corrected By:SPUTNIK2




At times we wish for it
and at times we don't.
It is never here
but sometimes we want it to be.
I am not a thing
I am not an imagination
I will never be here

What am I?

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Apr 21, 2002

Let's review this teaser...

At times we wish for it
and at times we dont.

(you may want it or not)

It is never here
but sometimes we want it to be.

(its not here, but sometimes, he wished he could be here)

I am not a thing
I am not an imagination

(it doesn't exist, it exists)

I will never be here

(again, it will never be here)


resuming, completely nonsense and generic. Much weekend poetry, but crazy and pointless...
Apr 21, 2002

The generic description would cover anything intangible. It could be love, power, perfection, .......
Apr 21, 2002

That was easy. TOMMOROW is how it is spelled
Apr 21, 2002

setzerknight, let me tell u something when i say at times we wish for it and somtimes we dont, that means sometimes when we are having bad days then we want tommorrow to be here but when we are having great days then we dont want to have tomorrow come, then when i say it will never be here beacause if u think about it tomorrow will bever be here now say today is monday, tuesday will be here but not tomorrow, then when i say it is not a thing nor an imagination that means you cant see me and it isnt fake. any more questions?

Apr 22, 2002

Not a question... but, yet, another comment. I enjoyed reading your perspective on the thought and how you creatively put it into a riddle. It made me think of yesterday and it inspired reminiscent thoughts. Although, to put anything creative out there in front of our weird world is to subject it to narrow-minded criticism. I think, any artistic creativity should be ultimately be appreciated by and for it's very creator. Then should it be viewed by others, it becomes a target for their own ills and subject to one-sided opinion and criticism. Still, some will view it more openly and appreciate the intriguing thoughts that it can provoke. So do write what makes *you* happy, watupchicks.
Apr 26, 2002

I agree with watupchicks. I thought it was a cool riddle. And tori, I wouldn't criticize spelling if you can't spell it yourself. It's spelled TOMORROW. Some people always have to be complaining to be happy...
Jun 08, 2002

wonderful!! if only i had just one creative bone in my body
Nov 30, 2005

Wow no comments since 2002, well I liked it very well written
Nov 27, 2007

No comments since 2005...
Jun 19, 2015


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