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Trivia brain teasers have some element of trivia in them, but they are not just pure trivia questions.


Puzzle ID:#24580
Fun:*** (2.81)
Difficulty:*** (2.4)
Submitted By:riddlelover****
Corrected By:MarcM1098




Kim (a U.S.A. resident) is exactly twenty years and three months old when she visits her elderly grandmother in China. When she arrives, her grandmother asks her how old she is now. When Kim answers twenty-one, she isn't lying. How is that possible?


According to some Chinese customs, some Chinese count the nine months in the womb to your age. If Kim was twenty and three months, the additional nine months would make her twenty-one.

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Jul 15, 2005

Wow. I didn't know that. But I have thought about nine months in the womb being added to age. Cute teaser, educational too - you learn a new thing every day - lol
(user deleted)
Jul 15, 2005

thats cool i didn't know about that
Jul 15, 2005

Jul 15, 2005

It should of been

"it took her 9 months 2 get dere
Jul 15, 2005

I guessed at the nine months in the womb and was pleased that I got it right . I didn't know about the culture thing though. Thanks for the fun AND the learning!
Jul 16, 2005

Learn something new every day, thanks.
Jul 16, 2005

This was a fun one to look up!! And very fun to answer!!
Jul 18, 2005

I thought she took a slow boat to China!
Jul 20, 2005

Thanks! Im glad everyone liked it! It's my first one to get taken!
Jul 22, 2005

Thought the same thing as renae. Guess I learn something new everyday
Jul 29, 2005

wow random knolage realy dose com in handy

i actualy got it right
Aug 17, 2005

wow, entertaining and educational, well done ! oh, by the way, it stumped me!
Aug 29, 2005

Yes, we do indeed learn something new every day!! Nice job!
Sep 02, 2005

If that were where I live, I would be_...he he he...why should I tell people my age?
(user deleted)
Sep 03, 2005

Cool one
Sep 19, 2005

im japanese and we usually add a year so i got confused. we dont bother with exactly nine monthes.
Sep 19, 2005

Adding a year is a smart thing...I was discussing that with someone the other day, and how confusing it would be about fooling with exactly 9 months. Thank you for the comments!
Sep 25, 2005

Briliant one! I had no idea about that but, i'm thriled of learning such an awesome thing from this teaser. Keep them coming as this one is great!
Oct 21, 2005

When people asked my age, I would reply with (current year-my year of birth) if it was before my birthday that year, and (current year-my year of birth+1) if it was after my birthday that year.
Jul 02, 2006

This more of Korean custom, than a Han Chinese custom, but it makes a good teaser.
Nov 28, 2006

Glad ya'll liked it...I'm probably not well informed (scratch the 'probably') on origins and whatnot, but hey...It was the only one someone else didn't post!!! *shrugs*

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