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The Purse Snatcher

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#24736
Fun:*** (2.83)
Difficulty:** (1.61)
Submitted By:dolphingurl12Aus******




"I was standing outside the store waiting for my husband to bring the car around, when all of a sudden a man, I didn't see anything but his back, snatched my purse!" The woman was furiously telling the police officers the story of her purse snatching.

A supposed witness, who claimed he had been sitting on a nearby bench, told what he had seen. "This woman was standing about 4 feet in front of me, holding a few shopping bags, plus her purse. A large man dressed in jeans, a black shirt, and leather coat snatched her purse and hurried into the fire escape door on the side of the building."

A few hours later the purse was found in the witness' car and he was arrested. How did the police know he was the purse snatcher?

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Jul 21, 2005

I love a mystery. Got this one without the hint. Keep them coming!
Jul 21, 2005

ok well not to bad but really.. not toop hard but who whould think of that?
Jul 21, 2005

Great mystery!
Jul 22, 2005

Ohhhh, I thought maybe he couldn't see the side of the building from where he was sitting, so it was a little confusing for me. I guess since that was a wrong answer the way you wrote it didn't really matter, since the answer doesn't even come close! i'm confusing myself again, so ill just say Great Teaser and move on!
Jul 23, 2005

good 1
Jul 24, 2005

good one - i got it right off the bat without the hint, even though i clicked on it
Jul 25, 2005

Good One dolphingurl12!Keep the Mystery teasers coming!
(user deleted)
Jul 25, 2005

Good One!!
Jul 25, 2005

i thought that since the witness was 4 feet behind the woman and she could only see the theif's back then the witness would not have known the color of the guys shirt since from the back he would only have seen the jacket....i think i over thought this one....
Jul 29, 2005

whoa whew!
Aug 02, 2005

I thought the same thing about not being able to see the guy's shirt Good Teaser! Keep up the good work!
Aug 02, 2005

that one was good
better and harder than "the missing earrings"
good work though
peace out
Aug 03, 2005

yeah i thought that since she was standing on the edge he was beside her and couldnt tell the color of the mans shirt... another good answer...
Aug 18, 2005

Good one! I didn't get it until after I read the hint! See, your teasers aren't all easy! Keep em comin and don't forget to smile!
Aug 18, 2005

everybody says this is my worst one..
Aug 18, 2005

no wait, i got them confused nevermind
Aug 22, 2005

ooooo i didnt get it?
Sep 03, 2005

Pretty easy.
(user deleted)
Sep 05, 2005

Very simple solution, but nice storyline. Anyone with police training will tell you that a story with too many details is the hallmark of a liar.
Not bad.
Sep 08, 2005

Good job! I like a good mystery story.
Sep 12, 2005

Used to sneek in the movies through a fire escape door,after it had been opened from inside.Good one.
Sep 20, 2005

I did not know that, but it makes sense to me now!
Oct 12, 2005

I must have my Sherlock Holmes hat on today. I got this one!
Nov 13, 2005

omg do harder ones
Nov 14, 2005

these are so lame
Nov 16, 2005

Then don't read them.
Nov 18, 2005

I can't help it I just click on ones that I think will be good and then I read it and think i wonder who wrote this?
Nov 19, 2005

I did.
Jan 22, 2006

It was quite hard
Feb 19, 2006

Well.... you got me on that one Dolphingurl!!! The "4 ft. away" detail threw me off, so I never even thought about the fire escape door!! So I say GREAT JOB!!!
Jul 07, 2006

On a roll! Didn't need the hint but i checked anyway to c if it would confirm my suspicions! Great 1 dolphingurl!
Aug 31, 2006

not all fire escapes are one way. This is especialy true with older buildings.
Aug 31, 2006

not all fire escapes are one way. This is especialy true with older buildings. He could have also pre set the fire escape door to be able to be opened from the outside before hand.
Oct 08, 2006

I thought since she saw the back of the person, she recognized the man or something... This was fun!
Oct 12, 2006

U r really good at mysteries, I've read a few you've done and I could only get one and that was because I read it in a magazine, but these r good.
May 08, 2007

I assumed the witness would have only seen the snatcher after the grab while heading away and the color of his shirt would not have been known.

Fun story.
Jun 12, 2007

I was also thinking along the lines of the snatchers clothing. Good teaser Dolphingurl!
Jul 18, 2007

i thought it was cuz if a guy was 4 feet behind her why wouldnt he help he like duh...Why would he just sit there and watch the person in front of him be mugged
Jan 27, 2008

That was easy if u read it good enuff but if u didnt kno that fire escape doors open from the inside only then u wouldnt have gotten it
Jul 08, 2008

good one! although i've never tried to go in (or out) of a fire escape door so i didn't know that... i thought it had something to do with whether or not she was holding bags when it happened or something...dunno totally wrong track i guess
Feb 14, 2010

Good mysteries reveal most if not all basic clues, the door opening from the inside, instead of the outside is not something that the writer had Reason or Cause to reveal. Its a good story, written carefully, but lacks Mysterious logic. Although the story lacks this reasoning, you had the ability to put it to paper to make it work or not. You did an excellent job. Good Teaser.
Aug 11, 2010

i thought the alarm would go off if a fire escape door was opened..
Dec 01, 2010


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