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The Ancient Vase

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#24889
Fun:*** (2.78)
Difficulty:** (1.65)
Submitted By:sweetime*****
Corrected By:bookwrmKP




Detective Sing was sitting at his desk when he was approached by a young lady.

"I've come to you for advice, Detective Sing," she said. "I met this guy, Dr. Howard, a few months ago. He's an archaeological expert, specialising in sun rituals in ancient times. A few days ago he approached me and said that he had found a beautiful vase which had pictures on it celebrating the Summer Equinox. He said that it's a rare find, but that if I give him $2000, he'll give me a half share in any proceeds he gets when he sells the vase. I was wondering whether you could find out some more about him for me, to make sure I'm not going to be handing over money to a fraud."

"Well," said Detective Sing. "The vase may well be a genuine artifact, but I'd be careful of this guy 'Howard' - he's a fraud."

What made Detective Sing so sure?

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Jul 26, 2005

I forgot about the solstices so I didn't get it! Excellent mystery anyway!
Jul 26, 2005

Very good mystery. I enjoyed this one.
Jul 26, 2005

it was pretty good it took me a while before i got it....nice job
Jul 26, 2005

it was too easy it took me like 30 secs to figure it out
Jul 27, 2005

Good One!
Jul 28, 2005

Great mystery, I really enjoyed this one.
Aug 05, 2005

good one.
Aug 18, 2005

I knew it had something to do with the Summer Equinox thing, but I just couldn't place it! Keep the teasers comin...I submitted a teaser earlier today...hope it makes it!
Sep 05, 2005

good and easy!!great job
Sep 11, 2005

Sep 20, 2005

Sep 20, 2005

from what i can remember (and someone feel free to correct me here) equinoxes are where the days and nights are of equal length and occur around march and september 21/22. solistices are where the days are either at their longest or shortest (so the summer solistice has the longest daylight to night time ratio and the winter solistice has the shortest daytime to nighttime ratio)

thanks to everyone who liked it
Oct 06, 2005

keep them coming i liked this one!
Oct 10, 2005

I thought the mystery was???????
you write a lot of teasers. You're good. Keep up the ggoodd wworkk.
NOO, I did not get it. I just knew he was dishonest, and he sold fakes.
Oct 12, 2005

Good one! I actually got it, Nice job, Keep 'em coming!
Oct 20, 2005

really good, i got it, but it was fun, it has been awhile since i have done any thing with equinoxes and solstices. made me think, really good.
Feb 07, 2006

Nice One.
Feb 19, 2006

Good one Sweetime!! I had to think about it for a minute, but then I got it!
Jul 07, 2006

Got it!
Aug 27, 2006

ahh,that detective sing,so so smart,how does he do it O_o
Jan 10, 2007

Awesome teaser! I should have known this but it stumped me.
Jul 17, 2007

seriously ive read most of ur teasers and your really smart!
Jan 30, 2008

WEll GREAT JOB!!!! That was so mysterious, ooo!! LOL!! Great TEASER!! KEEP THEM COMIN!! LOL!!
Mar 18, 2008

I guessed it Nice facts at the end there.
Mar 21, 2009

totally love it.
Nov 16, 2009

While I was reading it, I was like, "...'Celebrating the Summer Equinox.' !! Archeologist guy's a faker!"

It's just a little too easy if you know your facts.
May 23, 2016

This is a poor riddle. First of all, even experts can misspeak on occasion, even about something basic. Second of all, the lady may have misheard, misremembered, or misreported. You can't base a judgement so confidently on something like that. This is "Encyclopedia Brown" at its worst.

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