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Two Men in the Forest

Logic puzzles require you to think. You will have to be logical in your reasoning.


Puzzle ID:#24915
Fun:*** (2.87)
Difficulty:*** (2.2)
Submitted By:dutchymonster*en***!!!
Corrected By:Psychic_Master




Two men went deep into the Dutch Forest: one, a small, meek man; the other, a monster.

They walked for days, until, out of food, they got desperate. The monster murdered the meek man, and ate him for dinner!

He left no remains, whatsoever, and was seen by no one. On his return to civilisation he told no one.

Who was the murdering, cannibalistic monster?

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Jul 27, 2005

Great teaser! But was the monster you - dutchymonster? You may have been hungry - but really that much?
Jul 27, 2005

HAHAHA I knew it was you all along!!! HAHAHA great teaser dutchy
Jul 27, 2005

I love it, great job
Jul 27, 2005

ohhh!!! creepy...I thought maybe a dog but then I was like how sad poor dog because a dog isnt a monster....anyway good one
Jul 27, 2005

Slightly warped sense of humor, but a nice twist.
Jul 28, 2005

That was AWSOME!!!
I was gonna guess dutchymonster but then I thought....nah.
Jul 28, 2005

Thanks Guys glad you liked it
Jul 28, 2005

Didn't see that coming. Good job.
Jul 28, 2005

Wowzers, nice teaser. I was on a completely different page- in a different book- in a different library!
Aug 03, 2005

Nice teaser!
Aug 05, 2005

Aug 06, 2005

That was a little creepy. but I liked it. Keep em' comin!
Aug 10, 2005

Aug 21, 2005

well you just told us...
Aug 22, 2005

ohhhhhhhhh. ok...
Aug 31, 2005

Good one. I didn't guess the monster was you.....but it was good teaser
Sep 03, 2005

Most definetly did not see that one coming at all !! Good job. Creeped me out a bit but thats ok...its late Friday night-early Sat morn and its a good time to get creeped out!! Keep them coming!
Sep 03, 2005

Wow! nice job!! I seriously didn't see that coming! congratulations - you tricked me - the queen of brain teasers!!!
Sep 03, 2005

I found it easy because of my familiarity with Sherlock Holmes' style of thinking otherwise... it was fun though!
Sep 03, 2005

I found it easy because of my familiarity with Sherlock Holmes' style of thinking otherwise... it was fun though!
Sep 03, 2005

I was tryin to figure out what the Dutch Forest had to do with it.

Ohhhhh! DutchyMONSTER. NICE
Sep 03, 2005

Buetiful teaser right to my faves awesome but this could also be put in the trick category as well i think. I loved it!!!!!!!!!!.
Sep 03, 2005

Great teaser, very cunning
Sep 03, 2005

That one was great . I almost got it but i didnt i like hardly ever do
Sep 03, 2005

Just came back from a week's vacation...but my brain is still there...had no clue on this one!
Sep 03, 2005

Get out of town !
before sundown
Sep 03, 2005

Ya got me, dutchymonster.
Sep 03, 2005

Onlyeeyore said it all for me! I was sooooo off in another direction..which let to nowhere. Loved it!
Sep 03, 2005

mike cook in North Carolina says that was retarted
Sep 03, 2005

does anyone else agree with mike cook in North Carolina?
Sep 03, 2005

I thought is was pretty good but mke cook in North Carolina didn't think so!!!!
Sep 03, 2005

North Carolinians are stupid anyway, so they wouldn't get it! I thought it was a great teaser! I'm gonna put this one in my favorites!
Sep 03, 2005

Good job!! Didn't see that, but now you have a bunch of people who know!
Sep 03, 2005

lol funny
Sep 03, 2005

Oh dear...I don't think I'm going on a walk with YOU in any forests... lol j/p Of course, if we had seen your user name, we might have made the connection... Good riddle.
Sep 03, 2005

Ya, it's just like that story in Star Wars EP3. Palpatine is telling Anakin a story with details only the person in the story would know.
Sep 03, 2005

you got me!!!!!!!!
Sep 03, 2005

lol Nice
Sep 03, 2005

Thanks for all your possitive feedback guys
and special thanks to mike cook in North Carolina
Sep 03, 2005

ur name gave it away. if i looked i soo would have known... maybe its like those things were they seem super hard, but the answer is SO obvious, but u dont get it and once you find out the answer, its like a smack in the face, and you dont get how you couls have missed it. WEIRD
Sep 03, 2005

Pretty freeky.
You are telling us about the incident so the fact that he never told anyone is not necessarily true. ???
oh well
Goodteaser and god bless
Sep 03, 2005

Stumped me at first. Cool one keep on putting them out.
Sep 03, 2005

Sep 03, 2005

I liked the teaser...
I don't like Mike Cook...
Sep 03, 2005

I really liked the teaser. I'm also from N.C & don't consider myself stupid. Anyway great job and keep the scary stuff coming.
Sep 03, 2005

Great teaser!!! by the way..... who's mike cook?
Sep 04, 2005

Wow that was awesome! Didn't see it coming!
Sep 05, 2005

don't eat me too!!!!
Sep 06, 2005

Sorry, I didn't like that one at all. Seemed to be a bit of a cop-out. Have we run out of ideas? I have to agree with the North Carolinian! Hate to be so blunt, but would you rather I lie to you guys? Besides, the comments section is open to ALL comments, right? Not just the "nice" ones? Let's not forget that, people!
Sep 06, 2005

No I haddn't run out of ideas I thought this was a good one, and judging by the fun rating, so did many others. But as you say everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I can take critisism as well as compliments and apreciate all constructive feed back - good or bad.
Sep 06, 2005

Hmmm... oh course, no other possible answer... fairly cute though although I wish that it could have had some other twist. Oh well, like it anyway .
Sep 06, 2005

(real nice)
(user deleted)
Sep 09, 2005

i really liked it , it was weird but i liked it
Sep 10, 2005

Wow! That was cool! I don't know how you thought of that! Twisted my brain! Nice one!
Oct 13, 2005

wow ! all i can say is wow !
Mar 19, 2006

I liked it! But by telling us this teaser, are you contradicting the statement that you haven't told anyone?
Okay, I'm thinking too hard.
Jan 01, 2007

Remind me never to met you in a forest
Feb 05, 2007


(You have darkside my friend!)
May 28, 2007

Good one. I thought about it for too long hehe
Aug 16, 2007

heh good one
May 07, 2008

Nov 15, 2008

lol nice one! hahaha i get it, monster...
dont eat me!!! lolz
May 28, 2010

i soooo over thought that. I was thinking it was Dr Frankenstein and his monster in the forest, so even though the monster ate him, the dr frankstein is actually the monster because he made the monster that ate him....but then i read caniballistic and thought i dont recall the dr eating people.. ...meh. i think too much then not enough..brain needs a calibration.
May 28, 2010

that was halarious if i'd seen who made the the teaser (i din't look there!) i might have gotten it! loved it great teaser
May 28, 2010

Give me a break. That was a terrible imitation of a teaser,unless it was intended for the under 10 readers.
May 28, 2010

You ate the guts, bones, hair, teeth, and all that other stuff? Ewww....
May 28, 2010

I figured the answer was "the one who came back." Hmmm. Not sure I understand this at all.
May 28, 2010

I thought to myself "Who wrote this silliness ?" and when I looked I knew it was you ! It was easy, but still a lot of fun. thanks for making me feel smart. That doesn't mean I am smart (heaven forbid I should say that.... I mean what would the neighbors say?) Right Bearo1?
May 28, 2010

Even with the "monster" clue, I missed it. Very nice.
May 28, 2010

if would've helped if i read who the author was first. I didn't quite get it until I read the comments. I was thinking the "me" was the fact that if nobody else knew about the murder then the only person that could have shared the story was the one who did it. Kind of like the stories where a group goes off on a trip and finds a monster (no pun intended) but there were no survivors, then how did the story come back type of logic. Thumbs up, though!
May 28, 2010

Ah, it all makes sense now! Good one!
May 28, 2010

shouldn't this be trick? really good, though
May 28, 2010

It was logical that if he told no one, then how did the storyteller know about it ? Simple the teller was the monster. Grizzly story.
May 28, 2010

Is this teaser even rated PG??
May 28, 2010

This is actually the first teaser I didn't like. Just sounded too morbid for me and I didn't really think the answer was that great. Sorry--
May 28, 2010

(user deleted)
Jun 01, 2010

If it's a monster as in not human, then it's (you're) not a cannibal

Just thinking...
May 28, 2013

That was gross! Even saying it was you makes me queazy! Did not like it at all. Sorry!!
May 28, 2013

This type of teaser is so stereo typed that everybody should know the answer in seconds.
May 28, 2013

Nice negativity there 'cute'bug

I liked it, good job!
May 28, 2013

Yikes!! good job
Jun 09, 2013

clever. Creepy but clever!
Jun 09, 2013

clever. Creepy but clever!
Jun 09, 2013

clever. Creepy but clever!
May 28, 2016

I think this should be in the Trick category. "Logic" is more along the lines of, "If the color is either black, grey or white, and it's not found in chess, what is it?" Everything necessary to solve the "logic" problem is given explicitly.
May 28, 2016

Agreed, FatHead. That's what I was going to say. Yes, the answer comes from an apparently logical deduction, but this is more of a trick question. I actually don't entirely like this teaser. The puzzle (like most brain teaser stories) is quite clearly a fictional tale, from the start, and being a fictional story, the author and the readers are completely outside of its universe. Therefore any of us in this world are perfectly capable of knowing things in the universe of the story that no one else in that universe knows. The only validation would be if this were in fact a true story, in which case, you should have kept this little secret to yourself! But I do appreciate the trickiness and creativity. Not bad, but I don't know if I agree with it.

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