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The War of the Worlds - Part I

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#25010
Fun:**** (3.11)
Difficulty:** (2.06)
Submitted By:smarty_blondy*ro****




No place is a safe place, for in the caves of The World Beneath, the evil Lord Zyron has decided he will not rest until his terrific Master Plan is complete. If he succeeds in his conquest, all humanity will melt down into the darkness of The Underground, and the world, as we know it, will soon be transformed into a desert of dust and ashes! He wishes to assign three of his most trusted myrmidons to climb up to the surface and complete his terrific task, declare and lead The War of the Worlds.

But The World Beneath has many dreadful monsters, sorcerers and witches from which Lord Zyron must chose. Lurking in the archive of The Underground, he has found the files of five of his most loyal servants, partly consumed by fire. Can you find out the details about each of Lord Zyron's myrmidons from what's left of the files?

Myrmidons' names: Tamika, Vidomina, Axsis, Galthran, Xarfax;
Occupations: Death Knight, Demon, Black Witch, Alchemist, Vampire;
Experience: 629 years, 274 years, 56 years, 31 years, 9 years;
Area of Expertise: Wisdom, Fire Magic, Tactics, Mysticism, Scouting;
Magical Artifact: Cape of Wickedness, Helm of Chaos, Celestial Necklace, Shield of the Damned, Sorcerer's Stone.

1. Vidomina, the wisest of them all, and Xarfax, the possessor of the Sorcerer's Stone, are the only immortals, and so have more experience than the mortals.

2. The most inexperienced servant is the Demon, possessor of the Helm of Chaos.

3. The Black Witch was born and raised in the spirit of fire, and is therefore an expert in its magic.

4. The most experienced mortal, and possessor of the Shield of the Damned, is neither Tamika nor Vidomina, but the Death Knight.

5. Xarfax has been an expert in his area for 629 years, but not in Tactics or in Scouting.

6. The Alchemist is an expert in Mysticism.

7. The Vampire is well known for her long life; therefore she has become an expert in Wisdom.

8. Axsis has been an expert in his area for 9 years, but not in Scouting or Mysticism.

9. Tamika, the Fire expert, is possessor of the Cape of Wickedness.

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(user deleted)
Aug 01, 2005

Cool one
Aug 01, 2005

I liked it very much! When I saw how strange the names were, I thought it might be hard, but it took only one read-through (sign of an easy one).
Aug 01, 2005

I liked it very much! When I saw how strange the names were, I thought it might be hard, but it took only one read-through (sign of an easy one).
Aug 01, 2005

I enjoyed this, but I don't believe a word of it.
Aug 01, 2005

Nice & easy, a little dark though.
Aug 01, 2005

Oh thank you, you guys are too nice !
Aug 02, 2005

Good job smarty! I enjoyed this one a lot and loved the names!
Aug 02, 2005

Thank you froggy ! Wait till you see part two
Aug 02, 2005

That was awesome. A lot of people find these challenging, and this was (no offense) easier for them. I loved it! Great Job, and keep up the great work!
Aug 02, 2005

Oh thank you, and no offence taken . Although the second part might not be so easy
Aug 03, 2005

someone's been playing Dungeons and Dragons too much . naw just kidding, that game's fun cool names and kind of easy, but still all around fun. thankz
Aug 03, 2005

P.S. its wierd to rate your own teaser
Aug 03, 2005

Fun and well-written! I'll be glad to see the next one, especially if it's more challenging!
Aug 04, 2005

Well Done...
Aug 04, 2005

Good Job...
Aug 06, 2005

awesome story i look forward to the second part!
Aug 08, 2005

i love these types of teasers, and i reely liked this one! i did part 1 and then this 1 tho...
Aug 08, 2005

This is a really good story AND teaser! Though I kinda read part 2 first...
Aug 11, 2005

Very easy teaser. Everything just fell into place after all of the clues. I didn't have to think much.
Aug 11, 2005

Cool teaser! Gonna do II next!
Aug 13, 2005

Well thank you very much, and now that i think about, it's very easy, isn't it?
Sep 30, 2005

As I go through these "older" teasers, I am always happy to find these logical ones. Good job, look forward to Wof W Part 3, 4, etc.
Sep 30, 2005

Thank you very much for that great comment. Now, i know part three will be a bit late as i have a few on the list already. But, i promise that, sooner or later, it will get here. Hold on! Thank you again!
Oct 31, 2005

Very creative!! Great fun!
Nov 01, 2005

Thank you for dropping by.
Nov 15, 2005

liked it a lot. I agree--a bit dark, but it was a fun puzzle to put together. Good job with the clues.
Nov 15, 2005

I don't know how it turned out so dark - i wrote it in the best mood possible.

Thank you for stopping by, glad you like it!
Aug 25, 2007

i found it to be easy, but not dark. Fun storyline
Oct 12, 2007

Well, done. Now I'm off to find part 2!
Nov 14, 2007

lol...sounds a lot like the names from Heroes of Might and Magic III. Its a very good puzzle!
Nov 05, 2008

Nice puzzle, but you don't need clue #7 at all!
Feb 12, 2010

Why would anyone want a shield of the damned? No, really.
May 26, 2011

Excellent storyline but way too easy! Read it once and fill in the squares!

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