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Musical Chairs

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#25234
Fun:*** (3.04)
Difficulty:*** (2.23)
Submitted By:tjm531*****




Grandpa Lowell is a carpenter with five granddaughters whom he absolutely adores. He wanted to do something very special for all of their upcoming birthdays and ended up taking on a very large task. He decided to hand craft rocking chairs for them, each from a different type of wood, each with their names embossed and a music box attached to each playing a different song. From the clues given, determine the age of the granddaughter, the type of wood used, and the melody the chair played.

Girls: Amanda, Bonnie, Christine, Sylvia, Tanya

Age: 2, 3, 4, 6, 8

Wood: Birch, Cherry, Mahogany, Maple, Oak

Melody: "The Big Rock Candy Mountain," "Rock-A-Bye Baby," "Rock-A My Soul," "Rock Me Gently," "Rock of Ages"

1. The oak chair was made for a girl who is exactly twice as old as Amanda (who isn't four years old). Sylvia isn't the intended recipient of the oak chair. The birch chair wasn't built for the eight-year-old (who isn't Christine).

2. The mahogany rocker will be given to the child who is exactly twice as old as Bonnie, but younger than the at least one other child. The six-year-old isn't the intended recipient of the chair that plays "Rock Me Gently".

3. The music box that plays "Rock-A My Soul" is attached to the chair made for the grandchild who is exactly twice as old as Sylvia. Bonnie is exactly half as old as the intended recipient of the chair whose music box plays "Rock-A-Bye Baby".

4. The chair that has the music box that plays "Rock of Ages" will be presented to the three-year-old, while the two-year-old is getting the cherry-wood chair.

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Aug 10, 2005

The nice idea made it pleasant to work, while the trickiness made it very fun!
Aug 10, 2005

wat you didnt give us any that told us who got who and it was all the 8 year old didnt get this and stuff... o well maybe im just stupid that that was annoyingly hare. It was a good teaser i just didnt feel like doing it... good job
Aug 10, 2005

loved the theme...and a great teaser too! good job
Aug 10, 2005

i LOVE hard logic-grids. and this one was perfect. wasn't too hard, wasn't too easy. great job!!!
Aug 10, 2005

i found it hard but still got it, which makes it more fun......great job!
Aug 10, 2005

I thought it was pretty easy, but I like easy ones sometimes. Great teaser, you didn't give anything away, but it was still hard enough to be fun!
Aug 10, 2005

your clues should be shorter. seperate some of the sentences so it would be less confusing. u can always have more clues.
Aug 11, 2005

Well done -- hard enough to be fun and a little challenging,, yet not nearly impossible to complete! Thanks!
Aug 11, 2005

totally liked it. decent hardness, without bewildering me. thanks
Aug 11, 2005

liked it a lot! it was hard enough for it to be fun but not so hard that i was pulling my hair out in frustration! good job!!
Aug 11, 2005

I liked this teaser a lot! It was very fun & kinda hard.
Aug 11, 2005

Good teaser as it made me work for the answer!
Aug 12, 2005

You really made me think!! Good job!! Still got it!
Aug 13, 2005

Very fun! Like the clues with the math very much. It made you think, but not too hard.
Sep 02, 2005

Good little workout, that was!
Nov 07, 2005

Good Job!! My wife thought that it is very cute and that someone put a lot of thought into it Keep up the good work!
Nov 14, 2005

loved it!
Nov 21, 2005

Great teaser. Silly me messed up Amanda and Bonnie.
Sep 22, 2007

Fun!! Took me two tries -- really not sure how I messed it up the first time b/c I got it right away this time.
Oct 12, 2007

Great teaser! I love the ones that don't give anything away, and make you think about what the clue is saying. This one is going in my favs.

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