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We come from?!

In Cryptography teasers, a phrase or expressions has been encoded in some way (frequently by replacing letters with other letters). You need to figure out the encoding method and then decode the message to find the answer.


Puzzle ID:#25251
Fun:*** (2.98)
Difficulty:** (2.09)
Submitted By:jackal2008us****




Andrew Richardson, deputy head cryptographer at a top department of defence (DOD) facility, was working late one night. The last set of codes he received to decipher came from NASA 's space station. Apparently they had been receiving the same 5 set of codes over the past week on a high frequency band in visual digital format. They read...............

wmoa eemn cfuu orrs
wkia eesn ltpe ihlt
hwth oeno pgem eewe
wsta auob rnpl ispe
aust lmmd laui hnse

"Strange," Andy thought. "Never received work from this site before."
Eager to finish and get home, he set to work on figuring out the troublesome codes. The first one took him some time .............


"What!" he laughed. He thought it was a joke or that he had deciphered incorrectly. However he continued using the same template, and by the time he'd finished he wasn't laughing anymore. He quickly picked up his phone and dialed his director and then the head of the DOD. Somehow he knew he wasn't going home tonight.

What did Andy find that got him so worried?

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Aug 11, 2005

I liked this one. I actually got it!!
(user deleted)
Aug 11, 2005

it was freaky. but not too hard, and interesting.
Aug 11, 2005

Aug 11, 2005

oauo kmpt bmst eecy
Aug 12, 2005

Loved it!! I got it on the first try
Aug 12, 2005

LoveGizzers comment! I like the teaser. This one took me a minute but then again I am not the best at these ones
Aug 12, 2005

when I was editing this one I never expected it to be approved
Aug 12, 2005

when I was editing this one I never expected it to be approved
Aug 13, 2005

didnt get it at first but when i did it scared me!!! ,by the way i didnt get Gizzer's comment
Aug 13, 2005

kool , i dint get it at first but still its cool.
Aug 17, 2005

One of the best story lines in cryptography I know, extremely well done! And to continue in gizzer's spirit, I can only say msai_amvt_kyoe_efrs!!!
Aug 21, 2005

The teaser is easy, but it is fun too. this is one of my favorites.
Sep 24, 2005

I didn't get gizzers comments
Oct 03, 2005

Ok beamm up scotty, or something like that
Nov 28, 2005

tire hsta isos sofy
May 20, 2006

I cant belive this got approved its cruel
Feb 03, 2008

dude, this is absolutely cruel. ur hint isnt even correct. ceasar's coding method was a shift of the alphabet, lining up 2 alphabets, and shifting the bottom one x number of times.

for example, a shift where x=1

this is the only coding ceasar used. it is an inteligant method, and i must say, ur 4x4 grid was a good technique, but the hint should b changed or taken off. i got it by observating. c, i tried shifts, but i realised w to w could not give e to u. impossible. but then i looked at the alignment and realised a dif pattern, which gives u the 4x4 grid, w/o drawing one.

simply write the letters in order by the first of each 4 letter segment, then second, then third then fourth in each line, and u get words from it.
May 07, 2008

Its my first guess, and it was fun!
(user deleted)
May 03, 2010

Awesome teaser! i thought it was quite clever hahaha

If you didnt get Grizzers comment you need to go and watch star trek. Now.
Dec 22, 2011

I'm sure the message meant to say "We come from ur anus" - and they thought the attack was coming from the stars
Nov 18, 2015

Got it without the hint.

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