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Miss Molly Mule

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#25305
Fun:*** (2.81)
Difficulty:** (1.38)
Submitted By:_fire_flyAus*****
Corrected By:stephiesd




"I don't understand, Doc," complained Benny Jackson, a man who dedicates his life to trying to impress women, but has yet to succeed.
"What happened this time?" Doc Jim asked as he sat down beside the troubled youth.
"You know Samantha Wilcox? Her father owns several prize horses and has won countless racing medals with them, so Samantha won't look at a guy twice unless he's got a heart bigger for animals than himself. I thought I had my story down right. Will you tell me where I went wrong?"
"Sure, what'd you tell her?"
"A few years back I decided I'd take my mule, Miss Molly, out with me to go gold mining. Several months went by and I found nothing, but I kept looking. One day, I struck the motherlode. It was cold, miserable weather, and Miss Molly wasn't feeling too good. So, instead of gettin' all that gold I found, I stayed with her for weeks. Poor girl was pregnant, and after a few months of waiting and nursing, she gave birth to a healthy baby. I didn't get the gold, I just brought the two home."
"Well, Ben, You're just lucky she didn't throw you out a window with a story like that!"

What was Benny's mistake?

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Aug 14, 2005

WOO 1st to post...i didnt under stand it...still dont
Aug 14, 2005

Good teaser!
Aug 14, 2005 u meeen it was wasnt the mules baby it was his? they made love?
Aug 14, 2005

nice one!
kinda stinks to be him though
Aug 14, 2005

this was an easy but fun teaser
Aug 14, 2005

Good teaser! Got it right off but then not everyone knows that Mules are sterile.
Aug 17, 2005

jhonertwert, are you sayin the dude was doin a mule?...or am i just missin something?
Aug 19, 2005

easy, but funny
Aug 19, 2005

firefly, u like to read the Encyclopedia brown series, huh? Nice teaser.
Aug 20, 2005

im lost!!!!!!
Aug 22, 2005

i sooooo did not get that? why cant mule's have children. if someone would pm me and tell me why that would be great?
Aug 23, 2005

The point of the teaser is the guy had made up the entire story, there is no way it could be true because a mule cannot have babies. They are a product of a horse and a donkey and as a result are unable to reproduce.
Aug 24, 2005

that was good. I got it!!! So happy. And uh... Duh mules cannot have babies. A baby refers to a human not some animal. Like what if someone said omg you have a beautiful puppy, wouldn't you think of a dog? So by saying baby you would think of a human.
Aug 28, 2005

oh i got it!! so he made up the story!!
Aug 30, 2005

sweet teaser!
Sep 09, 2005

I got it! I just learned today in school that mules can't have babies, too! Good job.
Sep 13, 2005

He's still trying to impress someone somewhere probably.Very good.
Sep 20, 2005

Oct 09, 2005

read something like this about a llama in the trick thing, it hink, good teaser.
Oct 10, 2005

fun teaser. i liked it
Oct 28, 2005

Got it once he said that the mule was pregnant. Mules are scientifically freaks of nature horse/donkey, just goes to show science class is useful outside the classroom.
Nov 04, 2005

Funny how many people don't know the life cycle of a mule. Good job!
Nov 07, 2005

I sure don't know the life circle of a Mule. I had no idea they were sterile. Good teaser. Stumped me good.
Nov 09, 2005

i didnt get it, but i like horses, so i guess if i thought real hard i probably would have. but since when do blones think hard!? good one!
Jan 15, 2006

lol, i liked this one, pretty ez but can be overlooked ez too
Jan 18, 2006

Great teaser fire fly!!

For those who didn't understand, let's give it one more try. When a horse and a donkey mate, the resulting offspring is a crossbreed, called a mule. It is neither a horse nor a donkey. As a result of this crossbreeding, mules are sterile (unable to produce offspring of their own.) So it was impossible for Miss Mollie the mule to have been pregnant. Hope this helps!
Jul 07, 2006

Got it!ya!
Oct 26, 2006

I could fool lots of people with this one. Loved it , but it was pretty easy.
May 08, 2007

Pretty easy for me...
Jun 16, 2007

I thought that was pretty hard....
Nov 09, 2007

Ha ha! Loved the teaser I had forgotten that about mules, but I got the second part right.
Nov 09, 2007

OMG!!! So mules are kinda like ligers! I get it now
Dec 15, 2007

I didn't get it until I read some other comments on this teaser. Never knew that! Great teaser, but maybe you should explain the answer better.
Feb 01, 2008

I knew that mules were sterile, i just didn't think about it.
Mar 12, 2008

Good teaser. The same thing happened to me, bookwrmKP funny. Very funny.
Jun 23, 2008

Your teaser really, really reminds me of this other one I saw in Two-Minute Mysteries (with Dr. Haledjian!) Anyway, it was pretty easy (since I knew that fact about mules)
Aug 29, 2008

fun teaser and thank you for all the facts i didnt know aout mules
Feb 25, 2009

it was nice, but the answer wasn't very explanitory. To have a mule you breed a horse to a donkey, and out come s a mule, but i have heard numoreous times that Mules can't even have ANYTHING!!!
so it ws a nice teaser, but a Very Bad Answer.
Feb 28, 2009

An easy one, but if I had to guess, it's taken from a book, because it's written in the style of Donald J. Sobol's non-Encyclopedia Brown stuff. Either way, this somments thread makes em cry.
May 24, 2010

Understanding is lacking here, I am to believe that this Mule had an Emaculate Conception or the owner was too lazy to leave the Mule and Claim his claim...

Either way this should have been a Situation Teasers; there is nothing Mysterious about the birthing process, even for animules...
Aug 27, 2012

It is rare but not impossible for a Molly Mule to get pregnant. If she did, he would not have known it for many months, as gestation is about 12 months. So his search for a few months, taking care of her for several months would still let Molly have been bred as much as 6 months before he went on his trip. Amazing...but entirely possible!!

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