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Full of Keys

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#25328
Fun:*** (2.96)
Difficulty:*** (2.23)
Submitted By:spookboy0Aus**




I'm full of keys whenever I'm made
I came about wooden when the Renaissance played

Hundreds of years later, I was divided
And two new keys to me were provided

Then in 1760, and that's forty years later
Three keys were added by Florio, Gedney, and Potter

Around the 80's of the century mentioned
I was used by Mozart and Haydn

Over the years, new keys were gained
In the 1830's, Beethoven used me to entertain

Near the end of the 1800's, or the 19th century
I was used by Brahms, Strauss, and Tchaikovsky

Now, modern renditions are made of me
Without my holes, I wouldn't be

What am I?

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Aug 15, 2005

This teaser was easy for me because I play the flute! Great teaser!
Aug 15, 2005

Because of the great composers (all of whom played pianos) I guessed piano. Excellent teaser! (Even if I didn't get it)
Aug 16, 2005

Ah, sweet music !!! Keep them coming spook !
Aug 16, 2005

I was going for piano also. Good one.
Aug 17, 2005

good form, good teaser, thought it was piano till last stanza well done
Aug 18, 2005

you pulled us along with the piano well. This one could have gone under either riddle or trick! Well Done!
Aug 22, 2005

I agree as I thought of piano until I got towards the end. Very good job!
Aug 23, 2005

Good one I thought piano until the holes part then i thought Organ... but i didnt think organs were that old so I knew i was wrong
Aug 25, 2005

I thought piano at first until I got near the end, so I re-read it and realized it was a flute because I remembered learning in music class long ago in elementary that flutes used to be made of wood. Real nice riddle, great job!
Aug 31, 2005

I, too, thought it was a piano. Nice job!
Nov 06, 2005

mom says "they got us" -- gabi
Nov 29, 2005

ha- it was a piano- then a bagpipe- nope! a flute!! good one and I learned something
Jul 01, 2006

Great teaser! Definitely favorites material (and also because I play the flute ).
Jul 27, 2006

Bit too easy!
But why don't you write a teaser about the violin? That might spark more enthusiasm...
Jul 29, 2006

Nov 14, 2006

Too scrambled.
Keys = sounds is a bad defintion. Key is either a mechanism, which in the case of a flute serves to open and close a hole, or (roughly) a pivotal musical note and the manner in which six others tonally interact with it.
Before wood flutes and silver flutes, there were pan flutes, some of which were wooden long before the Dark Ages.
The 1720 date, when the flute went from 3 to 4 pieces, had me wondering if "keys" were added when it went from 1 ro 2 pieces? 2 to 3? When were mechanical keys added to the instrument?
Sep 07, 2008

Like the others, my first guess was the piano,but when holes were mentioned I knew it had to be a wind instrument but I guessed it was either a recorder or a clarinet. Very good puzzle!
Sep 07, 2008

My first thought was accordion but it became very obvious with the holes.
Sep 07, 2008

knew it was a woodwind, but was guessing clarinet.
Sep 07, 2008

Good puzzle-I also thought piano-love these teasers-have a great day
Sep 07, 2008

I thought piano almost all the way through. Then I realized it would be a wind instrument and I thought of flute. Great teaser, really great !
Sep 07, 2008

Nice bit of trivia or history. Something I never knew. Thanks for posting.
Sep 07, 2008

I was worried that this was another one of those same old, same old, piano riddles....I was so happy when I saw the answer Nice one
Sep 07, 2008

I thought "piano" because I ignored the "holes".
Sep 07, 2008

I knew it was some kind of instrument, but I'm not familiar with flutes. So it was hard for me. I didn't get it. Nice teaser, though.
Oct 19, 2008

I also thought piano and then realised at the end that I was wrong, but didn't have the patience to think about it and just looked at the answer
Sep 07, 2011

I also thought piano most of the way through, knew I was wrong but did not come up with flute, even though that was the instrument I pretended to play in band for 2 years.
Sep 07, 2011

Sep 07, 2011

I thought it was a pipe organ.
Sep 09, 2011

awsome! i aply flute, so that one wuz pretty easy
Sep 10, 2011

Again I thought piano for most of the riddle. Almost got me. Hi Doe & Gayle.
Sep 07, 2014

Like everyone else, I said piano until the last couple of lines and then I just said a musical instrument. Oh well!
Sep 07, 2014

^ what (s)he said.
Sep 07, 2014

I got as far as "ocarina" and quit.

(both for THIS puzzle AND my stint with "band" in Junior High.)

Also, I just noted that I've posted eight of the last thirteen Rebuses.

None have received more than 4 comments, most have only 1 or 2 and a couple have 0.

Wait, before you "knee-jerk". I know you can say... maybe they were NOT worth comments .....

Maybe, maybe not. At least the editors don't agree with you.

AND ... none of the other Rebuses OR new submittals in other categories are running wild with comments.

Mostly NONE.

Does this not bolster my argument that Braingle is dying?

My arguments that were posted months ago and got me (almost) banned from Braingle.

BY YOU !!!!!

We gotta help it out, folks.

AND ... if you nail THIS comment of mine as "offensive", then you are making the biggest mistake of all.

The mistake of "not caring".

But ... if you insist ... fire away.

This time you'll probably get me banned PERMANENTLY.

Thus ... at least, one of us will feel good for a change.

YLADS ... BB02
Sep 07, 2014

I thought piano, too. Then holes were mentioned????
Sep 07, 2014

Like some others, I thought piano, too. Loved this riddle and I love the flute. Thanks for posting.
Sep 07, 2014


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