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Trailer Murder

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#25487
Fun:*** (3.01)
Difficulty:** (1.89)
Submitted By:DancAllNiteLong****
Corrected By:Mad-Ade




"Rupert Brown's radio was blaring loud enough to wake the dead!" said Betty Beety. "Anyway, I went over to give him a piece of my mind. When I arrived there, I found his front door open, with his feet sticking out!"
"Must have been quite a shock," Lieutenant Georgeton said.
"Not as big a shock as when I walked in and saw that he had been plugged between the eyes!"
"Oh my," Georgeton agreed. "Now tell me Mrs. Beety, did you see or hear anything else?"
"Nope, I just flicked off the radio and hightailed it back here to call you folks."
Georgeton glowered. "You shouldn't have touched the radio, Mrs. Beety."
Georgeton returned to Rupert Brown's trailer and found Sergeant Sprott standing out front with two women. "Lieutenant, this is Allison and Maggie White. They live just across the way. Allison just got home a few moments ago but--"
"I saw the killer," Maggie blurted. "Plain as day."
"What?! You didn't tell me that!" exclaimed Allison.
"I didn't have a chance to tell you anything yet since you got home, with the police being here."
"What happened?!" Allison demanded.
"Well..." Maggie began. "That woman was running from Rupert's place. I had gone into the kitchen to get a snack, and I just happened to peek out the window to look across at Rupert's and there she was-- running out his door." She sobbed into a pink hanky.
Georgeton patted her shoulder. "If you mean Betty Beety, then I've already talked with her."
"Did she tell you about throwing the murder weapon in the trash can?"
"What?" Georgeton was stunned.
"I saw her. She stopped at Rupert's trash can and threw something in."
"You saw her throw in a gun?"
"She threw in something."
Sergeant Sprott crossed to the trash can and leaned all the way in. He did indeed find a recently fired gun right on top. He told Georgeton about his findings.
Georgeton turned to Maggie again. "You referred to Brown by his first name, were you two friends?"
She nodded. "We broke up last night. He just couldn't be faithful to one woman and--"
"He was a heel!" snapped Allison. "Gave you nothing but heartache."
"So the two of you broke up, eh?" Georgeton asked.
"Yes, but I'm not lying about what I saw. The woman threw something in his trash can!"
"How about the gunshot, ma'am, did you hear it?"
"No, I--" Tears streamed down her cheeks.
"Now look what you've done!" Allison snapped. "Of course she didn't hear the gunshot, his radio was too loud! But she did see the killer."
Georgeton turned to Sprott. "You stay here with these two. I'm going to have another talk with Mrs. Beety."
* * * * * * *
"It was just a couple tissues!" Mrs. Beety sobbed. "That's all I threw in the can. When I saw him shot like that....I- I got queasy, and I saw a tissue dispenser. So I grabbed a couple to cover my mouth..."
* * * * * * *
"I'll check the can for tissues," Sprott said to Georgeton when he got back from Mrs. Beety's trailer.
"Go right ahead. But it's not gonna prove anything," Georgeton replied. "She could have thrown both the gun and the tissues in."
"But then we're at dead end!"
Georgeton smiled grimly. "Wrong. The killer slipped up. Killers usually do."

Whom does Lieutenant Georgeton suspect?

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Aug 24, 2005

I really love mystery this one was easy but quite fun

Aug 25, 2005

Missed that one, great teaser though.
Aug 25, 2005

thanks guys!
Aug 25, 2005

Don't these get any harder...
Aug 25, 2005

this was nice, and i liked the ending
Aug 25, 2005

very well written i loved the story i knew it was not the girl who found him..
Aug 27, 2005

Didn't get it right (rare for me). Anyway, great teaser (better because it did trip me up!) Keep them coming.
Aug 28, 2005

Didnt get it right either
well sorta
i guessed allison because she was standing up for maggie.
but i didnt get the right reason i think

anyways great teaser!
Aug 28, 2005

did u just copy and paste this from mysterynet?
Aug 30, 2005

i originally thought allison, but then i re-read the teaser.
if betty didn't shoot brown, and she did throw the tissues in the bin, why was the gun on "the very top" and not the tissues?
after reading that sentence i suspected betty...
good teaser otherwise
Sep 04, 2005

Great teaser, very well written. Keep 'em coming.
Sep 08, 2005

This is copied from I think their stuff is copyrighted.
Sep 11, 2005

Please write more!
Sep 12, 2005

I didn;t catch it at first but after I got through and he said the killer "slipped up" I figured I had to go back. I got it right! It was very fun too!
Sep 20, 2005

what song was playing?
Sep 20, 2005

Very good,give us some more.
Sep 23, 2005

Sep 27, 2005

I got this one right! Thanks for the easy teaser.
Oct 02, 2005

I did think it was Maggie, but for wrong reasons. (she just "seemed" suspicious. heh),
however, after reading the answer, now I think it was Dan, 'cause in the riddle the victim is called Rupert BROWN, but in the answer, he's refered to as "Mr. BLACK".
Hmmm, curiouser and curiouser!
Oct 09, 2005

nice teaser, i thot it was maggie at first since he had broken up with her on account of not being able to be faithful to one woman, but then i knew it was allison b/c it would only have been too easy for her to be angry, and these things never add up to what you first suspect!!!
Oct 10, 2005

im clueless dude
Oct 22, 2005

i guessed it right but i didn't like it much coz it's always the least suspected women in the backround
Oct 23, 2005

Lots of fun, even if it was easy. The radio was too much a main point in the start of the story; but cleaverly put!
Nov 13, 2005

Very easy but well written as well. Good job!
Nov 20, 2005

Fun but long
Nov 22, 2005

Very easy. I only had to read it through once to get the answer. But it was fun anyway.
Nov 27, 2005

easy but very fun! keep it up!
Nov 28, 2005

Not too easy n not too hard... i was nearly wrong but after second readin, i finally got d ans.
Dec 12, 2005

Almost missed the most important Clue, Of Course, Allison committed the Murder. She knew too much to have just gotten home. Cool Teaser. Keep them coming, but short. Excellent Writing. I enjoy good writing skills.
Dec 12, 2005

I almost blamed Betty, b/c in today's time with Law and Order who would walk over a body, turn off the radio, and then find tissue to wipe their noise. Gotta Go! ?????????
Dec 16, 2005

I thought Betty's story was fishy because she would have had to step over Rupert's body to "walk in" the door as she claimed. She could have seen that he'd been shot without going inside!!
Dec 24, 2005

too long
Mar 11, 2006

that was to long it made me not want to read it
Jan 10, 2007

Very fun and rather easy, although I too initially thought it odd that Betty would step over a body in a doorway to go turn off a radio.
Oct 11, 2007

Why does it make it Allison as the killer? it all ready states that Alison and her sister had spoken before the police had arrived in the exchange ( "I saw the killer," Maggie blurted. "Plain as day."
"What?! You didn't tell me that!" exclaimed Allison.)
So Maggie could have told her about the radio being on and that she heard it be switched off when Betty left. It only says she forgot to mention to her sister about the Gun in the trash.
Mar 18, 2008

I couldn't tell the order of Allison's arrival and Betty's discovery of the body. Seems to me it could have happened either way, but maybe I'm missing something.
Jun 13, 2008

Very lengthy...Very easy...But still very good! Coulda been a bit shorter, though.
Feb 25, 2009

I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 16, 2009

It was self-defense! Darn, I thought it was Allison because she seems suspicious, but I thought she was angry at her ex-boyfriend.
Dec 30, 2015

I actually considered that it was Maggie, jealous at his cheating ways -- and the clincher would have been tissues in the bin, white from Betty and PINK ones, pink being the ones Maggie was dabbing her eyes with after she tried to frame Betty. Ah well! Nice teaser!

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