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"The Pest"

Riddles are little poems or phrases that pose a question that needs answering. Riddles frequently rhyme, but this is not a requirement.


Puzzle ID:#25494
Fun:*** (2.76)
Difficulty:** (2.06)
Submitted By:smarty_blondy*ro****




For the glory of this teaser, take some ice cubes from the freezer.
Gimme a soda and a snack, cater to me till you become a wreck.
They say I'm like the rain, but please don't be a grouch,
Guess who I am, and I'll get off your couch!

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Aug 22, 2005

Very creative teaser smarty! Oh boy, I am the first to leave a comment! Keep em coming as I enjoy your teasers!
Aug 22, 2005

Thank you froggy, thank you very much, and yes, you are the first
Aug 22, 2005

cute rhyme i liked this one!
Aug 22, 2005

I think you have not chosen a good title for your teaser!
Moral Message: one should not stay in a Japanese house as a guest for more than three days.
In my home land, Guests are said to be friends of God. quack - quack
Aug 22, 2005

Aug 22, 2005

'Twas a Braingle Test
Entitled simply "The Pest"
Not really one of the Best
It turned out to be the Guest
Aug 22, 2005

Thank you, you are all very kind !
Aug 22, 2005

nice one smarty!
Aug 22, 2005

nice one smarty, you'd make (your favorite poet) proud!
(It was pretty funny also. )
Aug 22, 2005

Thank you Brown and Swordoffury, i'm glad you liked my teaser
Aug 22, 2005

Good Teaser...But remember what Ben Franklin said, "Fish and Guests stinks after three days." Ok, so fish stink all the time, but you get the picture...didn't know the Japanese one...from blondy to blondy- Good Teaser!!!!
Aug 22, 2005

lol, that was a great joke
Aug 22, 2005

WOW! what a creative teaser! iit took me a while to figure out, i had to restrain myself from using the 'show the answer' link!

btw, cut rhyme!
Aug 22, 2005

i am a blonde too, so from blonde-blonde-blonde, it was cute and funny, i liked it alot
Aug 22, 2005

Aug 22, 2005

hehe, that was kinda cute smarty, took me a while to get it though, even after i saw the answer
Aug 22, 2005

Not bad but a little vague thanks for the teaser
Aug 22, 2005

I enjoyed the rhyming,
good meter and timing;
and you'd make a good poet
(if you didn't know it).
As for the rest,
I did guess the guest.

Really not a bad teaser. I've seen a few of yours and enjoyed many of them. Keep them coming!
Aug 23, 2005

Thank you everyone, i'm happy you liked it; about me being a good poet... you just wrote that to get the rhyming, didn't you?
Aug 23, 2005

very cute
Aug 24, 2005

Ok how many people know Japanese Provebs? Seriously? Lol. Well except for Japanese people and people who know proverbs. But you get my point.

I loved the rhyme though. It was cool.
Aug 24, 2005

thank you turtle

cazjackrabbit, you'll be surprised to find out that more than half of the proverbs you know are japanese, and only translated in english i'm glad you liked it though
Aug 24, 2005

Good Teaser!
Aug 24, 2005

Thank you, i'm happy you like it
(user deleted)
Aug 25, 2005

it was pretty good...i have never been to japan so i wuldnt know about the rain =guest thing. i have seen some of urs and their good. nice job!!!
Aug 25, 2005

I'm glad you like my teasers, you are all very nice (although i don't really know what to pick from all those emotions )
Aug 29, 2005

I, too, don't know any Japanese proverbs. I thought it was a couch potatoe.

Oh, and by the way, for those of you who remember Dan Quail, I was taught to spell them P-O-T-A-T-O-E and T-O-M-A-T-O-E!!!

Sep 04, 2005

Uh, ok... a couch potato?
Sep 05, 2005

so true very true .
Sep 06, 2005

Thank you, i'm glad you liked it!
Sep 15, 2005

Well I thought it was the "stomach" !!! Like you feed it junk food and spoil it ! and then the word couch made me think of couch potato too! Good one though!
Sep 15, 2005

Very glad you like it!
Sep 21, 2005

Very good,Smarty. The only answer I could even think of was the right answer, and that was without knowing about the Japanese rain. Nice job
Sep 21, 2005

Thank you AZITTT, i'm very happy you like it. And thank you all for your kind comments and for checking out my teasers, you guys are too much!!!
Sep 22, 2005

u stumped me ... I thought it was a dog or cat because of the phrase "raining cats and dogs", but I like it!
Sep 23, 2005

Thank you very much shoulder_angel, i'm glad you like it after all.
Sep 25, 2005

Wow, what a perfect explanation... I have a house guest right now..............
Sep 25, 2005

Thank you for your comment! By the angry face, i asume he's been there over three days, hasn't he?
Sep 30, 2005

that was a great teaser! AWESOME JOB!!!!
Sep 30, 2005

that was a great teaser! AWESOME JOB!!!!
Sep 30, 2005

Thank you (both ) very much. That is kind of you to say and, i surely apreciate it.
Nov 10, 2005

that's cute!
Nov 11, 2005

Thank you!
Mar 02, 2006

i thought it was a cat
Apr 09, 2006

A cat... well I suppose it depends on how you think about it... Thanks!
Jan 14, 2007

Rain or Fish (as Franklin said)...still gets the point across. Well done Smarty. and by the I enjoy Asian proverbs and tales very much. Thanks.
Mar 13, 2007

Thanks for the comment. I love proverbs, too!
Mar 26, 2008

I thought it was a mother-in-law...
Mar 31, 2008

) trickster, that was a really good one!
Jul 05, 2011

nice teaser

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