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Smugglin' Sam

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#25585
Fun:*** (2.8)
Difficulty:** (1.98)
Submitted By:_fire_flyAus*****




Doc Jim and the police were investigating a drug smuggler who was staying at a local hotel. Unfortunately, when they arrived, the suspect, Smugglin' Sam, had already left. Luckily for them, he had left a list of the places where he was staying.

"According to his list," began the Captain, "he will be in Paris for two weeks, then Naples, then Athens, London, Palestine, and finally Moscow. He sure knows how to disguise himself. His girlfriend said he just recently bought a ten-gallon hat! Well, tonight I'll have my men fly out to France to get him. We'll search every hotel there, but we'll find him."

"Unfortunately," said Doc, "Your men will be flying in the wrong direction to catch ol' Sam."

Where was Sam hiding?

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Aug 26, 2005

Great teaser. The hat was the clue that gave me the answer!
Aug 26, 2005

Texas! Home Sweet Home.
Thats where I hang MY ten gallon hat.
Aug 26, 2005

Hey i read that in a book
Aug 26, 2005

easy, good job
Aug 26, 2005

that was hard but pretty fun
Aug 27, 2005

Aug 27, 2005

LOL...not to hard, since I've been to most of the towns....yes I am a Texan...nice teaser...good to see the Lone Star State in a teaser...
Aug 27, 2005

It was in an old Encyclopedia Brown mystery book, fun to read for the first time, not as much on the second go
Aug 27, 2005

easy answer with the ten gallon hat, but cute. Loved it
Aug 28, 2005

ha ha ha! really fun but the ten gallon hat gave it away.Also i knew paris was a city in texas thx to watchin TV
Aug 29, 2005

I am an east coast girl so i did not know that. Good one
Aug 29, 2005

I didn't know all those cities were in Texas.. but got the answer from the ten gallon hat! Fun Teaser!
Aug 29, 2005

all my exes live in texas Doodoodoo thats why i hang my hat in tennessee sry i just like that song but i know the answer woohooo im happy i feel smart
Aug 30, 2005

Yay I got it right but I live in Texas so that could be why...
Aug 31, 2005

Nice try, but too bad thats in a book, not only is that not fair, its ILLEGAL Books are copywrited
Sep 01, 2005

Got me. My geographical knowledge is appalling so i didn't stand a chance.
Sep 01, 2005

wow that was hard
Sep 03, 2005

It's easy to figure out if u know that there's such a city as Paris, Texas. It was pretty good though!
Sep 04, 2005

My dad was born in Palestine not Israel ....Those dam Israelians stole Palestinian's land

btw...really that Paris, Naples, Athens, London, Palestine, and Moscow are all cities in Texas.....that cool

PS: nice riddle....good one

Just incase u wondering im half palestinian and half brazilian
Sep 07, 2005

That was good and funny
You gotta love Texas!
Sep 08, 2005

nice one
Sep 09, 2005

I loved this one, but that's really because I'm a Texas native. I love my state!!! Yeehaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 11, 2005

Sep 12, 2005

T for Texas,way to go.
Sep 20, 2005

I second that YEEHAAAAAA!!!
Sep 20, 2005

I did not know that! Coolness!
Sep 23, 2005

i got the answer but what's weird is that i got it a different way i thought since it said "his girlfriend said he recently bought a ten gallon hat" and i automaticly thought of texas.
Oct 09, 2005

exemplary teaser i thot, it was simple enough to make you confused your self, yet challenging enough to make you think. very very good!! i praise you highly, and yes, i got it, but only because of the 10 gallon hat thing, still good.
Oct 12, 2005

Great teaser!!! Glad to see TX mentioned!!! "oh, the yellow rose of Texas..." sry, a little TX pride
Oct 16, 2005

good one
Oct 28, 2005

got it at the ten gallon hat. when he said palestine i got suspicous. Great teaser.
Nov 07, 2005

Great one I actually didn't know those cities were in Texas so of course I was stumped. But loved it any way
Nov 07, 2005

good one. but the country isreal is infact called Palestine which would mean that it doesn't matter if he had said isreal or not, well at least to me.
Nov 13, 2005

I like it, good job!
Nov 13, 2005

WoWeRZ... i aM So PRouD oF MiSeLF... i ACTuaLLY uNDeRSTooD THe aNSWeR 2 DaT 1... BaBii STePZ... BaBii STePZ... LoLeRZ!!
Jan 29, 2006

Yippie ie oh, cowboy...
Jan 29, 2006

Yippie ie oh, cowboy...
Jul 07, 2006

I have my roll back! I knew that from a cartoon! Ironic isn't it!
Oct 12, 2006

Very clever!
Nov 10, 2006

you hecka stole that from encyclopedia brown!
oh well it was fun anyway
Feb 22, 2007


One can, however, travel to Palestine. While it is a city in Texas, it is also an area in the middle East, and some may wish to say Palestine rather than Israel. In this case though, the 10 gallon hat made it obvious that he intended to travel to Texas. I just felt that your hint was off base.
Feb 22, 2007

Don't most consider the Gaza strip and West Bank to be Palestine?

A better hint might have been:
"He didn't name a middle east city, instead Sam said Palestine. All other destinations named were cities. Could Palestine be a city somewhere other than the middle East?"
Apr 14, 2007

I am very embarassed! I live in East Texas, about 2 hours at the most from Paris and Palestine, and I went to elementary school in London (although it was renamed New London after the school explosion).....and I missed it...oops!
May 25, 2007

true palestine is considered the people living in the Gaza and west banks
Jun 12, 2007

Great teaser! Very well thought out!
Jul 17, 2007

damn im frum ohio and i only knew there was a paris,texas frum watching reruns of boy meets worldlol
Jan 25, 2008

this one stumped me, even with the hint. guess l need to get around more...

Great teaser!
Mar 12, 2008

Got it wrong. Very fun though!
Oct 07, 2008

oh wow! i really liked this one.
Feb 15, 2009

Encyclopedia ripoff. I read the book like 20 times. Jeez, show some originality.
Mar 20, 2009

lol good teaser. i didn't totally get it, but then i was like, wait, isn't Paris a city in Texas? and i only knew that from an episode of Hannah Montana. lol (i'm from NJ, not familiar w/ Texan cities)
Jun 06, 2010

good teaser, even though I thought the location was Las Vegas. But, that became iffy b/c of the Palestine clue.

So, I was all wrong, but good teaser and fun.
Feb 27, 2011

Oh Texas.
Jun 30, 2011

Pardon the ignorance guys but what's about the hat that gave it away?
Aug 28, 2016

Texas' cities are so cray.

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