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Entertaining the Kids

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#25893
Fun:*** (3.09)
Difficulty:*** (2.89)
Submitted By:cinnamon30Aca****!!
Corrected By:bigSWAFF_69_




The parents of five children decided to share responsibility for entertaining the kids (one of whom is Bruce) during the week between the end of day camp and the start of the school. Each parent took a different day of the week, Monday through Friday, to take the children on a different outing (including taking them horseback riding). They also each rented a movie (including Mulan) for the children to watch. For each day, determine who took care of the kids, that parent's child, the outing the parent supervised and the movie he or she rented.

1. The five parents were: the one who took the children bowling, the one who rented "Antz", Katie's parent, Mr. Bidwell and Mrs. Molinari.

2. The parent who rented "Finding Nemo" didn't take the kids bowling and isn't related to Katie.

3. Neither Mrs. Parker nor the parent who took the kids to miniature golf rented "Ice Age".

4. The children went roller skating the day before they saw "Monster's Inc.", which was the day before Mr. Sandoval entertained them.

5. The parent who took the kids skating didn't rent "Antz".

6. Mr. Sandoval wasn't the parent who rented "Finding Nemo" (which the children watched Thursday).

7. Mrs. Lee is Derek's mother.

8. Linda's parent, who isn't Mrs. Molinari and who didn't rent "Antz", entertained the kids on Friday.

9. Ryan's parent took care of the children the day after the parent who took the kids swimming.

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Sep 13, 2005

This one took me forever! Good job! A tough teaser, but fun!
Sep 13, 2005

this was a fun casual one. not challenging but fun.
Sep 13, 2005

Phew, that was a hard one. Thank You!!!
Sep 13, 2005

Something about your teasers make me whip out the piece of paper. It's easy if I write out the five slots, but I can't seem to use the grid alone. It didn't take too long (10 minutes?) but I had tog et out the pen and paper, which makes me feel dunce-ey
Sep 14, 2005

I like how I had to keep going back and forth - made it more challenging. Very nice job!
Sep 14, 2005

Pretty fun.... I also had to use paper, it's easier to me than the grid. Happy Early Birthday cinnamon30
Sep 14, 2005

Thank you. It was a nice composition and I think it took a bit longer to do than average grids.
Sep 14, 2005

Just keep swimming...
Sep 14, 2005

Challenging but fun. I got stuck half-way and had to peek at the answer.
Sep 14, 2005

good one i didn't get it
Sep 15, 2005

Beautiful! I had to work on it for awhile every day from the time published until today (9/15) I peeked once to find an error, and finally managed.
Sep 15, 2005

Really good teaser! It took me quite a while (and two tries ) but I finally got it. I really enjoy when they are a challenge!
Sep 15, 2005

Got it on the second try!!!
Sep 17, 2005

it was a kool teaser. i wouldnt call it a favorite but it was worth at least a glance.
Sep 25, 2005

i can not get this one! i have tried several times. good job to you
Sep 28, 2005

Excellent work!! This one took some real cunning to figure out! Great fun!!
Nov 04, 2005

Good Job Cinnamon! I especially like the detailed explanation, I wish more puzzle writers would give them. Thanks
Nov 04, 2005

that was the hardest grid I have done so far very good job!!
Nov 04, 2005

i stopped reading the comments when i got to chinarider's in fear of finding a similar one. GGGGRRRRRRRR...
Nov 09, 2005

good job. couldn't figure it out!
Nov 13, 2005

Very good had to cheat and look at the first set of pairings to get it i think i am Thank you for making it
Jan 19, 2006

Good teaser! You must go back over the clues about 1/2 way through.
Mar 06, 2006

I admit I had to go over the clues a few times and really look at the grid, but I got it (hey, what's with all the peeking at the answers?).

Thanks so much for writing this one.
Nov 14, 2006

For some reason I struggled with this one even though when I got it I realized that it was pretty easy...good job.
Sep 21, 2007

This one was really good. Got stuck and just sat staring at everything for like 3 mins. Something just clicked and it all fell into place. I love ones like this that make me think and work for the answer.
Jan 24, 2008

This was a hard one but I got it first try! I like when you have to figure out the answer vs. it just being handed to you
Mar 04, 2008

Fun... tough... (I didn't get the answer, though )

Great Grid...
Mar 19, 2008

very nice puzzle. challenging, but very solvable.
Mar 23, 2009

I really enjoyed it... thanks!
May 02, 2009

Couldn't get it after three tries (and several hours)

Good one!

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