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Drive You Crazy

These brain teasers rely on your ability to recognize groups of common attributes. For each of these puzzles you'll need to figure out why the words or letters are grouped as they are. Sometimes you will be asked to pick the odd-one-out or to place a new word into the correct group.


Puzzle ID:#25909
Fun:*** (2.85)
Difficulty:*** (2.33)
Submitted By:dutchymonster*en***!!!




Which country, from group A, belongs in group B?


Great Britain
Hong Kong


United States

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Sep 14, 2005

i got confused
but good one and YAY!!!! i am the first commenter!!
Sep 14, 2005

Indeed, most European counties have their cars driving on the right. We in Romania have them on the right as well. Very good teaser and can't wait to see more from you.
Sep 14, 2005

Great teaser. I didn't pay attention to the title and therefor did not get it right. But once I saw the answer, I thougth DUH! Of course... Coming from South Africa (where we drive on the left) and have visited Europe a few times, I should have known!
Sep 14, 2005

dutchymonster im sorry to say this , but who would have guessed THAT!!!!! that was SSSSSOOOOO!!!!! HARD
Sep 16, 2005

Loved it thanks
Sep 16, 2005

good one DM, I shoulda guessed it too, especially with the title
Keep up the good work!
Sep 16, 2005

dutchymonster im sorry to say this , but who would have guessed THAT!!!!! that was SSSSSOOOOO!!!!! HARD
Sep 17, 2005

ATTENTION!: technically both sides are driven on at the same time. but yeah i get what u mean
Sep 19, 2005

the title should have given it to me, but alas you stumped me nice job
Sep 26, 2005

Well done!!--It did drive me crazy, by the way.
Oct 06, 2005

The title should've given it away, but alas, I was thinking Time Zones. tsk tsk.
Good one!!
Nov 07, 2005

I read the title and knew the answer midway into the sentence. original and fun
Nov 14, 2005

Good one Dutchy .. very important for you to know these things! Have you every driven where they drive on the right side? (Do the race cars go counter-clockwise? That would be interesting.)
Nov 18, 2005

Well done Dutchey......I had to read it a couple of times but got it keep these coming
Nov 18, 2005

I mean Dutchy..sorry
Feb 05, 2007

Jun 05, 2008

Very tough one. No, I did not get it either. Spent a lot of time, however, looking at the letters, as I imagine most here did!

Yes, the title WAS a big clue, but it usually is not so I don't often pay that much attention to the titles. Good teaser! Thanks!

Jun 05, 2008

It could also be France for another reason. All those countries in Group A have no land borders with other countries.
(user deleted)
Jun 05, 2008

Actually.....France was the only one that wasn't an island in Group A!

So that was an equally valid answer....good teasers only have one answer!!

Jun 05, 2008

I got it by France not being an island in itself haha
Jun 05, 2008

Even though Hong Kong isn't a country but part of China now, it doesn't fit with the other description of being an island either. It is connected to mainland China.
Jun 05, 2008

Title gave it away!!!
Jun 05, 2008

to easy
Jun 05, 2008

Shoulda looked at title as I, too, went for the "surrounded by water" theory.
Jun 05, 2008

I have to agree with J-Mac. From now on I will also read the titles a little better. Good one Dutchy, thanks for posting.
Jun 05, 2008

I thought Group 2 had words in the names, and said Japan because it had "pan" in it!!!!!
Jun 05, 2008

Actually, I don't know about you but people in the United States drive on the left hand side.Pay attention to the cars and you will see.
Jun 05, 2008

Having been to several of these countries, I got the answer right away.
Great teaser!
Jun 05, 2008

Good teaser! Apparently there actually were TWO answers! I didn't get either one.
Jun 05, 2008

In the US, we do drive on the right side of the road. You may be thinking of how we drive on the left side of the VEHICLE.
Jun 05, 2008

Did you notice that all the countries in Group A were in alphabetical order? I thought it was that it was Australia, then the C country, and then the E and G, but France didn't work out so it belonged in group B!
Jun 05, 2008

Excellent Mr.Monster! I'd like to see more like this . . . .possible? You did a great job - very enjoyable!
Jun 05, 2008

I don't drive so I never would have thought of the correct answer.
Jun 09, 2008

I also got the island answer, which is fairly understandable as I don't drive yet.
Jun 09, 2011

The name of the teaser gave away the answer. Don't make that mistake in the future...
Jun 09, 2011

I didn't look at the title and I still got it right. All the countries that should have been in group A are all islands or group of islands. The countries in group B are not.
Jun 09, 2014

I love the Group ones and this one is one of the ones that are the best ones on my # ONE list.

GOOOOOOOOOOOOO Dutchymonster ... (hmmmm I wonder why they left ... been gone five years ???)

Anyway . I rated it TOPS for fun.

Jun 09, 2014

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Stay TOONED .... remainder of NOTD coming some time today !!!!!!!!!!

Jun 09, 2014

Here is my comment on the teaser:
The title gave it away.
Jun 09, 2014

Talk about serendipity (look it up) ... just discovered Friday that a couple of my hot-shot software associates are ALSO "stuck-in-Tokyo" awaiting transport to NZ and Aussie-ville to begin the project.

So ... we been Braingling. They were QUITE impressed with the level of sophistication and talent here (they were unfamiliar with the site).

I assured them that (given enough time) doodler-and-the-girls might even survive their faux fretz and get back into having fun with us.

They also offered to help "cover" the newsletter if/when I might not be able to do so "en persona".

We'll see how that goes.

Later ....

Jun 09, 2014

I too was stumped for the 3 seconds until I read the title and then it was blatantly obvious what the answer was.
Not sure what "girls" you are referencing BB, but if I am one of them, my absense was due to the fact I have something called "a life". I was "camping" (if you can call it that when you are sleeping in a 35' AirConditoned A-Class Motorhome.
In any event the internet service at the campground was so s-l-o-w! Not to mention, it would be horribly rude of me to spend all my time on the internet instead of spending time with those with whom I was there.

Dutchy, like many others, likely bored of the site after being on it for four years. Many people do. Especially those who join as teens or young adults. They move on.
Jun 09, 2014

Probably would have known the answer if I had read the title of the teaser.
Jun 09, 2014

Ozetwo and [deleted usr], I had your answer, and equally valid one.
Jun 09, 2014

BBO2- BUSTED, Your still in the USA. Quit trying to lie. I can prove it.
Jun 09, 2014

Hey .... CC (about four back up the line) ...

Welcome, even if it's just a "back" instead of a "new".

Sounds like the ONLY way to go camping. Classy !!

No ... the "girls" refers to two-three ladies who objected to my "direct" mannerisms of trying to save Braingle from disaster so they vowed celibacy until I was disembowelled ... er ... uh ... something like that.

And doodleness ...

It's you're ... (as in "you are") and not "your" (as in a possessive sense).

Jun 09, 2014

No ... I can't do it. I must be truthful, here.

The "company" I work for only wants you to THINK I'm in Tokyo (and headed to NZ). Actually, it's the other way around.

Jun 09, 2014

Wow, I got the same answer for a completely different reason.

You cannot drive into another country from the other countries in group A. They are all surrounded by water. You can drive into other countries from the Group B list. So France moves to group B for that reason.

Jun 09, 2014

Actually clintlyle you can drive to Great Britain from France via the "Chunnel" (The Channel Tunnel). I connects Folkestone, Kent, United Kingdom to Coquelles, Pas-de-Calais, France.
You may not be familiar with its existence as is is relatively new - having only opened in 1994 - a mere 20 years ago.
Jun 09, 2014

I guessed France because all the other countries in list A are islands.

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