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The Wisest Son

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#2595
Fun:*** (3.08)
Difficulty:** (1.91)
Submitted By:lil_thugsta***
Corrected By:Winner4600




One day, a father went to his three sons and told them that he would die soon and he needed to decide which one of them to give his property to. He decided to give them all a test. He said, "Go to the market my sons, and purchase something that is large enough to fill my bedroom, but small enough to fit in your pocket. From this I will decide which of you is the wisest and worthy enough to inherit my land." So they all went to the market and bought something that they thought would fill the room, yet was still small enough that they could fit into their pockets. Each son came back with a different item. The father told his sons to come into his bedroom one at a time and try to fill up his bedroom with whatever they had purchased. The first son came in and put some pieces of cloth that he had bought and laid them end to end across the room, but it barely covered any of the floor. Then the second son came in and laid some hay, that he had purchased, on the floor but there was only enough to cover half of the floor. The third son came in and showed his father what he had purchased and how it could fill the entire room yet still fit into his pocket. The father replied, "You are truly the wisest of all and you shall receive my property." What was it that the son had showed to his father?


The son had showed his father a match. Whenever he lit the match, it filled the entire room with light, yet it was still small enough to fit into his pocket.

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Mar 14, 2002

Very Clever!
Mar 15, 2002

i have never come across a match strong enough to illuminate an entire room. Try it for yourself.
Mar 15, 2002

Hey...another answer could be a bottle of perfume...because when you spray it the smell would fill the whole room.
Mar 18, 2002

I thought it was a harmonica, and he filled the room with music. But either way, it was a great puzzle. Good Job!!
Mar 19, 2002

I thought of a cigar (fills the room with smoke)
Mar 25, 2002

I thought it was a bottle of purfume also. But Still, I liked this teaser.
Mar 26, 2002

good one... i also thought it had something to do with music... but hey.. and to mad-ade... light travels if you see it then it fills the room... go to a corner of your room when it is dark, have someone stand in the other corner and light a match.. if you can see the match lit... well then it filled the room...
Mar 31, 2002

hey rohddawg i can see an armchair from across the room, it doesnt mean it has filled the room does it. a match maybe seen from across the room but it certainly wouldn't fill it, in much the same way a fly could be seen across the room or a cat or a dog or anything small, but none of them can be classed as FILLING the room. check your facts before showing yourself up.
Apr 02, 2002

Baloons would have been more factual and accurate.
(user deleted)
Apr 06, 2002

Hey good one i thought it was nothing!!!

Apr 09, 2002

A match is plausible because it can be measured (the light intensity from anywhere in the room, as can perfume or any liquid due to its vapour pressure.) However perfume or a liquid cannot be possible due to the fact that it does not fill (if measured) the entire room) whereas a light (of any kind including a torch or glow stick or candle are all valid.)Nothing is not possible as there must be something in the room unless it was a complete vacuum.
Apr 09, 2002

Better if he bought a bottle of perfume !
Apr 09, 2002

It's OK but it wasnt the match that filled the whole room it was the light and he cant fit the light in his pocket
Apr 09, 2002

That was so clever!!How did you ever think of that?Like,Wow!!
Apr 09, 2002

cool teaser i thought it was a small flashlight. I was also thinking some water and when it evaporated the vapors would fill the room
Apr 09, 2002

It could have also been air.
Apr 09, 2002

i thought it was something like a gift that said i love you dad that would fill the room with happyness and love. you fooled me completly on this one. but it is verry good
Apr 12, 2002

I thought it was like music or air. This is kind of like one that has lots of answers. But I thought it was really good anyway.
Apr 13, 2002

I vote for music too!
Apr 16, 2002

It could be Perfume.
with which the room could be filled with fragrance and could be in his pocket
Apr 18, 2002

a match is not plausable, just because you can see it across a room, doesn't mean it fills the room, you are confusing the fact that you can see it with the fact that it does not fill the room with light. If you stand in a darken room and strike a match the flame barely cast light a few feet, but the flicker of the flame could be seen from miles away. it is much the same way that a glow fly can be seen flying over a field in the night, but it hardly fills the field with light does it? or a light house can be seen from miles away, but it doesn't illuimante the ocean.
a match can be seen from across a room, granted, but it can not fill the room.
Apr 19, 2002

This is one of my favorites. You are good.
Apr 20, 2002

It could be a flower, filling the room up with the sweet scent
Apr 20, 2002

When you can see a match, the light from the match has to travel to you. you can't see a lit match if the light doesn't travel to you. So, if you can see a lit match in a room, in most circumstances, the light does fill the room.
Apr 20, 2002

yes, i agree that you can see a lit match from across the room, but the glow from the match does not "FILL" the room. You can see millions of stars in the sky at night, but they don't fill up outer space, i refer again to the glow fly, it's glow could be seen across the room, but it would "FILL" the room. the same applies to the match. Just because you can see it, that doesn't mean it fills the room. In fact try it yourself in a dark room, lit a match and see if it "fills" the room with light. Yes you can see it clearly, but the majority of the room is still in darkness.
Apr 20, 2002

in the last statement, It should read "it wouldn't "FILL" the room" when talking of the glow worm. my appologies.
Apr 26, 2002

While I agree that one match wouldn't fully light just any room, in this SITUATION the light from the match obviously did fill THIS room or the father wouldn't have called his son wise and given him his property, as the son wouldn't have fulfilled his request. This was a fun one. Thanks for putting it out there and risking it being "detailed" to death!
Apr 27, 2002

Well in that case Peacejo,for a rich man he must have had the worlds smallest bedroom!! lol
May 02, 2002

well the light wouldn't have to fill the would just have to fill more of the room than his brothers filled
May 03, 2002

this was very smart. i enjoyed it a great deal. keep up the good work.
May 06, 2002

Good One
May 10, 2002

May 11, 2002

I thought this was a really good one well done
May 11, 2002

i wud hav brought him a spliff innit...
(user deleted)
May 11, 2002

mad-ade, when you said that you could see a chair across a room and it wasnt filling all the room thats because youre not seeing the chair, you are 'seeing' the light that is filling the whole room bouncing off the chair and entering your eye! so no the chair isnt filling the room but the light bouncing off it is, not a gd example. but I do agree that the match isnt filling the whole room, its the light from it. Also how the hell would the 1st 2 sons fit that much cloth/hay in their pockets?. Anyway nothing could actually fill the room cos if it filled a room there would be no room for anything else so if the son and father are in the room with furniture nothing has filled it!
May 11, 2002

Okay it's obvious and doesn't bear close scrutiny but it's still a nice little riddle.
May 12, 2002

i thought it was a candle
May 13, 2002

have to agree with a few others that a musical instrument filling up the room with sound would of been better.
May 14, 2002

Another weak riddle. I hate to be so negative, but there are just too many answers that are a LOT better than "a match", such as a bottle of perfume, or an airfreshener, which would "fill the room" with fragrance.
May 22, 2002

May 22, 2002

well i actually thought th@ it woz a mouse.then it would eventually filled the room with sh*t!!!
May 22, 2002

This used to be one of my favortite riddles....when i heard it back in the third grade. This is an old and tired riddle now.
(user deleted)
May 30, 2002

I thought it was a small bucket of paint
but i enjoyed it too
May 31, 2002

kewl! I thought it was air,but I like that better.
Jun 01, 2002

Better yet- just keep the cash and show him a pocket full of fresh air.
Jun 03, 2002

very easy......but is nice
Jun 04, 2002

If he had fire it could engulf and fill the whole room.
Jun 12, 2002

my god mad-ade! do u have 2 be so negitive?
Jun 19, 2002

Think about this from a scientific perspective. Light is actually energy, and it is a dual wave-particle. Therefore, the photons have to completely fill the room with their mass in order to actually "fill" the room. The photons generated by a weak source of light such as a match (or ANY source of light for that matter) couldn't possibly fill the room with their mass. This rules this out. As for filling the air with scent, scents are merely our olfactory glands recieving a certain chemical, and translating that into neural signals. The chemical that triggers this scent could not possibly fill all of the volume of this room. Music is just a noise, which is the vibration of air molecules. Music has no sort of mass to it, it is merely the effect of the air. It cannot fill a room without mass. Filling the room with love? That is an expression, as you cannot actually excrete 'love particles' to fill the room. Smoke? Particles again, not enough to fill the room. Balloons? No, because if they could fit in your pocket, they couldn't fill the room with their mass. Even if you count the air inside of it, it still couldn't fill the room. The ammount of balloons you could fit in your pocket could never expand to a size that would allow them to fill a room, as the material would break before you could fit enough air into them. AIR? That is even more ridiculous. Air is, like anything else, a mixture of several gases and vapors and aerosols. The ammount of air that could fit into your pocket, would never fill a room. You couldn't even compress the air enough to fit that much in a space the size of your pocket (assuming you had an AIR-TIGHT pocket), because the air would become solid before reaching that much density. Again, a wrong answer. Fire filling the room? Fire is merely another energy source, heat. Photons. Not enough mass to fill the room, even if it burnt up everything available. Eventually it would run out of air in which to carry out combustion, and the fire would be gone along with everything else. Vacuum. And as for the point of filling up the room more than the other sons, that is a good point. However, the photons are nothing more than excited electrons in truth, and electrons have an extremely small mass. The protons and neutrons in the hay or cloth would actually have thousands of times the mass of an electron. Not enough light could be produced, not enough photons, to equal the sheer mass of the solid materials. If you want to know my opinion, the closest answer was the mouse filling the room with sh*t. ;-) j/k. In conclusion, I state that you could not possibly fill the room completely with anything in your pocket. In order to win, the son who had the densest material in his pocket would win. Cloth and hay is not very dense at all. Lead or gold or other elements with high amus (atomic mass units, a measure of weight) are quite dense, and you could fill your pocket completely with one of these materials. By mass, it would take up more room than anything else the brothers could bring. Satisfied?
Jun 20, 2002

gd god!! U ppl are so negative!! Its only a riddle!! And as for the one b4 thi sone! It was so long i couldnt b bothered reading it! Why cant u just read the riddle and state whether u liked it or not! Do u have to be so scientific about it?? ITS ONLY A RIDDLE!

PS - hee hee i liked the riddle its going on my favourites
Jun 20, 2002

he brought a match so the match would have to fill the room,not it's light.
Jun 29, 2002

the person who wrote the extremely long scientific one needs to open his head. first of all, love can fill a room, even though it is not filled with 'photons'. and light, even though not the best answer with a match, can fill a room even though it is not 'dense'. i think that music or a bottle of perfume would do the best even though music is not 'photons'. (they are the most important thing in the world, you know? NOT!!!) and a fragrance doesn't have enough 'mass' to fill the room. personally, i liked the teaser and i think it should be at the top. ***** out of *****
Jul 06, 2002

I LOVE this riddle its really good!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )
Jul 08, 2002

could have been a few things, (light bulb, cigarette, etc)
(user deleted)
Jul 09, 2002

Cute one! I would've never guessed it!
(user deleted)
Jul 13, 2002

Just one iddy biddy LIGHTBULB would fill the room with light.......go on try it switch the light on!!!!! Iliked this riddle, you negative people are entitled to your opinion BUT DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO VERBOSE
Jul 13, 2002


The answer above all answers!!!

The Power Of the Watery Hot sause filled
Bean And Cheese Burrito!!!!!1



Unfill the air!!!!

(More like filter it!!!)
Jul 14, 2002

Wizard, you ruined it. It's only a riddle; we don't need a huge scientific explanation telling us about that crap. If I wanted an explanation that long and detailed, I would have asked my science teacher...

Anyway, good puzzle!
Jul 19, 2002

A glass of water.
Jul 20, 2002

not bad!
& 4 u people arguing, does it really matter!
Jul 26, 2002

ok madade shut up, u think ur a know it all, but u aren't
Jul 28, 2002

I thought it was air...but then I realized that u can't buy air. Don't worry, if u r thinking that I'm weird, I allready figured that out and there's no need 2 tell me.
Jul 30, 2002

This could be alot of things. Why don't you list them all? And what about a lightbulb? Did they have elektricity? If they did a lightbulb woulda worked. Pluz, a match can't light a full room, even if they lived in a closet.
Aug 14, 2002

to bettybanana
ballons would not fill the room, if he possibly got enough to fit in the room all those ballons wouldn't fiil his pocket, even if they were broken.
Aug 15, 2002

If there's one bad "matches" teaser, I haven't heard it!
Aug 18, 2002

Very nice! But I thought it was an air refreshener...
Aug 19, 2002

I love the discussions that take place in this place... they crack me up. I did like the riddle and picked the 'light' type of answer. WizardMagus, your knowledge is quite phenomenal - and you are a stirrer ;o) I LMAO that the best suggestion you thought so far was the mouse that's full of sh*t. Some people need to chill out, sit back and laugh a bit more. I must admit, that given some of the answers to other riddles around this site that if they were all put to this sort of scrutiny, I reckon not many would stand up!.
Aug 22, 2002

very smart
Nov 07, 2002

I was thinking about an onion! Crush it under foot and the room would be filled with its smell. The match would only work if the room was dark, otherwise it would the light from it would not have much effect. I also like the idea of a smoke bomb.
Mar 08, 2003

and again- we are learning about light and the eye at school. you need light to see. if the room was dark, you could see the light from any point in the room, which meens that the light waves are travelling in every direction, and fill the room. and about the chair thing, i can see the chair, but it doesn't fill the room, that's because the chair is a solid, and light is not. it's not the match that fills the room, it's the light. the light fills the entire room.
Mar 15, 2003

well done. I actually got that one
Apr 17, 2003

First, mad-ade yur an editor and yur acting so negative people will be afraid to publish any teasers if they are going to receive comments like yurs. Just that you didnt solve it doesnt mean its wrong. Second, Great teaser.
Oct 19, 2003

Liked it.

BTW you spelled "barely" as "bearly". Just a comment.
Nov 07, 2003

there was not enough information to have only one right answer. I could have done the same with incense
Dec 20, 2003

I thought it was a flashlight...
Dec 26, 2003

I thought it was a tiny bottle of gas. The gas would fill the entire room. Plus you can put it in your pocket inside of the bottle.
But your answer was great too.
I'm adding this to my favorites.
Jan 21, 2004

I liked this riddle. Fun to solve. Now I know this is a little late but Im going to add my 2 cents into the debate of wether or not a match could fill a room with light. My opinion is YES a single match could fill a room with light albeit a minute amount. How do I know a single match could fill a room with light? I tried it. After reading all the lengthy arguments I just had to go into my room and experiment. I took a single match, went into my room closed the door and turned out the lights. I then struck the match and held it overhead. Not only did it fill the room with light (although faintly) but it also cast shadows as well. I did this during the night time hours so as not to get a false conclusion from light leaking in from behind the shades. Now my room may not be the grandest when it comes to scale but it isnt small either. So I am going to say it one more time. It is possible to fill a room with the light emitted from a single match. I have witnessed firsthand the hardcore scientific evidence that it is possible. I think Im going to next try and see if it would be enough to illuminate my living room with a single match, Im sure it would work. PS Oh yeah I thought the answer to the riddle was a light bulb. I was thinking along the lines of filling the room with light so I came to the conclusion of a light bulb didnt think of match. Great riddle once again.
Jan 22, 2004

Feb 09, 2004

I've heard one like this, though it was a different version. I liked it though. You know, shaving cream would have worked. You can put the can in your pocket, and you can spay it EVERYWHERE!!!! Yeah, I'm weird. Yet for some odd reason, I take it as a compliment....
Feb 09, 2004

Feb 21, 2004

You fooled me! I thought it was perfume. Good One, but why did you have to come up with that whole story?
Jun 20, 2004

Very good puzzle, but I was thinking it might be better if the first two sons had fairly clever answers, like those suggested here -- perfume or gas (or a balloon) from#1, the match (or other light) from #2, then from #3 -- something corny, like "his smile filled up the room"... or "his generosity filled up the room" (with beggars off the street?).

Incidentally, it seems silly to argue about whether something like an odor does or doesn't fill a room, since the most densely-packed matter is almost all empty space. (I can't remember the exact proportions, but isn't it something like, if the nucleus of an atom were the size of a basketball, the entire atom would be 30 miles across, or something?) So when gas fills a room, it never even comes close to filling a room. NOTHING comes close to filling ANYTHING. (Plus, I bet it'll turn out that matter really is nothing more than a kink in nothingness anyway.)
Jul 13, 2004

What if he busted out one of those sponge things that grow big when you add water to it... like a dinosaur one that's very very huge... and fills the room.
Oct 01, 2004

That was great!
Oct 30, 2004

nice one
Oct 31, 2004

Dec 21, 2004

Mad-Ade dont just try and disprove a fantastic teaser. Its pathetic, just accept the answer, which in my opinion and many others' WAS a plausible answer. So keep ur mouth shut and keep your snide comments to yourself.
Jan 04, 2005

i didnt think a match could fill a whole room?
Feb 09, 2005

Fun AND Easy.
Nice job.
Feb 25, 2005

clever, but i thought it was some kind of air freshener like other ppl on the board.
Feb 28, 2005

Great One! I think it makes perfect sense - Some people way over-annalyze things - I think that any source of light that fits in a pocket would be a ligit answer.
Mar 06, 2005

I thought about air freshner.
Mar 08, 2005

Mar 09, 2005

good one
Apr 15, 2005

ISnt a teaser susposed to be fun? All this bickering over the validity is insane. The idea of the match filling up a room is more plausible than some of the other answers. I say Good Job and if it makes you think then the author did what authors are sussposed to do... make us use our imagination.
Apr 20, 2005

I thought it had something to do with music.
Still liked it.
Apr 27, 2005

i got it. yey!
May 07, 2005

I think this was good . . .But I didn't get it. I thought it was air, but air can't be purchased. Then I though for 2 minutes and got impatient and clicked show answer. Heh . . .

Um . . .I read there was at least one person saying a match wouldn't light a whole room . . .I hadn't read everything, so I don't know if this has been said, but it never states how big the room is. The family could have been relativly poor and how a small living space and then the dude could've had a small room . . .

Sorry if my rambling is a bit confusing . . .Yesterday I bumped my head 5 too many times! Lol
May 07, 2005

I also want to add that I don't think just because you see a light, it means the room is lit up. Here's my reasoning(once again, sorry if I'm stating already-made points.):

Your in a cave where the entrance is maybe . . .let's say about 10 ft tall and 10 ft wide. Your so deep inwards though, that the light of the outside world is only a speck. Since you see the light, does that mean the whole cave is lit up?

If that ONLY makes sense to me, once again, head injury . . .
May 12, 2005

There are many answers but no doubt it has caused a lot of people to think. The riddle was well done and enjoyable
May 18, 2005

I was taught that one at church. it is a good fable but my vresion used a candle. nice to here it again!!
May 25, 2005

i heard that 1 at church 2
Jun 15, 2005

i'm with mad-ade. if you state that light is "filling up" the room, it connotes that the entire room is light (and by this i mean that you can make out clearly and visibly most items (akin to when the sun is shining into a room strongly, or when a strong lightbulb is turned on). unless the match is one helluva magic match, it's never going to give out that kind of powerful light.
my guess was air.... (though i do like whoever it was that suggested that nothing can ever fill up the room unless it's devoid of everything 'coz those bits and pieces would be taking part of the filling space...)
Jun 18, 2005

When i first tought about the answer, i thought of poop, and it filled the room with stench, I probably would not of thought of a match. Great Job.
Jun 25, 2005

I liked this teaser, it was quite innovative, but I agree there are two many possible answers. I must admit my first thought was that it was love . I guess I've been watching too many chick flicks.
Jun 25, 2005

It could have a been a tape or CD, the music could fill up the room. There are a lot of possible answers, but as long as the one given fits, than what does it matter?
Jul 29, 2005

Sep 28, 2005

Nice! 77 comments are a lot!
Oct 11, 2005

I thought it would be somekind of light maybe a lighter or something great teaser.
Nov 16, 2005

I thought it was a harmonica- music to fill a room and still fit in your pocket
Jan 17, 2006

too many comments to read... i thought of perfume and its smell.
Mar 04, 2006

Nice... but I thought the answer might have been air. Not only would it fill the room, but it would also be really cheap (in fact, I'm quite sure it is free). Therefore, the son could also show that he is good at conserving money.
Mar 11, 2006

Thought it was a big'al ballon lol
Jun 01, 2006

Thought it was music box. Good job!
Jun 07, 2006

I completly agree with Wizard Magus, though he has made a slight miscalculation in the perspective of the properties of molacules and certain types of particals.It took me a good, well spent 3 monthes and 17 days to figure this out,( approxamently)(through testing, retesting snd process of elimination to be exact.) I Experimented myself in the dark depths of my room, and came to find that light, is in fact, a SUBATOMIC partical, not a dual wave particle, as Wizard Magus has explained earlier in this predicament of comments. Allow me to explain using my superier post-human intellect.You see, DUAL-WAVE particles, are in fact, paricles in which ther are dual sources of energy and atomic matter being released into the Photosaphere. And also, Phnumeoultramicroscopicsilicolcolnioconios theorey is substantually incorrect, before anyone brings up that one. But besides that rather large error, Wizard Magus is completly and intellcutally correct. As for the person who said onion, that is theoreticlly and expiremently incorrect beyond all means, and is one of the worst hypothesises i have intellctually and annallyticly annalized. First of all, an onion itself could not fill the room, and smell, is as Wizard Magus so delightfully informed us earlier, a olfactory gland recieving chemicals and nuatralitticly translating them to our brain's nerves. Also, scents have absolutly no mass, so it would not actually "fill" the room, nor would the match how i explained earlier, "fill" the room either, as it TOO has zero percentage of mass and dense particles.Air is even more ridiculus. Air, like the rest of the Horribly mentioned and used things of this teaser, has no mass therfore could not theoreticlly "fill" the room. Air is a particle or mass denses of particles that Take up all of and completly every part of the given space available, but in doing so use no mass, whiche therfor proves the Bartimasus 3 theory of density, relitivity, and mass. And also, how can you "take" air and put it in your pocket? Completly ridiculus, if you ask me. And more morons just keep on coming with terrible theoretical hypothosises.MUSIC? once again, like smell, is a bodily funtion that can be disabled or enabled with surgical profencies. It has no mass, which means it has no density, which means it takes up no space. That one was easy to prove wrong...... But wait! there is still more! Some fool says a ballon?!? I will prove that theory wrong as well.
They make no such ballons that would fill an entire room, and if they did it would cost a fortune to use up all of that rare miniral, sulfitic geronium. Plus when you filled up the ballon, the mass used and pressure used to inflate it would be so great, whoever blew it up would be dead from the dramatic pressure and inability to consistently use their lungs anymore. Also, back to the light and match part. The author made a terrible and costly mistake, and i encourage him to rewrite the teaser. He did not say the technical dimensions of the room, and therefor left us no decent clues on the solution. If the room is a standered 100sq foot room, a decent match might fulfill the required testement. But if it is a huge 2000 sq foot room, a simple match would be extre,ly adequate. If anyone wants to e-mail me on their superior and most likliy incorrect compared- to- mine -theorys, you can do so, as my e-mail is Thank you for taking the time to cunjure and read as well as explore my hypothesis.
Jul 21, 2006

I thought it would be dust.
Sep 11, 2006

well, i like chicken patties
Feb 28, 2007

I thought it was air!!! Air fits in your pocket yet it fills up the room! Then I realised that you couldn't buy air at the market! (unless you were super insane!)
Jul 28, 2007

I think you copied it from somewhere!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 27, 2007

Clever riddle. Too bad so many people had to spoil it with their comments.
Nov 08, 2007

First I thought AIR, but you can't purchase it. Then I thought PERFUME, FLAME THROWER or some type of AEROSOL SPRAY. I finally settled on some type of GAS as the best idea...

But after reading these comments, I like the pocket full of balloons idea best.
Very clever and I like it better than a match.

Mostly, I think the first two sons were not very bright!
Dec 18, 2007

this has many answers, sorry. It could have been air, music.......... the list goes on and on.
Jul 03, 2008

saw it before, it was easy!
Dec 22, 2008

Holy load of winded explanations, Batman! Was all that really necessary? It's not like you're going to do win any science medals from analyzing a braingle teaser to death.
Mar 18, 2010

wizard guy, your right about not being able to squeeze a normal rooms air into your pocket but the air from your pocket can expand to fill the room. imagine you're in a room deprived of air. then some amount, say 3lt of air is let into the room. you wont have to chase the air pocket, contrary, you can breathe until you suck it all up as the spot you breathe in and empty will be almost immediately get filled by the rest of the air remaining. so i think air might be the answer.
Mar 18, 2010

wizard guy, your right about not being able to squeeze a normal rooms air into your pocket but the air from your pocket can expand to fill the room. imagine you're in a room deprived of air. then some amount, say 3lt of air is let into the room. you wont have to chase the air pocket, contrary, you can breathe until you suck it all up as the spot you breathe in and empty will be almost immediately get filled by the rest of the air remaining. so i think air might be the answer.
Apr 05, 2010

I've read this before at school and the version i read said that he brought his father a candle.
Apr 23, 2011

I liked it! It was really easy though. Would you count "a light source" as an answer?
Jul 17, 2011

Well he can Fart and fill up the room....
Apr 11, 2012

I really like this! I thought it might be love (for his father) but realised you can't buy love!
Excellent Teaser!
Sep 11, 2014

He bought a hose, hooked it up and filled the room with water, which killed his dad & brothers so he got everything.
Apr 28, 2015

My idea was a lightbulb! I suppose a match or lighter would work too, but the other suggestions about perfume are also smart.
Oct 14, 2015

I though an incense stick would do the could fill the room with scent and still fit in the pocket

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