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Weather or Not

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#26068
Fun:**** (3.17)
Difficulty:*** (2.56)
Submitted By:mejoza*us*****!




There are five weather forecasters getting ready for a weekend forecast. Each forecaster is predicting different weather and is choosing a suit and "tie" (yes, the women, too) of different color combinations. There are 3 men (John, Matt and Tim) and 2 women (Karen and Sarah).

Can you determine the color of the suit, the color and pattern of the tie, and the weather prediction for each forecaster?

1. The forecaster who wore a black suit did not predict snow or rain.

2. Many viewers called in to comment on the whimsically printed tan tie and brown suit combination.

3. The five forecasters were: Matt, the woman who predicted high winds, the person in a black suit, the man with a striped tie, and the woman in an olive suit.

4. A solid white tie was chosen to represent the snowy forecast that day.

5. John's orange tie was hated by his wife.

6. Sarah had a teal colored tie which was not floral.

7. Tim predicted sun and did not wear brown or black.

8. The man who predicted rain did not wear a striped tie.

9. The blue suit was worn by a man.

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Sep 24, 2005

I wrote this myself and it's harder than I remember...
Sep 24, 2005

its easy if you use paper.
Sep 24, 2005

Yeah, I've found that sometimes the grids don't make it as easy as you think it is. Paper is the way to go on a lot of these. thanks for trying it!
(user deleted)
Sep 24, 2005

OK, I got everything until orange floral and pink striped. Did I miss something? Because I got it to work with orange striped and pink floral. Also, isn't it just assumption that the teal tie went with the grey suit instead of the olive suit. I know it would look hideous, but there doesn't seem to be an actual logic link.
Sep 24, 2005

There is an actual logic link.. one woman wore an olive suit and one woman predicted wind. Since we know that the white tie went with the snow, it could not have been the woman who predicted wind. Therefore, the woman with the olive suit (the only one left to have predicted snow) had to have the white tie.
Sep 24, 2005

Also you can't have a floral pink tie because then the listing clue (#3) won't work.. you have to have the man in the striped tie not be Matt or the man in the black suit. See? It's all there and it is a little harder than it looks, but like the previous poster said, the piece of paper makes it a cinch.
Sep 24, 2005

Yeahhh, i liked that one, you go boy! keep em coming, u rock too
Sep 25, 2005

I liked the writing and the clever, stingy clues. Very difficult and very entertaining.
Sep 25, 2005

Well written. It took three attempts before I got it, and even then I had difficulty in figuring it out. Frustrating, yet still enjoyable.
Sep 25, 2005

yay! I got it first time with logic grid. had to go back and realize whimsical was a clue and solid was a clue. Ha.
Sep 26, 2005

I finnally got this one!!!!! GREAT TEASER!!!
Sep 26, 2005

That was great! It's been a while since we have had a really challenging teaser. Keep them coming; I loved it!!
Sep 27, 2005

Great challenge teaser...made me have to really think about that...good one
Sep 27, 2005

I didn't use a piece of pape, I used the 1's and 2's that are available. Trying one possibility and then the other, I was able to determine which woman had the olive suit and which tie was striped.

Great teaser, mejoza!
Sep 27, 2005

Thanks phrebh... I never knew what the 1s and 2s were for! I'm pretty good at logic grids, but the "possibility" thing gets me so confused.

I think I know how to wrtie a logic grid now; it's the other categories that get me.
Sep 28, 2005

Great Job!! Actually made me think on that one! Now I know what the 1's & 2's are for. I never really thought about it before! Nice teaser!! Absolutely LOVED it!!
Sep 29, 2005

REALLY REALLY REALLY GOOD...I figured it out a different way though
Oct 21, 2005

My head hurts...I didn't get it . Great teaser, though.
Nov 03, 2005

Good job! I really enjoyed this one. I got it on the first try, although it took a while I used the 1 and 2 like Phrebh to figure out which woman was windy and which one was striped after that it was pretty easy!
Nov 03, 2005

I looked back, I should have said olive, not striped!

Nov 09, 2005

very well written. One of my favorites!
Nov 13, 2005

Awsome teaser. I love it.
Nov 14, 2005

I thought that this was well done
Nov 27, 2005

It was really really hard
Dec 03, 2005

Thanks! I really liked this one!
I didn't have any trouble figuring it out, but did have to pay careful attention to the clues.
Jan 08, 2006

That was great and SO HARD! Good job, you really got my brain working!
Nov 25, 2006

Well done
I loved it
Well written
Got my brain motivated
Keep them coming
May 26, 2007

forgot whimsical printed was one of the options!!!!!

nice, im outting it on my favorites
May 26, 2007

i mean putting

why did i rite outting?>
Oct 17, 2007

Great teaser! I like that I had to work for the clues. You gave just enough to have all the info, but enough to give it away. I agree with using paper. I always have some on hand when doing logic grids just in case. It comes in especially handy when you have the "5 people are..." clues. Hope to see more from you.
Oct 17, 2007

sorry, meant to wrint NOT enough to give it away.
Jan 09, 2008

Where did I find out the fifth colour was pink, the weather forecast was foggy, the suit colour was gray and the tie design was dotted? Its probably really obvious but I can't see it. Nice puzzle though.
Jan 12, 2008

Very Nice Puzzle!
First time in more than a year I had to use almost the entire grid to get the answer!
Jul 20, 2008

You gave the perfect amount of information in each clue. This teaser was challenging, yet really fun and creative. Thanks!
Mar 10, 2010

hi this may just me being stupid but where in the clues does it say about a grey suit? I tried to do it but couldnt and looked at the answers to see Sarah wearin a grey suit but its not anywhere in the clues... :S Id love some help on this thankssss
(user deleted)
Dec 10, 2010

This was a good one! Just the right amount of challenge to span a lunch break.
Mar 25, 2011

I could have solved this in half the time if I'd just noticed "the MAN who predicted rain"... This was a lot of fun!!! Loved the way u framed it!
Sep 23, 2015

I really enjoyed this one! Your clues are very clear and concise
Apr 17, 2017

Okay, so is it me or it doesn't mention all the types of weather and all the colors of the suits.. How do you infer what they are? It's actually a pretty good brainteaser but please add all the information needed 👍

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