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Whose Side Are You On?

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#26114
Fun:*** (3.07)
Difficulty:*** (2.22)
Submitted By:norcekrius****
Corrected By:cnmne




12-year old Forrie Agincourt stayed with his Auntie Jenn Malheur while his parents drove to Prosper, Connecticut for a second honeymoon. It seemed that whatever Jenn would say, Forrie would twist around to almost the opposite phrasing, and vice versa.
Over the week, they conceived several sets of words that you might think were opposites. Each pair of definitions below involves two words that are spelled the same ... except that the first start with "pro" and the second starts with "con".
Forrie gave the list to his parents when they returned. Without conferring, Prospera was confident of 5 of the 6 problems, conceding only one; Connor consequently probed only 4. Can you connect on all six?

1. division of Canada or France -- win over
2. argue against -- competition
3. geometry tool -- builder
4. a stage play -- property of electrical transmission
5. intellectually deep -- befuddle
6. advance -- legislature

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Sep 28, 2005

Had me going on this one, only got 5 right. Good work
Sep 28, 2005

Sep 28, 2005

Sep 28, 2005

Very clever, but too early in am for me...
Sep 28, 2005

nicely done But I was only able to connect six of the seven
Sep 28, 2005

Sorry, there used to be 7, one was removed during editing, but the setup wasn't changed appropriately.
Sep 28, 2005

Norceckri, a simple correction to change some parts of the teaser relating to the "7" would make everything fit wonderfuly. I actualy caught that and, was going to submit a correction myself, as i thought it was a mistake. But, after i saw the commets, i will leave it to you. After all, it's a clever and also creative teaser. Keep them coming.
Sep 28, 2005

Clever! I enjoyed working this one out. I only got 4 of them, but it was fun tyring to work the rest of them. Good Job. I thought it was well written and thought out. Thanks for the good teaser
Sep 28, 2005

i didn't understand the question...
(user deleted)
Sep 28, 2005

i didnt know what the question was asking. It was making me mad
Sep 28, 2005

This was great I enjoyed it a lot but France has departments. Thinking of the last one I just started thinking randomly. Try this:
A parade - Giving up
Sep 28, 2005

I actually only got one. (Not a good day...) Great teaser though!
Sep 28, 2005

I thought it was really easy, but very clever. Nice one!
Sep 29, 2005

nice one
Sep 29, 2005

I totally loved this one ! It was really fun to do. I got all of them!
Sep 29, 2005

So enjoyed this teaser. With all the pro and con words available it tends to get us playing with words and writing our own clues. Great new game for us Thanks so much
Sep 30, 2005

got 4.....Ah well
Nov 29, 2005

Great one, it was hard for me, but really liked it
Feb 10, 2006

This was great! Thanks for another good teaser! Got 5 right. Practice does help.
Feb 17, 2006

Not difficult, but a pretty excellent teaser.
Mar 11, 2006

Mar 26, 2006

I loved it, and I only missed the first one!
Apr 09, 2006

Well, I think most (here in the states, anyway) would agree, progress and congress are opposites.
Apr 09, 2006

funny paul
May 25, 2006

got 'em all in less than 60 seconds. still was fun, though.

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