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Word Pyramid: Ancient Wonders I

Language brain teasers are those that involve the English language. You need to think about and manipulate words and letters.


Puzzle ID:#26196
Fun:*** (2.83)
Difficulty:*** (2.29)
Submitted By:FriarFoxus*****
Corrected By:Subtox




In these Word Pyramids, the first letter is given to you (which is the first answer). Use the clues to build the pyramid to find the answer. In each consecutive answer, a letter is added to the previous answer. However, the answer letters might not be in the same order. Good Luck!!

Starting letter: D

1. pop-up material
2. assist
3. uttered aloud
4. surprise attacks
5. render harmless
6. indefinite number
7. polyhedrons

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Oct 03, 2005

great stuff, had to untie my brain on this one!!
Oct 28, 2005

Great FriarFox, loved it keep them coming
Aug 31, 2006

Awesome... it bugs me that i couldn't figure out the 'indefinite number', being a math nerd and all, but i graciously admit defeat. Good job.
Jun 04, 2009

Clue 3 is invalid; it should be in the past tense (uttered aloud) to match the tense of the answer.
Jun 04, 2009

Clues 2 and 3 are both in error. Clue 2, "assistant," does not suggest the word "AID," but rather the word "AIDE," and Clue 3, "utter aloud," calls for 'SAYS," rather than what is really wanted, the past tense, "SAID."
Jun 04, 2009

While we are beating you up I want to mention that your numbering should start with 2 since you said "D" is the first answer. I had to decide that part of your question was bogus before I could solve this thing.
Jun 04, 2009

Sorry about all that Friarfox. It might help to not edit your own teaser. We have the capacity to not see our own errors. Otherwise pretty good job.
Jun 04, 2009

This whole writing was a disaster.It should have been proof read before it was published.
Jun 04, 2009

Interesting comments for a teaser written in 2005.
Jun 04, 2009

Yup. Gotta go with Doehead, Builder and Lukasiwicz here. I'm surprised this teaser made it into circulation. Good premise, with some errors that could have been easily caught in review. Where are the reviewers and editors?
Jun 04, 2009

In addition to the foregoing criticisms of the clues, I take issue with "indefinite number". "Myriad" (singular) isn't indefinite; it means 1,000. "Myriads" (plural) IS indefinite, I grant, but a better clue might have been simply "large numbers". Of course, it's easier to be a critic than to think up teasers in the first place. Despite the criticisms, I found this teaser fun, but to be honest, too hard for me.
Jun 04, 2009

It's bad enough when the commentators don't have a nodding aquaintance with a dictionary, but a presenting constructor has an obligation to get it right and that means verifing entries with a GOOD dictionary, please!
Jun 04, 2009 commentors need a nap or something, you are all rather grumpy, it's a stinking game not a contest for perfection...I'm half tempted to search if you all have posted anything and criticize you...
Jun 04, 2009

I have to agree with the "said" criticism, but was fortunate enough to get "raids" and work my way backwards to "said" and then finish the puzzle. Overall, I thought it was a really fun puzzle, but I can see how "said" would be a deal-breaker for some.
Jun 04, 2009

It's funny, but I got all the words without a problem, I guess my mind just works that way.
Jun 10, 2009

I got thrown by "myriads" - I've been trained not to use the "s."
I also take issue with "uttered..."
Jul 12, 2012

I love these! Thanks for a good one! Babe, check your messages please!

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