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Recipe Mix Up

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#26402
Fun:*** (3.04)
Difficulty:*** (2.28)
Submitted By:sweetime*****
Corrected By:phrebh




A local radio station had announced a competition: cook the best three course meal and you and your fellow chefs could win a trip to Hawaii! Each team must have five entrants, and must consist of an entree, a main and a dessert.

Five people now stood in Mr Black's kitchen arguing over whose recipes should be used. Each person had brought their three recipes with them and placed them on the table. Unfortunately Mr Black had not closed the window to the kitchen and a gush of wind rushed through and blew all the recipes off the table and jumbled them together.

Can you work out which person owned which recipes?

There are:
First Names: Kate, John, James, Matthew, Melissa
Last names: Green, Brown, White, Blue, Black
Entree: beef sausages, sausage rolls, leek soup, garlic bread, garlic shrimp.
Mains: trout and potato, spaghetti bolognaise, cheese souffle, steak and vegetables, chicken salad.
Desserts: chocolate mousse, ice cream, fruit salad, lemon meringue pie, apple pie.

1. The five people were: Kate, Mr Black, the one who had spaghetti bolognaise, the one who had chocolate mousse and the one who had garlic shrimp.
2. Mr Green did not have any fruit or vegetables with his meals.
3. No one had both the seafood items.
4. Miss White did not have any meat in her recipes.
5. Miss Blue only likes to use white meat in her recipes.
6. The person who had garlic bread also had ice cream.
7. The woman who had the cheese souffle did not have any garlic entrees.
8. The man who had the chocolate mousse had fish in one of his dishes
9. Matthew's main dish contained pasta.
10. The woman with the garlic shrimp had salad with her main meal.
11. Neither James nor Matthew had fruit in their dessert.
12. John Black had red meat in both his main meal and his entree.
13. Mr Green did not have meat in his entree.
14. The man who had apple pie for dessert also had beef sausages as an entree.
15. Melissa had a pie for dessert.

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Oct 16, 2005

Good job on (finaly) getting it accepted. Glad you didn't gave up.
Oct 17, 2005

Wow! Didn't think I'd make it thru this one, but I did!! I really enjoyed it (and got it all correct too)!!!
Oct 17, 2005

I had to start all over again once, but it was worth the effort, also being a vegetarian, some of the white and read meat basics were lost on me ! But great to solve and a good one after the recent shortage of logic-grids on braingle !
Oct 17, 2005

Thanks for a fun one, it was easier than it looked at first glance, but lots of fun! Keep them coming!
Oct 17, 2005

I got it, although clue 13 is wrong ... no meat? Not according to your answers.
Oct 18, 2005

Garlic bread is not made with meat.

Good teaser , but a few clues were redundant.
Oct 18, 2005

according to your hint speghetti bol. has red meat in it, but clue 13 says mr. green doesn't have meat in his entree! good otherwise (i just ignored that clue!)
Oct 18, 2005

the spaghetti bolognaise was a main meal, the garlic bread was an entree.
as phrebh said, garlic bread is not made with meat.

otherwise, glad you all liked it - only took three hundred tries or so
Oct 19, 2005

Fun, slightly harder than the World Domination II, but only slightly. It just took a little longer due to the vast number of clues. I liked it!
Oct 20, 2005

I hate to be a pain but the entree is the main dish of a meal. I still think this is a really good teaser, just that word is wrong and it makes the teaser confusing.
Oct 20, 2005

i was going to just type a "no you're wrong" response, but thought since there were so many comments i'd go check it out.

entree has two meanings:
(1) (Cookery) In French usage, a dish served at the beginning of dinner to give zest to the appetite
(2) the dish which comprises the main course of a meal, especially in a restaurant; as, there were many entrees on the menu.

it was my intention to use the former meaning, i've never even heard of the entree being considered a main meal before.
Oct 21, 2005

LOVED IT!!! It took a long time, but I did it...And I'm glad there wasn't a shortage of brain teasers, because they're my favorite. (But I just did all of them, so there IS a "shortage" again... Hence the "wasn't")
DO MORE!!! I love your teasers!
Oct 22, 2005

thanks that's such a nice thing to say

i've got a "world domination III" logic grid awaiting approval, so there should be at least one more logic grid out there for you soon
Oct 22, 2005

Great one sweetime! Had to look at it for a few though keep them coming ,brain needs workout, hand needs to rest
Oct 24, 2005

This one was complicated enough to force me to redo it twice. Good job!
Oct 24, 2005

it was long and i had to restart it...and the mr.brown entree thing kinda messed me up ...but otherwise i got it all right
Oct 24, 2005

sorry..i meant the mr.GREEN entree thing messed me up...OOPS!!
Oct 31, 2005

This one took me a few times. Good job.
Nov 17, 2005

Mixed up Green and Brown...I'm gonna have to do it again.


But it's so fun, I don't mind doing it again...I gotta do it till I get it!!!
Dec 10, 2005

i got Brown and Green mixed up becuase I though the spagetti was the entree. since when is the entree the same as an appetizer?
Dec 11, 2005

since you live in australia
read my earlier comments about that.
besides, i clearly state at the beginning which foods belong in which group...

thanks everyone who said you liked it
Jan 13, 2006

Ok, is tuna meat? Chicken is white meat, but since there is tomato sauce in the bolonaise is tomato considered a vegetable? Is shrimp meat? Oy. I'm a deer in the headlights on this, but such a great writer u are and I love the food, keep up the good work please! MMMoody
May 17, 2006

Sassi? Where art thou? We need the great australian! Come back to braingle! Or all hope shall be lost in the fog of proper english speaking aussies...
Oct 22, 2007

Good job. I got confused at first with the entree vs main dish thing, as I call them appetizers, so I had to be careful not to mark the wrong section of the grid. But in the end, I got it.

Moody, yes shrimp and tuna are meat. It is the flesh of a living creature therefore it is considered meat. Also, tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable.
Jul 23, 2009

Good teaser. Getting the clues together, not bad. Took a little time, but getting them all right was worth the effort.

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