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Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#26459
Fun:*** (3.08)
Difficulty:** (1.69)
Submitted By:Winner4600******




Sandra is one of five sisters, all of different ages. They each have a unique interest and favorite color. On top of that, the 5 girls all like a different food! Their parents are hopelessly confused as to what each girl likes, but they DO know some facts. Help them remember who's who from the following clues:

1. The tennis racket belongs to the 10-year-old.

2. Belinda loves her violin, which she started playing when she was 4.

3. The 5 girls are: Loren, the cat-lover, the 6-year-old, Jenny, and the one who likes purple.

4. Miriam is only allowed to have one cat, partly because Jenny is afraid any more will scare away her many boyfriends.

5. The family Picasso, Loren, is said to be going through her "Blue Period" - everything she owns is blue!

6. Many of Loren's paintings have been created while eating ice cream, her favorite food.

7. The 3-year-old still eats applesauce, but the 6-year-old likes her newly discovered snack, chips, better.

8. Jenny found she liked salad, after an attempt to go on a diet.

9. Belinda thinks she plays better in orange surroundings, but the 13-year-old likes pink better.

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Oct 20, 2005

I liked it, way to be
Oct 20, 2005

Too many assumptions
Oct 20, 2005

I had to do it twice, because I thought I had to make an assumption, then I saw that I had misread it the first time. Very tricky! Also fun!
Oct 20, 2005

This one was another good one It was fun to do. The clues were adequate and the assumptions to be made were realistic (3yr olds don't eat salad & aren't normally boy-crazy) Good job!!!!
Oct 20, 2005

Fun! Thanks! After the last few days, i needed an easy one!
Oct 20, 2005

There were actually no probably just didn't finish reading the clues.
Oct 21, 2005

OK, so after the other comments, I went back and did the puzzle again. I looked very carefully and tried NOT to make any assumptions (rather than just saying, ok, that's an assumption). Here are the two that I could not solve the puzzle without making:

Clue 9: Belinda plays better in orange surroundings. Does this mean orange is her _favorite_ color? Maybe she hates orange and her playing is better because her extreme dislike fuels her talent.

Clue 7: The 3 year old still eats applesauce. So what. I still eat applesauce sometimes. That does not mean it is my favorite food. Even three year olds will eat foods that are not their favorites. My son's favorite food is bananas, but he will still eat many many other foods (including at least 4 of the things on the list).

I know it may sound picky to some, but these are logic puzzles. Logic and assumptions are not compatible.

Thanks for the comments though, I will be careful in the future to make sure I have really carefully read the puzzle before I make such comments. And if I am wrong and you CAN solve the puzzle WITHOUT those assumptions, please do let me know.
Oct 21, 2005

WOW, Great one, brain hurts keep those coming,and I didn't peek
Oct 21, 2005

You can find the applesauce answer after you find that Belinda is 6 (which you can)

I don't really know about the orange, but maybe (and I haven't tried this, but it might work) after Jenny-pink, you could find Belinda-orange. Or it might, like you said, be an assumption.

There are also many teasers with total assumptions, like one with a dog show or something. It was all "If -- was --, then -- was --" You were still able to figure it out, like you could this one.

I also like teasers that don't have answers straight out in front of you. That way you have to think a bit... So I try to base my clues around those principles, but still make it solvable.

Any suggestions or tips are welcome.
Oct 21, 2005

Wow! I took so long typing that another comment came up!!!

(By the way, thanks, redraptor)
Oct 23, 2005

Since there are soo many unnecessary clues I think you can do a lot of this puzzle (maybe not all) without the assumptions. However I am surprised that you mentioned the applesauce and orange clues without mentioning the boyfriend clue. I mean, she could be an 3, 6, or 8 year old with multiple boyfriends, right? Like I said, there are a lot of clues on this one. Many of the criteria can be eliminated without assumptions of preference.
Oct 23, 2005

Ok I went back and had to use at least two of the assumptions.. I was left with only orange and green for Belinda and since she thinks orange is "better" I had to use it. It is better than green. hah.
Nov 04, 2005

hey...i dont think u want me 2 put ur name, but u know me o 2 well and thanx 4 the tribute...o and i currenlty Dont hav many boyfriends should know who i am by now...belinda's the one who went on anyway i liked the teaser...was famazing...cha! ur 1 about the cats really confused me though...oy headache time...good job u got me right 2 the tee...impressive
Nov 04, 2005

p.s. call me soon 4 HP4
Nov 04, 2005

knew from your name, MAXI.
Nov 06, 2005

I really like this teaser. Thanx
Dec 09, 2005

no assumptions were needed although the oldest was most likely to like boys and diet... the clue about the musician threw me off for a bit because i thought it mean that she was 13, so skipped that one and went back to it at the end and saw that i misinterpreted it.
Dec 09, 2005

thanks wizkid, elemandia
Feb 03, 2006

Good one. For whatever reason I got messed up yesterday but this AM it was a breeze.
Jul 19, 2007

Lovely. Not so difficult, yet not so easy. Passed a whole 1 and a half hours at work to do. Im happy with this one.
(user deleted)
Aug 06, 2007

took like 20 min to do, but still a very good puzzle, fun and slightly difficult, and i agree with scihead about the applesauce and orange thing, but i think he/she did a little to much thinking on it... haha, thanks for the puzzle
Aug 17, 2007

I don't know.. Maybe i missed something, but there is not any fact that says that one of the girls is of age of 8. I tried to solve this without grid-solver. i just copied text and thinking on way home in the bus..
I am wondering; how do you know that on of the girls has 8 years?
Aug 17, 2007

galja, by process of elimination.
Aug 24, 2007

Ok.. Why can't she have 9 or 7 years? Why 8?
Aug 24, 2007

... because 7 or 9 is not an option...
Sep 03, 2007

I thought it was a fun and overall great teaser (and very easy)!
Mar 31, 2008

That was fun! It had just the right amount of challenge, not too easy or too difficult. Great job! Keep them coming!
Jul 23, 2009

I really liked this teaser. The logic part of it was interesting, doable and fun all -in-one. The only true assumption that I made was that Jenny was 13, but I thought that was logical. Good Job. Keep them coming!!
Jan 16, 2010

winner4600; loved this one! I actually have 5 daughters and trying to keep their interests sorted out is a logistical nightmare sometimes lol

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