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Gray Squares

An optical illusion is a visually perceived image that is deceptive or misleading.


Puzzle ID:#26490
Fun:*** (2.78)
Submitted By:JakeAadminus*mod!!!




Would you believe that the colors of squares A and B are the same? They are!

Use your fingers or a piece of paper with holes cut in it to block out the rest of the picture and you will see that they are.

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Oct 16, 2005

This is a good one. I wonder how they done that. Keep the illusions coming.
Oct 16, 2005

They arn't they are different shades of gray like GREY and GRAy

like that they arn't the same!
Oct 16, 2005

Oct 16, 2005

good 1
Oct 16, 2005

they aren't the same? I dont get it!
Oct 16, 2005

they aren't the same? I dont get it!
Oct 16, 2005

Sorry, once again, my computer is messing up and writing the message more than once!
Oct 17, 2005

This is so funny
Oct 17, 2005

Wow ! I took it to paintbrush and erased the rest of the image except A and B squares and they are ACTUALLY the same color ! Great illusion indeed !
Oct 17, 2005

Nice one but i have seen most of these illusions already .
Oct 17, 2005

I checked the colors in Paint Shop Pro, and their values aren't exactly the same, but they're close enough for government work (as my old boss used to say).
Oct 17, 2005

Huh? They aren't the same.
Oct 17, 2005

Very clever. Still dont entirely get it but cool none the less.
Oct 17, 2005

I love these.
Oct 17, 2005

Actually, they are the same shade. Try using a picture editor w/c gives you the exact shades/pixels (or whatever they call it, sorry I forgot ) I saw this in an optical illusion site.
Oct 17, 2005

This one is just tooooo cool!! I loved it!!
Oct 17, 2005

They are the same, but you don't care enough to test that out.
Oct 17, 2005

Wow! They actually are the same, I never would have thought it, they just look so different.
Oct 18, 2005

I love optical illusions but I just didn't get this one
Oct 19, 2005

NO NO NO NO NO! They are NOT the same!!!!! I cut holes in a piece of paper, and while they were closer than at first glance, they were absolutely not the same! Now, maybe if you look with Paint Brush or whatever, but I think that maybe when it's all there on the screen the shades change because of what's around them, in reality! not in illusion. That might be why in Paint Shop they look the same when you erase everything else, ya know?
Oct 19, 2005

They are STILL NOT the same, BUT! If you look at square B, then look at the black square down, right diagonal one, and down one, that square and square B are the same, so I think it must have something to do with the monitor and the brightness setting, etc.
Oct 19, 2005

Are they the same or not boy am i confused
Oct 19, 2005

They are the same shade of gray and you can test by opening the jpg in paint and erasing everything but the 2 squares. What makes this illusion work is that the A in square A is white and the B in square B is black and that adds to the effect with the shading of the cylinder.
Oct 19, 2005

Solidgordy you are wrong. This illusion came out way before Paintbrush. If you had this picture and then cut out all the squares you would see they are the same, when you compare side by side with no other squares.
I love illusions that are so effective people will argue till their black and blue that they are not the same color, then when you show them proof they are stupified or amazed.
Oct 19, 2005

Oct 20, 2005

I did cut out squares and look at them by themselves, just like you suggested. I did that at first. That's why I said they are not the same, because on my monitor, they are NOT the same, but, the same square down and right from B, down one diagonal square and one down, THAT one IS the same, when you look through the two holes. Im telling ya, I think it has something to do with the brightness or some other variation on each monitor, because Believe me, on MY MONITOR, they are NOT the same.
Oct 20, 2005

ok I did it both ways and B square is lighter than A square....
Oct 20, 2005

yes, they are the same. when you put the picture in paintbrush, even after you remove all the other pieces B seems lighter than A. BUT, if you select one of the squares and put it right next to the other one...they are the same color. I think the person above was right, the reason they look different when they are apart is because the A is white and the B is black but if you put the squares right next to each other the colors are the same. I still cant believe it....that is awesom.
Oct 20, 2005

wow thats amazing, they r the same color, its because of the color around A and B that they seem different.
Oct 21, 2005

I think that's really interesting that the above said that if you look through two holes or erase the other squares, they still look different, but if you put them next to each other, they are the same. What I wonder is if on a computer monitor, if they are affected by the squares around them For REAL, not just to your eye. I can see what the illusion is about, and its great, because like I said, the square from B, down right diag. one, down straight one, that one does look exactly the same as B when you look through two holes, etc.
Oct 21, 2005

very cool
Oct 22, 2005

I didn't believe it when I first saw it either. But I used the paint programme and OMG! they are the same.
(user deleted)
Oct 22, 2005

There not the same to me

But it is an optical ILLUSION so i guess they are
Oct 22, 2005

All it says are that the colors of squares a and b are the same. They are! I did the paint thing but they were different shades of gray. That didnt seems right so I reread it and the colors are the same. The letter "A" matches the shade of square b and the Letter "B" matches the shade of square a. so the "colors" are the same!!!
Oct 22, 2005

They are two different shades of grey, they arent the same colour at all.
Oct 23, 2005

Ooh I love this one!
I could see how they could be the same.
Oct 24, 2005

wow! how'd they do that? and does the cylinder need to b green? good 1!
Oct 25, 2005

WOW. These are great and yes they are the same. To me at least, more please...
Oct 25, 2005

They were close enough. I like this one, and the other ones like it.
Oct 26, 2005

I tried the holes in the paper and they still looked different. But then I did paintbrush and they are exactly the same color, not just close shades of grey, EXACTLY the same color. You know it's a good teaser when it creates such debate!
Oct 27, 2005

Yeah... WOW... I tried the paint thing too... and they are EXACTLY the same shades of gray... amazing
Oct 28, 2005

I don't get it
Oct 28, 2005

I really think it has a lot to do with the brightness and contrast on your monitor. When I cover everything else up, they are still light and dark. Aren't we comparing apples and oranges here because of difference in monitors? "Optical illusions" should be in how your EYES perceive something.
Oct 28, 2005

I really think it has a lot to do with the brightness and contrast on your monitor. When I cover everything else up, they are still light and dark. Aren't we comparing apples and oranges here because of difference in monitors? "Optical illusions" should be in how your EYES perceive something.
Oct 28, 2005

Ooops.... why did it do that? I only hit add ONCE!!
Oct 29, 2005

Wow! At first I didn't believe it!
Oct 30, 2005

Oct 31, 2005

i still dont get it
Nov 02, 2005

Wow, the squares are the same color. Amazing. I am loving these optical illusions more and more. I noticed the most effective way to find out is to put the image in the paint and erase all but the A and B squares.
Nov 02, 2005

well shadows do exst
Nov 02, 2005

I like this one because I always find new comments when I look. I was curious about someone's question, I sonder also if the cylinder has to be green for it to "work", even though I don't believe it works absolutely perfectly, but.... Does the cylinder have to be green?
Nov 03, 2005

One of my favorite illusions.
Nov 03, 2005

these r so not the same colors!
Nov 04, 2005

I didn't see it.
Nov 07, 2005

of course they're the same colors, it would be silly to put up an optical illusion that didnt work
Nov 07, 2005

omg they are!!! wow. i think it has something to do with the cylinder's shadow and stuff, it's pretty simple once you think about it. good one... i love it!
Nov 09, 2005

i put the paper up there and they arent the same. i dunno. maybe it has to do with the fact that the illusion was on paper and all that originally. and computers mutate it or something..
Nov 09, 2005

Yes they are the same. Using any photo editor simply cut out each square, then paste them next to each other. Seamless match. The actual letter A/B are different shades, adding to the illusion i, imagine?
Nov 10, 2005

Nov 10, 2005

They are the same colour. It's hard to see on a computer screen as the angle you see them from is slightly different for each square.
Nov 10, 2005

dont look the same 2 me
Nov 15, 2005

They are definitly not the same. This is a realy stupid teaser i think you just downloaded. No offecnce.
Nov 16, 2005

Well, I didn't see it, so will have to head to paint to believe it!! Wow what a discussion
Nov 16, 2005

Definitely the best one so far, it being the hardest illusion to proove...
Nov 17, 2005

That's cool!!! You have 2 cover up the A and B also to see they are the same color. It is the best one I have seen.
Nov 19, 2005

a looks so much darker. thats so cool tho!
Nov 21, 2005

Nov 26, 2005

I have looked at this one several times and using the hole in paper but did not work , tried the paint brush thing and there it was, they are the same amazing
Nov 29, 2005

I've seen this one before... BUT STILL COOL!
Nov 30, 2005

so the squares aren't the same color, but the shadow makes is look the same color.

I like the person who said, "They are definitly not the same. This is a realy stupid teaser i think you just downloaded. No offecnce." Who are you talking to. The people who made this website put it here and I don't think they care.
Dec 01, 2005

I don't see the different colors.. any tips on how to look at it?
Dec 02, 2005

They're the same. I'd seen this optical illusion a while ago, and since I was working at a computer art place, I had access to Photoshop, so I opened the image and sampled the color from both squares. Both squares came out to color #6B6B6B - which means that out of 16,777,216 possible color combinations, they were identical. It still blows my mind when I see it though; according to the human eye, they're totally different.
Dec 06, 2005

I went to my paintshop to test it cause they looked so different. I cut and eased around them and them dropped to coloers to equal sized boxes and it worked it was very creepy!!!!
Dec 07, 2005

Woah, this is odd. At first I saw it and I couldn't believe it. I checked with Paint, then I believed it and decided to try and recreate it with an illusion of my own. Right now though, I just look at the illusion... they don't look different anymore to me. :$
Dec 09, 2005

at first when i saw this i said no way they are different colors. Then i saw other saying to check it in paint I cut just a small square out of A and drug it over to B and zoomed in and they are exactly the same That is so cool
Dec 10, 2005

yea i know...its soo cool..because at first I took a piece of paper and just cut out squares to mach the A and B squares but they still looked different so I read some of your comments and took it to paint and they really are the exact same color!!!!
Dec 19, 2005

i tried it. and it did NOT work... they are totally different shades!
Dec 19, 2005

just kidding
it worked
Dec 20, 2005

I didn't get it either.
Dec 21, 2005

at first, i wAS ALL Like thEse arE so diFfrEnT cOloRs, bUt thEn i LoOkEd On PaInT oR w/E aNd ThEy R tHe SaMe!!!
Dec 25, 2005

I used PhotoDraw to black out the rest of the picture and it worked! It turned out that (SPOILER WARNING) A and B appear to be slanted at different angles!!! Cool!
(user deleted)
Dec 28, 2005

Three of us did this and they are different colors. This was a waste of time.
(user deleted)
Dec 28, 2005

My bad. I erased and cut .They are the same color. Sorry.
Jan 01, 2006

way too much thinking but also cool
Jan 01, 2006

i dont really get it
Jan 03, 2006




Jan 07, 2006

liked it but i would have rated it higher if i didnt have to get up off my butt and grab a piece of paper and cut it and then put it on the screen just to prove the thing was really the same color but it was cool! uh they dont have a 'thumbs-up' smiley but..thumbs up!
Jan 12, 2006

A very good one. Amazing how our eyes work sometimes.
Jan 14, 2006

I just didn't see it, no matter what I did..
Jan 14, 2006

I just did the paper thingy, they were still different shades of gray, I wonder if my pc colours are off???
Jan 27, 2006

OK, you got me to become a member just because, I, like you, was frustrated to the point where I just about to admit that I couldn't see that they were the same. The problem was that I had even a little of the screen uncovered that was not in the A or B square. To fix this I put my left index finger over the screen so it covered both the A and B letters (those will throw you off, too). Then I pressed the 3 long finger tips of my right hand into my left index finger and squeezed my right fingers together until I could only see 2 small triangles of the screen. With my right palm facing me, I was able to get triangles of various sizes and of each of the A and B squares until I was convinced they were the same color.

I suspect that the paper will not work if your intensity is set high enough that you can see ANY light through the paper. Also, monitors would only matter if they don't display the same color or intensity on different parts of the screen; maybe you have too many of those refrigerator magnets on the side ;).
Feb 03, 2006

WOW. That's weird .Cool though.
Feb 06, 2006

Am I the only one who couldn't find the letter B?
Feb 16, 2006

on my computer , they are absolutely NOT the same . as has been said they are closer , but not the same .
Feb 26, 2006

On my screen they are completely different, even when i get rid of the other squares. But, on my old computer I have seen this same illusion work.
Mar 05, 2006

WoW! itS tHe cYLiNdArS fAuLt RiTe? ♥
(user deleted)
Mar 05, 2006

I spent an half of an hour trying to figure this wierd, non-working optical illouson and it still did not work!!!
Mar 07, 2006

WOW! I cut holes in paper but that did nothing; they were still different. But then I copied the image into paint, cut out block B and moved it over A and they were the same.
Mar 10, 2006

there is no way they are the same!! NO WAY!!
(user deleted)
Mar 11, 2006

Actually, they are not EXACTLY the same color.

If you look at it in Photoshop and do a sample of each square with the "eye dropper" tool one shade of grey is #6B6B6B and the other is #6A6A6A (remember to change your MODE to RGB if it doesn't open up automatically in that mode).

They are close though....and without disecting it in Photoshop to the naked eye they look COMPLETELY different.

Mar 13, 2006

i dont get it
Mar 15, 2006

Wow, this is a good one!

(Copy the image to paint and erase everything but the two squares if you don't get it.)
Mar 15, 2006

OK so look buddy the stupid squares are NOT the same i did wat u said but did it work no it didnt
Mar 17, 2006

yeah they totally r the same if u tryd the paint thing and it didnt work maybe u just have a sucky computer lol

yeah this one was really awesome but i dont really get how they made it look lyk tat
Mar 17, 2006

Mar 22, 2006

great illusion , I believe the shadow cast by the green object, is what fools your eyes, into thinking they are different.
Mar 26, 2006

Even after proving myself wrong many times, I still can't believe they are the same! This is a great one!
Mar 29, 2006

still dont get it.. i'm curious about it.. hope it is true that a is the same color as b. i've tried it but a still darker than b.. why?! i dunno
Apr 03, 2006

The squares are the same. I compared them in paint with nothing else but them. I used all the tools that I could, including the "eye-dropper" and then filling the other square, Looking up the number of the color, and everything else that I could do. THEY ARE THE EXACT SAME! I didn't believe it at first but I do now.
Apr 09, 2006

For all of you who still don't believe it:

First, step way far back from your screen. Now look. Are they the same yet?

Second, this is the creator of this illusion's website. Check it out for proof. /persci/people/adelson/ checkershadow_proof.html

(You'll have to remove the spaces in the url.)
Apr 12, 2006

At first I was going to say that they were'nt but then i did the paper thing and saw they r...
Apr 12, 2006

an absolute classic. thanks
Apr 18, 2006

Best illusion I've seen so far! This this is, wow. Cool!
Apr 28, 2006

VERY COOL! I had to do the paint thing too tho!
Apr 29, 2006

Very very cool. I also had to copy it to painbrush to test it out. WOW!! Sure caused a lot of discussion. Great illusion!

Jake, you sure have a monopoly on the illusions - no one else has any to submit??
Apr 30, 2006

i tried covering it with paper, but the colors were still slightly different
May 03, 2006

that is so is that possible!
May 03, 2006

im to lazy to go through that process
May 11, 2006

they aren't the same on mine i will try that one suggestion by looking at the other ones down fromit but it didn't work for me
May 17, 2006

I checked it out visually AND on paint and they are the same.
May 18, 2006

I can't get my mind around it. Even after checking it visually, and verifying it with paint, I know that are the same, but I can't make myself SEE it.
May 23, 2006

I know what you mean kwelch. I dropped into painta and erased it and whoa! They are the same!! But I cannot see it when they are next to each other.
(user deleted)
May 25, 2006

its not xactly de same.

'B' is lighter.....ny1 can make dat out!
May 27, 2006

Both squares are the same color. Those of you who deny this are just too lazy to put the picture in Microsoft Paint and check.
Jun 05, 2006

Sweeet ! i love it haha best way to test it if your to lazy to erase everything. Put it a picture viewing program and click the eye dropper tool that picks up the color of what you click do it on each box and draw a line youll c both lines come out exactly the same or itle just show when you click each box that the color hasn't changed... =) keep em commin
Jun 10, 2006

this is my favorite optical illusion of all time..I think I first saw it about 5 or 6 years ago...
Jun 18, 2006

i have seen it before and it is great!!!!!!!!!
Jun 25, 2006

yeah, at first i didnt see it but you have to make sure the coloring is right on your computer, and you have to be at a certain distance from the picture, im not sure how much i like this but it was pretty good!
Jun 30, 2006

This is awesome!!!
Jul 01, 2006

Jul 04, 2006

I have not tested it, but maybe if you print out the picture and then cut out the squares it'll work?
Jul 11, 2006

i looked 4 ever! i dont see that they are the same i even tryed the paper and hands! they still look different to me!! they are different shades in my eyes
Jul 24, 2006

You got me on this one, but you did not get my hubby! Could this one also but put in the trick section?
Aug 06, 2006

They don't look the same... they don't even look close!
Aug 26, 2006

This is awesome! I must admit, I didn't believe they were until I went in to paint shop and erased everything but those two squares. It is really cool
Sep 08, 2006

yeah, I did the paper thing, and they arn't even close to the same color. I think the original of this must have had slightly different shades.
Oct 18, 2006

I knew they were the same straight away
Oct 19, 2006

No they aren't, I even did the holes in the paper and it isn't the same!!!!!
(user deleted)
Nov 07, 2006

Ok, here is the deal. The image is a jpg therfore because of the image compression you will get slight color variations from one pixel to the next. Using a color picker that works of the screen I can see that the colors in both squares vary from rgb(106,106,106) to about rgb(108,108,10. However it does appear that the colors in both squares vary in the smae range and are probably equivalent. The only way to know for sure is if we have a bmp (bitmap) file which would be uncompressed and include the true intended color for every pixel. My vote is that they are likely the same. The little hole in paper trick wont be as convincing because the liar here are the eyes, not the monitor.
Nov 18, 2006

Their not to me!

I guess it's just me.
(user deleted)
Nov 20, 2006

Dec 05, 2006

A few words....

Dec 11, 2006

To all of the people who are erasing everything but the two squares in paint and still seeing two different colors: erase the A and B and then look at it. The different colors of the letters can make the colors of the squares still apear to be different, but without the letters, the squares look identical.
Dec 21, 2006


they are....the same....

something of a

for the first time....i was proven wrong....... .......about a opticle llusion
Dec 28, 2006

i seriously don't get it!!!!! how are they the same?
Dec 28, 2006

WOW!!! i got it now..... that is soooo coooool!
Jan 03, 2007

That is a wonderful illusion! The best I've seen yet....I also took it to paint and erased everything else but the two squares....Thanks for sharing!
Jan 05, 2007

This is one of my favourite optical illusions ever.

To be technical, I believe that the fact that the colours are the same only apply when you view this image in a two dimensional plane (like on a monitor or piece of paper.) If you recreated this using objects in three dimensional space, then the colours could no longer be considered the same, because colour is relative in non-abstract, 3D space (in a similar way to how you can't say that an apple is EXACTLY this colour since it changes depending on the light source and your viewing angle, and there can be no definitive standard on what is the right way to view it.) As a 2D object, you can assume that the light source on it is equal all around, or close enough to make it count anyway. That's just my opinion though, I'm not sure if it's absolutely correct.
Jan 14, 2007

if the piece of paper thing doesnt work, or your fingers, just copy the image into some photo editing software, and check the tint of both squares. they come out the same.
its somepretty tight stuff
Feb 02, 2007

maybe it depends on how good your computer screen is, cause I tested it out and they arn't the same colour
Feb 13, 2007

I took it to paint, an derased evrthing But they still looked diffferent! So I copied the color from A and marked out the letter A, then I copied the color from B and marked out the B. Then I simply filled between them with one of the colors, and they are practically the same! And people, if you say your monitor is off on colors, both would be off, because they are the same color. What you are saying is one doesn't look like the othre becasue the colors are off. Well, your monitor isn't picky. If it is off, then the whole picture would be off, and this teaser would still work!
Mar 13, 2007

I saw it but I still can't believe it! WOW!
Apr 01, 2007

I can't believe my eyes!
Apr 05, 2007

I have seen most of these illusions already
Apr 14, 2007

Apr 27, 2007

Way cool!!!!!
Jun 01, 2007

Jun 04, 2007

Yes, they are the same. Go onto 'Same color illusion' on Wikipedia and you'll find proof.
Jun 10, 2007

Jun 14, 2007

I didn't believe it either. Copied it to paint and they are the same. Very clever
Jun 17, 2007

I think the teaser is saying that the color of letter "A" and letter "B" are the same.
Jun 30, 2007

thats a good guess but i think they're different to be honest.
Jul 18, 2007

And how the heck do you find it?!?!
Jul 23, 2007

I tried both cutting holes in paper, and using paint. Cutting holes in paper did not work at all. The two squares still looked very different. But I copied the illusion into paint and erased everything but the two squares. I still could see a difference. It wasn't until I erased the "A" and "B" in the boxes that I could see that they are, in fact, the same color.
Aug 15, 2007

I did not move the image over into the paint program, but I did cover the rest of the board with paper and do not see the same colors... maybe it's my computer
Aug 22, 2007

It's not working for me...I guess I'll try it again. This is one optical illusion I've never seen before.
Sep 16, 2007

Sep 26, 2007

I copied it in MS paint and erased the rest of the image. I also used the pick color tool to match their shades. They're exactly the same!!!!!!!!!! 8-x
Oct 04, 2007

If you kind of let your eyes unfocus when you look at it, you can see it. At least I did
Oct 26, 2007

Nov 02, 2007

This is really cool, because box B is darker because of the shadow fot he cylinder, and box A is lighter because of the lighting set on the picture. turns out they're the same color... neat!
Nov 11, 2007

Super cool! I was in doubt, so I actually cut out the pix and compared the two squares! They're actually the same colors!
Nov 24, 2007

They arent the same though...
Dec 17, 2007

it actually doesnt work: however, ive seen this illusion before and it worked there. maybe the pic got messed up on the transition to the website? idk, but it DOES NOT work on this site!!!!! =l
Dec 17, 2007

OMG! how strange...
Dec 18, 2007

Those who say it does not work...

PRINT IT OUT, then cut out the two squares.

Then compare.

I didn't believe it at first, I was wholeheartedly against it being true, but it IS!

Print it out and cut out the two squares, YOU WILL SEE the difference!
Dec 24, 2007

Jan 01, 2008

What!!! they are not the same color they are similar but B is lighter than A!!
(user deleted)
Jan 06, 2008

the squares are the same color as each other but if you take more other squares and put them next to squares a & b. the other squares are a different color. but theyre close though
Jan 24, 2008

Cool illusion! I couldn't really tell the difference, but I believe everyone else!
Feb 12, 2008

I didnt get it at first. Thanks peeps for suggesting going to paint. I see it now, thats a cool illusion!
Mar 16, 2008

Im not saying its wrong, im just confused.??
Mar 23, 2008

i dont believe it its ACTUALLY true! just cope the image to paint, erase ev'rything BUT the 2 squares, and voila! ITS TRUE amazing!
Apr 04, 2008

Even if they are different, it'd still work even if they were the same color.

"Does the cylinder have to be green?"
No, it's the shadow that counts. The illusion of the picture makes us think that the shadow makes everything darker, but because B is supposed to be the Shadowed up version of the Lighter square, we at first believe that it's lighter.
Apr 23, 2008

Yes, the only way to really tell is to use Paint and erase everything else other than the boxes.

I was still skeptical even after erasing some boxes, but it wasn't until I erased EVERYTHING, that you can start to see they are the SAME.

If you're still unsure, erase the letters in the center of the boxes what do you think?
May 10, 2008

wot??????? they arent the same!!!!!!!!!!
(user deleted)
May 21, 2008

They are not TWO shades of grey, they are exactly the same, not the letters but the squares themselves.

Copy and paste it to paint bucket, and erase EVERYTHING but the two squares and I mean everything!!

Then you will see that they are the same!, it is crazy!! lol

I didn't think it would work, even when I had erased over 90% of it it still didn't look the same, you have to leave ONLY the two squares nothing else!.
Aug 10, 2008

I don't get it. It was confusing
Sep 16, 2008

^ I agree.
Oct 17, 2008

It wan confusing but fun.
Oct 17, 2008

Oops, I mean was confusing.
Oct 28, 2008

This one's awesome! They really are the same shade of grey - it's amazing! I had to use the Paint method of erasing to prove it to myself, but it was worth it. Too cool!
Nov 11, 2008

i don't see it...
Dec 24, 2008

this is a very nice one. wow!
Dec 31, 2008

I would never had guessed that the two squares would be the same. Cutting out paper made them look round the right shade, although I had my glasses on at the time (so I get headaches, bad focus, etc). Good illusion, although that is all it is.
(user deleted)
Jan 15, 2009

Here's the easiest way to do this:
1) Right-click the image
2) Save it to your hard drive
3) Open it in MS Paint
4) Click the select tool (the dotted-line rectangle)
5) Click and drag the tool to select an area that has part of the 'A' square in it.
6) Click Edit, then Copy
7) Click Edit, then Paste (the area you selected will appear in the top left corner of the picture).
Click on it and drag it to the 'B' square.
The colors really are the same.

What's even cooler is to drag the selected area back and forth from the 'A' square to the 'B' square. It almost seems to change color while you're dragging it.
Jan 20, 2009

actually they arent the same. i went to paint and i erased everything but the squares. and it appears that b is actually lighter that. and for u to see that and u have to do this. first save the image and then go paint retrieve the image and erase everything except the two squares. afterwords u must go to image in the left corner near file. once u click image scroll down to invert colors and if u look close u will see that b is lighter than a. nice job trying though!
(user deleted)
Feb 21, 2009

It is very simple to see that these images are exactly the same. One is not lighter than the other one. In paint, just simply erase everything around both squares so that no other color is around the squares. Even take the time to Erase the A and the B, so that now you are left with 2 blobs of color. Copy and move one of the squares next to the other one. The SAME COLOR. You can even go as far as using the Dropper to pick up one of the squares colors and begin coloring over the other one. They will blend seamlessly. As long as you get rid of all the other colors, including the A and the B letters, it makes it much simpler. By leaving the letters in the center, the B square will look lighter, this is part of the illusion to make it seem lighter to begin with. THEY ARE THE SAME, EXACTLY!!!
Mar 21, 2009

This is definitely the coolest illusion on the site!

I can almost always see past the illusion to the reality without props. This one I had to cover all the other parts of the picture, plus the surrounding white before i could see they were the same. Even then, the light/dark lettering made it difficult to hold the image so that the colors looked the same. Absolutely great illusion!
Mar 27, 2009

Wow, they are the same! I tried it in paint, and then it works, but you really won't see it by covering up the picture on this site.

Any way an image of just the 2 blocks could be added to the answer?
Jun 18, 2009

After getting po'd at this illuision, I finally seen that they are the same color!!!! you have to have the green cylindar covered up completly. that's what worked for me anyways.
Jun 29, 2009

geez people still discuss wether they're the same or not? i printed this image once and cut the squares and compared, i even showed to a lot of people... they are duh same
Oct 21, 2009

at first, i thought, "hey
theyre totally diff!"
but i erased the rest at paint,
leaving A and B and OMG!
They are the same!
Nov 04, 2009

A & B r the same, but the squares are not. Not to me...
May 11, 2010

how do i do paintbrush?
Nov 19, 2010

thats awesome!
Nov 27, 2010

i don't get why that is, but it is!!!!
(user deleted)
Jan 07, 2011

I could not believe this one bit. I took this into Photoshop to analyze the colors. They are indeed the same. However, to the few of you who are saying it's not exact but close enough, it is because of the way that JPEGs are compressed. They will sacrifice quality in presence of low file sizes. They will "round" extremely close colors to be identical so that instead of saving "this exact color, this exact color, this exact color, this exact color, this exact color", it can just save "this exact color five times" if that makes any sense. In simple terms which is shorter? 4.9 + 5.1 + 4.95 + 4.9 + 5.05 or 5 x 5? If you want to analyze the colors with a professional grade image editor, you need to take this into consideration and zoom in so that you can tell what the original color was (the big glob of identical color).
Jun 03, 2011

missed it
Feb 26, 2012

Didn't work.
Apr 20, 2012

I don't get it
Jul 14, 2013

WOW!!! !!! I can't believe it!!! I really could see any way that they could be the same until I went on paint and erased everything else. That's insane! And I am NOT easily fooled by optical illusions! Awesome!!!!!
Jul 14, 2013

Ooops! I meant I couldn't see...
Aug 28, 2013

Yes they are same color.....initialy they were diferrent but when that shadow made them some color...
Oct 21, 2013

Very interesting! ... But I still don't see them as the same - even with the 2 holes in a paper test. They did look much closer than they originally did, but not the same.
Oct 21, 2013

OK - I just printed it and cut out the squares and put them next to each other and by golly they really are the same color! Amazing!
Jun 07, 2014

This is my favourite illusion.

Its clever how it works, the light squares and background around the top square make it appear darker than it is.
But the opposite for the middle square.

So combining both, it really makes them look different, the shadow is another factor too
Jun 15, 2014

Not the same but a lot closer than I thought they would be. FUN
Sep 11, 2014

Used paint. well I'll be damned. Didn't expect them to the same.
Aug 19, 2015

Those who don't believe that they are same color, do as suggested :
1. Open the picture in paint.
2. Copy small piece and past from A square and B square.
3. Expand them, you will see same color.
May 05, 2016

Really Cool
Nov 29, 2016

Technically they're all the same color, just different shades. Also, it further tricks us with the letters 'A' and 'B'. We are so used to putting black letters on lighter backgrounds and white letters on darker backgrounds.
Mar 12, 2017

It doesn't work.

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