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A Trip to the Zoo

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#26603
Fun:*** (3.08)
Difficulty:** (2.09)
Submitted By:Rob2003*****




One day, five mothers each brought their only child to the zoo. The children had a glorious time together watching the different animals and eating their favorite snacks. The kids were so good, at the end of the day each mother let her child get one item from the souvenir shop as they were leaving the zoo. Can you determine the full name of each child, each child's favorite snack and animal, and the souvenir each brought home?

1. Julia, who loves cotton candy, didn't like the elephants. Mary didn't get a caramel apple. The child who got the stuffed animal liked the giraffes best.

2. Alan Rivera, the girl who liked the lions, and the child who got the activity set didn't want to leave the zoo.

3. Neither of the boys got fried dough, but one got nachos and the other one liked the monkeys best. Tom didn't get a poster.

4. The Gomez child almost got a coloring book with Mary but finally decided on a poster.

5. Tom, whose last name isn't Lozada, got a toy gun but didn't get a caramel apple. The Rodriguez child had fried dough.

6. Beth, who didn't like the giraffes or the elephants best, got an activity set.

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© Shelly Hazard:

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Oct 29, 2005

Very Good! I am surprised I got this very tricky one in a reasonable length of time!
Oct 29, 2005

loved it
Oct 29, 2005

Fun and cute and not too hard. I liked it.
Oct 29, 2005

To me there wasnt enough info
Oct 29, 2005

^_^ I love this one. It is so wow. I thought it would be super hard and take me forever but it made me happy that I got it right.
Oct 29, 2005

good teaser, but somwhat easy
Oct 29, 2005

Great job once again, really like these
Oct 30, 2005

Well done!!
Oct 31, 2005

I like it. It is fun but there is no enough information to solve it.
Oct 31, 2005

I like it. It is fun but there is no enough information to solve it.
Nov 01, 2005

I enjoyed it! A nice amount of challenge, not real hard, but not super easy either. Good Job!
Nov 04, 2005

Wonderful, i love it when more facts need to be figured out, this is more on line with this stuff i really like , anyway, keep them comming
Nov 07, 2005

Good teaser!
Nov 08, 2005

Had a hard time with this one. Went over the clues several times but couldn't fill in all the pieces.
Nov 11, 2005

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Dec 13, 2005

"...Alan Rivera, the girl who liked the lions..." not worded might mistake alan for the lion girl...i only realized this later when another hint mentions that there're 2 boys...i always regard names as unisex coz even if there r some society that have name segregation between sexes but i wouldn't know if yours do the same...u could give note on who is what sex, or tell how many kids u're speaking about in the unclear clue...
Feb 06, 2006

Wow. That was hard. It took me forever to realize that Mary actually did have the comic book. GREAT JOB!
Apr 04, 2006

Because the story gives only 4 last names, 4 snacks and 4 animals, one must assume that more than 1 child likes some of the same things. Since there are some hints like "The Gomez child" you can assume that there is only 1 Gomez. This leads to an answer that both Alan and Tom are last name Rivera. You also come to the conclusion that both Julia and Tom like cotton candy. There is no way from the information given to figure out the animals for Julia or Mary. THEN AFTER READING THE ANSWER YOU READ ABOUT SEALS AND POPCORN. There were never any SEALS or POPCORN listed in the puzzle.
How are some of you pretending that you answered this puzzle when it wasn't possible? Clues are missing.
May 12, 2006

As to the above. No clues were missing. It's the lack of clue that made it interesting. Beth is solved by process of elimination. For example the final clue for the monkeys being that since one of the boys liked the monkeys, therefore none of the girls did. And since Beth (through elimination) liked either Monkeys OR Seals. She's not a boy, therefore Seals is the answer. I'm sure everyone here who claims they solved it, did indeed solve it. I'd hate to think otherwise.
Jun 26, 2006

I solved it, and did not have any problems with the clues. When I voted on it I put Fun and not too hard and not too easy. I thought it was a cute teaser and did not think there were any problems. Where It says, "Alan Rivera, the girl that likes lions,...." The comma is the clue that it is 2 other people. When there are several things listed, none of them match and you can elimated them from each other if they are seperated by commas. Go back and try the puzzle again. Remember Tom and Alan are boys, and look for commas between items. The fact that popcorn and seals are not mentioned is ok, because you can figure it out by process of elimination by filling in the things that you do know. Good Luck!

Thanks for this teaser, I loved it! Thougt it was cute, fun and not too difficult and solved it the first time, it was just what my tired brain needed. Keep them coming.
Oct 22, 2007

Great puzzle! Took me forever, but I did it.

Scallio, no info is missing. Use the GRID! You can't honestly say it's a bad teaser just because you can't be bothered to open the grid. It is after all, a "logic-grid".
Oct 23, 2010

This puzzle is a rip-off from the puzzlers paradise website - which has much, much, better logic-grids.

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