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Dying of Thirst?

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#26761
Fun:*** (2.71)
Difficulty:* (1.02)
Submitted By:Bware0313**
Corrected By:4demo




A man is walking through the Sahara desert, and is dying of thirst. His caravan was attacked by a group of brigands. He ran off, and the brigands let him live. He is desperately trying to find water, when he stumbles upon a random town. He goes up to a random man, and pleads for water. The Arab says 10 dollars. The man gladly paid him. The Arab handed him a jug that said H2O2. The man shouts, WATER! and drinks half of the bottle. He says his thanks, and walks off. After about 10 steps he falls to his knees, vomits, and dies. Why did he die?

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Nov 06, 2005

Bware what an honor to be first to comment on your wonderful teaser. I confess I didn't have the right answer, because I read what I thought it should have said not what it did say! I would not make a good scientist. I still learned something valuable.
Nov 06, 2005

This teaser was kind of easy, but I think it was because of the wording. It could have been little more tricky if it were worded differently. It was a good teaser, though!
Nov 06, 2005

it was really easy, but fun. i got it the first time
Nov 06, 2005

I think this teaser is extremely racey and I don't know how it got approved. With the war in Iraq I don't feel that this teaser is appropriate at all. It gives a message that arabs are blatantly killing others and that's not an okay message to give.
Nov 06, 2005

Oh, brother. PC run amuck.
Nov 06, 2005

This was a good one I got it right off, it is also known as hydrogen peroxide, GREAT WORK!! Loved it
Nov 06, 2005

By the way safire2191 I don't think Bware0313 meant anything by it. Since war is all over the place it could have been anywhere, but you have a right to your own opinion.
Nov 06, 2005

I knew the answer. YAY!
Nov 06, 2005

I corrected it, and it might be easier to understand.
Nov 06, 2005

Ty all for the comments, i didnt mean for it 2 be racist. It could of been anywhere... And thanks for fixing that hydrogen peroxide thing, i was half asleep when i wrote it...
Nov 06, 2005

No problem Bware0313, I love science and this one was great 2 thumbs up and PLEASE keep these coming
Nov 08, 2005

I didn't know what this formula was, but I knew that H2O2 is not the formula for water!So can I say that I got it? I suppose so! Thanx for the teaser.
Nov 08, 2005

Extremely easy.

Here's some info to match: Hydrogen Peroxide can bleach human hair, hence the phrase peroxide blonde. It can make a brunette into a blonde into a second, as it can be found in cosmetics. Here's another interesting fact: Hydrogen peroxide was used by the nazis as rocket fuel, not as a cosmetic!
Nov 09, 2005

very good one! safire, i dont think this teaser was supposed to portray arabs in a bad light. the arab could just as well have been dutch or american or whatever. but that wouldnt have fit, so he used a local nationality. anyway, i thought it was clever. not to difficult, so it made me feel
Nov 10, 2005

I'm still wondering a few things:
(1) Why a desert dweller is carrying around a container of peroxide, labelled by chemical formula?
(2) Why is he willing to sell it to a stranger in need of water? This doesn't match what I've read about the hospitality of any of the cultures that might match the situation.
(3) Why did the Arab quote a price in dollars? Is this all taking place in the US or Australia?
(4) Since when do "racy" and "racist" mean the same thing?

Finally, keep in mind that this is a single instance of a long-established story type. I see a neither a pattern, nor abuse, that warrants labelling the submitter "racist".
Nov 23, 2005

Didn't know that!
Nov 28, 2005

easyyyy I agree that this teaser is racist.. but I agree that the teaser maker didn't mean it..
Dec 13, 2005

THAT ISN'T A RACIST TEASER! For all we know the man himself could have made a mistake due to the fact that the lable on the bottle was a chemical formula and thought he was giving the man water!!! I personally take offense at the fact that ya'll jump to say this is racist. If you wanna see racist join the military like my boyfriend did...then talk to me as to why they can have stupid American/German/Chinese jokes and we can't even have a riddle based in that area. Grow up people. You aren't always goin to make everyone happy!
Dec 13, 2005

Sorry bout blowing up like that. It was a really good teaser!
Dec 25, 2005

Jan 02, 2006

Good teaser! Not racist
Jan 12, 2006

This teaser is really designed for 4th grade scientists. Far too easy.
Feb 09, 2006

I just finished a chem class last semester.....this was soo great
Feb 26, 2006

ooo... I thought that was really easy... that's only because I learned about it while studying for the Science Bowl!! hehe. Wouldn't it taste different though? Or is hydrogen peroxide tasteless too? *runs to go look it up*
Mar 23, 2006

I got it right but only because I studied hard for my A level chemistry!!! Good Job
May 21, 2006

Hydrogen Peroxide?!?
Aug 19, 2006

I knew that!
Sep 29, 2007

easy, pretty good, but why would a guy in a desert have a jug of H2O2 to randomly hand a man who is dying from thirst?
Dec 22, 2007

I am a bit surprised about how some pathetic people seem to think that this puzzle is racist.

(I am not a racist and admit every country and religion has evil followers)

But to be fair, the teaser owner did not mean any racism. And you must admit some Arabs do kill. They're not perfect!

Apr 06, 2008

Oh, gosh. This is so simple. H2O is obviously water. H2O2?!?! Anyone can see that.
Apr 30, 2008

There was a rhyme about this:

There was a thirsty freshman,
He ain't thirsty no more.
For what he thought was H2O
Was H2SO4
Aug 28, 2009

I know all about h2o and h2o2 but was just too fast..

It does pay off if you know how to read!!
Dec 07, 2009

Aww that's too sad...

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