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Bulbous Aromaticus

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#26781
Fun:*** (2.55)
Difficulty:** (1.57)
Submitted By:sweetime*****
Corrected By:Mad-Ade




"Check it out," John said to his friend, Detective Sing, over dinner one night. "For a mere $5,000 I could purchase one of the rarest annuals around, Bulbous Aromaticus.

"I was talking to a horticulturist, and she said she was willing to sell me one of the plants and then, each year when it flowered, she told me I could sell the seeds myself. Given the rarity of this particular plant, I could make a fortune!"

"Save your money," said Detective Sing. "This horticulturist is a fraud."

How did he know?

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Nov 07, 2005

I guess I am first I am no botanist but I knew that annuals only live a year while perennials live and bloom for more than one year. Pretty easy but I guess that not everyone knows that.
Nov 07, 2005

dave ur not alone i knew it 2 that was soooooooooo easy
Nov 07, 2005

I guess it was too early in the morning for me!!! The Bulbous part threw me-bulb don't have seeds
Nov 07, 2005

fun and easy teaser. My favorites
Nov 07, 2005

good one sweetime keep these coming! I got the answer correct! YES!!!
Nov 08, 2005

Mom was a gardener so I got the answer Keep them coming though, I did have to think a moment on this one.
Nov 08, 2005

Ya, my mom is a gardener too so I got it pretty quick. Still good one for those who dont know anything about plants and flowers.
Nov 10, 2005

did not get it
Nov 12, 2005

This was very interesting, because at first I was thinking, oh, it's because bulbs don't grow from seed, although the flowers of bulbs, some, may make seeds that are rarely used, maybe, but anyway, that "bulbous..." was almost a red herring, but it led one to the samw answer, that you don't grow it from seeds...If only the red herring could throw one off in a different direction...Good one though, I think you must have done that deliberately, very clever... Thanks.
Nov 12, 2005

can you answer my posts???
Nov 13, 2005

what would you like to know booklover?
perhaps if you PM me if you want to know something specific?

otherwise, thanks everyone for the nice comments
Nov 13, 2005

whats PM mean sweettime?
Nov 14, 2005

private message
Nov 14, 2005

Nov 15, 2005

Great teaser. I should have gotten that small informative fact.
Nov 17, 2005

terrific teaser! I am a big flower lover so I got that one quick. I really enjoyed it. keep it up.
Nov 23, 2005

I'm confused (apologies as I know nothing about flowers). Why couldn't he still make lots of money by selling all the seeds he gets in the first year bar a few which he keeps to grow more plants to harvest their seeds the following year. Ie he can't get seeds every year from the same plant but can use the first to make an annual chain of seed producers
Nov 23, 2005

He could.
But the way that Detective Sing knew that the horticulturalist wasn't really a horticulturalist was because no horticulturalist (gosh i'm sick of typing that word) would say "each year" when referring to an annual plant. It will die off, and a new one must be planted/grown.
Hope that helped
Thanks everyone for the lovely comments
Dec 05, 2005

I understand now - thanks for explaining. That was a good teaser
Dec 05, 2005

I knew it too, good one!
Dec 11, 2005

Pretty easy for anyone that knows about gardening .... but fun nonetheless!

BTW.... one of the easiest annuals (that I know of) to grow from harvesting its own seeds is the marigold!! Each flower produce a multitude of seeds, and in a fairly temperate climate, you can scatter them on the soil in late summer (and rake them in a bit so they're lightly covered) and voila.... new marigold plants the following summer!!
Jan 19, 2006

"knew that the horticulturalist wasn't really a horticulturalist was because no horticulturalist (gosh i'm sick of typing that word)"

Poor sweetime! You're sick of typing that word, but it was spelled wrong anyway and you could've saved some fingers! (horticulturist, not culturAList)

Great teaser!!!
Feb 19, 2006

I got it very good teaser
May 23, 2006

Great Teaser. Didn't know that annual meant that though
Jul 05, 2006

i forgot about anualls
Feb 22, 2007

Easy. Guess I won't be taken by a scam artist posing as horticulturist!
Jun 01, 2007

I enjoyed this one Thanks
Oct 10, 2007

why is the horticulturist a fraud, She only agreed to sell the plant, it was John who said he could sell the seeds from it each year, so it was his mistake, not hers.
Mar 17, 2009

"I was talking to a horticulturist, and she said she was willing to sell me one of the plants and then, each year when it flowered, she told me I could sell the seeds myself..."

She DID say it would flower each year. Hence, she is a fraud.

Nice teaser!
Jan 27, 2011

couldnt he just plant the seeds the next year 2 regrow the plant, instead of selling them? or even better, regrow the plant the following year with half of the seeds, and sell the other half?
Jul 21, 2012

Great teaser but please next time provide a hint foe us who don't do botany

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