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After School Activities

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#26803
Fun:*** (3.06)
Difficulty:** (1.89)
Submitted By:Rob2003*****




Five parents pick up their children at the Parkway Elementary School every Tuesday to bring the kids to their after school activity. Five children all attended a different after school activity and their parents always arrive at different times (between 3:00 pm and 3:30 pm).

Child's name: Colleen, Donald, Josh, Margie, and Mary

Parent's name: Ann, Capri, Kathy, David and Lynne

Last Name: Dobson, Holden, Johnson, Steinway, and Walsh

Times picked up: 3:00, 3:10, 3:20, 3:25, and 3:30

Activities: ballet, chess, fencing, football, and hiking.

Determine each child's full name, the first name of the parent picking them up (all the parents' last names are the same as their child's), the time each was picked up, and the activity each child is being brought to.

1. Margie's best friend's mother, Mrs. Dobson, arrived before Kathy came to pick up her son. Mrs. Walsh picked up her daughter for fencing.

2. Josh Steinway loved football as much as Donald liked chess and they both liked being the last two to be picked up.

3. David Holden picked up his daughter for her hiking as soon as he could, but Lynne was always there before he was.

4. Margie liked being the first one picked up but she didn't take ballet or hiking.

5. Lynne's daughter was not Margie.

6. In order of their departure from school: Ann, the girl who took ballet, Mary Holden, the boy who took football, and Capri Johnson.

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Nov 08, 2005

Great one Rob2003, got me on this one Keep up the great work
Nov 08, 2005

I am surprised that I got it the first time around! This is very clever and most enjoyable!
Nov 08, 2005

Not too read through and a little thinking, and I got it. Good one!
Nov 08, 2005

I thought it was pretty easy one read through and I didn't use all the grid, or could it be that I'm getting better at this????
Nov 08, 2005

Oh by the way good job Rob
Nov 08, 2005

Wow, that was a really good teaser, it took me like 7 minutes and i am surprised i got it right!
Again, that was a great teaser!!!!
Nov 09, 2005

Not nearly as hard as people are rating it. You give a lot of straight away clues that don't require the deduction. If one just goes in and puts in the "for sures" the elimination clues are barely needed. I did rate it fun, however because you used different kinds of clues.
Nov 11, 2005

This was pretty easy for me. But enjoyable too. Thanks.
Nov 12, 2005

great teaser I love logic grid problens and this one was perfect for peole who might not be verry good at logic grid problems
Nov 12, 2005

very good keep it coming
Nov 27, 2005

It was a challenage
Jul 29, 2006

I thought it was cute and fun, but very, very easy. All I did was put in the ones that I knew for sure and did not use any x's at all. I rated it at fun and easy. It was a very enjoyable puzzle. I am glad that you submitted, it was just what I needed for the firt thing in the morning before my brain has really woken up.
Jul 29, 2006

oops I just noticed a spelling mistake, told you my brain was not awake yet. firt is supossed to be first. sorry
Aug 29, 2007

Nov 17, 2010

This teaser was ripped off from the Puzzler's Paradise website.
Apr 14, 2014

The grid has become scrambled

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