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All Manner of Trees

Logic Grid puzzles come with a handy interactive grid that will help you solve the puzzle based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#26805
Fun:*** (2.99)
Difficulty:** (1.94)
Submitted By:Rob2003*****
Corrected By:Rob2003




Four friends decided to plant a new tree in their yard to celebrate Labor Day. The new trees would each be put in a different area of their yards. As it happened each friend bought a different kind of tree and planted the new tree on a different day of the week. From the clues below, determine the full names of each friend, what kind of tree each bought, where in the yard it was planted, and on what day of the week each tree was planted.

Names: Rebbecca, Sally, Tracy, and Wanda

Last Name: Best, Dart, Frost, and Grand

Trees: ash tree, cherry tree, maple tree, and spruce tree

Location: garden, patio, back yard, and front yard

Days of the Week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

1. Wanda, whose last name wasn't Frost, didn't plant her spruce tree by the patio.

2. Tracy planted her tree before Mrs. Dart but after the woman who planted the ash tree.

3. Mrs. Best, whose first name wasn't Sally, planted her tree in the front yard, but not on Friday.

4. Rebbecca didn't plant her tree on Monday.

5. Mrs. Grand planted her tree before the woman who planted her tree in the back yard. Rebbecca didn't plant the cherry tree.

6. The trees were planted, in chronological order, as follows: Mrs. Frost, in the garden, Wanda, the maple tree.

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© Shelly Hazard:

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Nov 08, 2005

Lovely, simply lovely. Thank you for a fun time.
Nov 08, 2005

I had to read the clues a few times. I got all but two on the first go, but then thought "I've GOT to be missing something!" I eventually found what I was missing! Nice one!!!!
Nov 08, 2005

Another good job Rob Just wondering though did they plant the trees for Labor day or Arbor day or for a new holliday called Larbor day????
Nov 08, 2005

Lol no its Labor Day i meant to put Labor Day its being corrected as you read it by me
Nov 08, 2005

love all your teasers, please write more!!!
Nov 08, 2005

You should state that the trees were all planted the _same_ week. Otherwise the before/after clues, while not useless, are not sufficient for solving the puzzle.
Nov 08, 2005

C'mon, Scihead, aren't we allowed to ASSUME that the days are all in one week?????
Nov 08, 2005

Good one, although I had to read it a couple of times . Hand hurts and eyes But I got it. Keep these coming I like a good brain workout
Nov 09, 2005

Not to easy, not to hard.
Nov 09, 2005

Ok, DaveC, I am going to ASSUME that you are being facetious, because we all know that assumptions are not logical.
Nov 11, 2005

I don't know if it was just me or the puzzle, but it didn't make sense after trying it many times. Maybe it didn't make sense because I'm way too happy and I'm not myself.
Nov 12, 2005

Fun. The days of the week clues would have been useless without the assumption of chronological in a week. So, I had no problem with that. Anyway, several OTHER logic grid writers have used that same structure. Anyone who wants to quibble over that as an assumption is trying to mae a very easy logic grid completely unenjoyable.
Nov 15, 2005

I had to start over, but it was fun!
Nov 18, 2005

Wow, neat! I love this thing, had to start over though as I thought the last hint stated that the tree in the garden was Mrs.Frosts and the Maple Tree was Wandas but still fun nevertheless. Good job ^_^
Nov 22, 2005

I really liked this one. The last clue was confusing at first but after i reread it, it made since. Thanks Rob and keep 'em coming!
Jan 07, 2006

Average difficulty, but it was cool.
Jan 10, 2006

I enjoy the way this kind of puzzle is done, but I need way more clues. Can't we make a second level for the less smart... I must have stared at that for an hour and do not see any connections. oh well, la de da
Aug 23, 2007

Nice teaser, I got confused a few times but I eventually got it all figured out.
Oct 23, 2007

great teaser! As for the quibble over the days of the week... The intro very clearly states "a different day of THE week", AND they are planting for a holiday which would logically mean the week of the holiday. Common Sense people! Stop knit-picking and enjoy the teaser.
Oct 04, 2010

This puzzle is a rip-off from the website. Several different people on Braingle have taken puzzles from that website.

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