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Mystery House

Mystery teasers are little stories where you need to figure out what happened based on the given clues.


Puzzle ID:#27026
Fun:*** (3.07)
Difficulty:** (1.18)
Submitted By:metallicman*us***
Corrected By:Zag24




Clyde Stevenson just bought a brand new house. Everything in it was state of the art; the refrigerator was stainless steel, the ovens were electric, even the windows were built to only open from the inside. Clyde was a very nervous man, and always kept his house locked up, especially this one, since it was new.

Clyde decided, since he bought a nice new house, he might as well break it in and plan a barbeque. He went to the store and bought some steaks, wine (it was his first party), and other things that he saw fit. He set the table, had the steaks marinating, and then began calling his friends to come over. He invited Stan, Eric, Helen and Pete.

They all came over and Clyde started the steaks. He finished grilling the steaks, and then broke open the wine and they started to eat. They talked about sports, the news, and gossiped about people in town. After a while, Stan started to get a little tipsy and was getting a little rude. Clyde asked him to settle down, in a civil manner, but Stan got furious and tried to fight. After quite a brawl, they got a taxi for Stan and everyone left.

The next day at 10:00 A.M., the police got a call that Clyde had been murdered. When the police arrived on the scene, they found Stan and Helen. The police officer decided to question them both at the station, to get the story straight.

When the officer questioned Stan, he said, "I was talking to Helen on the phone when I told her I should go over to Clyde's to apologise. (Stan told the officer what happened last night) She said that she should come with me in case things got heated again, and I said that was fine. I got there about ten minutes after Helen did, and I noticed that the front door was locked. I decided to look through a window to see if they were there, when I saw Helen, blood soaked, tossing a knife into the sink. I quickly opened the window and crawled through, and called the police. Helen killed Clyde."

When the officer questioned Helen she said, "Stan called me and told me to meet him at Clyde's so he could apologise about last night. (She also told the story about what happened) I get there about ten minutes faster than Stan, so I decided to wait in the car for him. After a while, I got bored so I decided to go in and tell Clyde what was going to happen. I noticed the door was wide open, and I thought that was strange because Clyde is a very nervous man. So, I rang the doorbell, walked in, and locked the door, because I know that Clyde always wants the door locked. I saw Clyde lying on the floor with stab wounds. I grabbed him to see if he was alive, but he was dead. I went into the kitchen to call the police when I saw Stan in the other room saying that I killed him, and that he had called the police."

The officer put them in different jail cells and decided to look over the crime scene. He searched the entire area and discovered who murdered Clyde. Who was it and why?

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Nov 18, 2005

Pretty Good Metallicman... I got it after alot of thinking
Nov 18, 2005

Hum, I really enjoyed reading that...
I only had to read it once and that makes me happy!
Nov 18, 2005

Good one, but way too easy, got anything tougher?
Nov 18, 2005

Tricked my friend
Nov 18, 2005

It was quite easy but very good none the less !
Nov 19, 2005

good one, did not get it though, very well written!
Nov 19, 2005

Easy got anything harder
Nov 19, 2005

It was easy, but still an interesting read!
Nov 19, 2005

i actually got it the first time i read through it! yay!
Nov 19, 2005

Lots of fun. But i don't like to read any thing twice unless it like the best book ever, or i'm reseching somethin real important. And i did'n realy take much time out to think about it ether, so i did'nt get it. liked it thoe, keep'em comin!
Nov 20, 2005

I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!
Nov 20, 2005

Very easy. Badly written though - if Helen said she got there 10 minutes before Stan and locked the doors - then she said Stan was inside then that is conflicting. Doesn't make sense. maybe you shoulf have said that she assumed she was there 10 minutes earlier - but it doesnt make sense. But it was still a give-away with the windows.
Nov 20, 2005

It said she waited a while before she got out: A while could be about ten minutes.
Nov 21, 2005

I thought it was really good and fun to read! I actually got it which is a miracle in itself! Keep up the good work
Nov 22, 2005

Too easy, I think. But it was fun anyway.
Nov 22, 2005

i go it the first time around the windows gave it away but i enjoyed it thanks for the riddle and keep the good ones comming
Nov 22, 2005

eric murdered him
Nov 23, 2005

I got it b/c the entire time I was thinking of things that could be prevented if windows didn't open from the outside.
Nov 24, 2005

Yes, it was easy, but I want to know WHY Stan killed him.
Nov 24, 2005

i got it! i usually don't venture into this category cuz i don't normally get them!
Nov 24, 2005

Splat: They had a fight the other night, and he kicked him out. He was angry, so he did the unthinkable. The unimagionable. No, he didn't regift a gift to the person he got the gift from, he killed him in anger!
(user deleted)
Nov 24, 2005

simple I want a hard one
Nov 24, 2005

Good one, Metallicman, but as some of the comments here say, it was a bit easy. The intro starts an enumeration of state of the art things, but ends on the windows not opening form the outside. That stands up when you read it.

Also, it is true that Hellen says she got about 10 minutes faster. She couldn't know how many minutes she got before Stan, since he was inside killing our friend !

An advice: try to mislead

Good work!
Nov 27, 2005

pretty easy but great fun!
Nov 27, 2005

Good Job and fun too
Nov 28, 2005

the answer's there!! hehe... actually, it's kinda easy
Nov 28, 2005

That was fun great teaser!
Dec 01, 2005

Dec 02, 2005

Thank you all for your comments, it helps me improve on my teasers.
Dec 04, 2005

Easy, but really fun.
Dec 07, 2005

Good one! I liked it.
Dec 11, 2005

It was obvious that Stan was lying because of the window thing, however I thought BOTH were lying. Given the scenario as it is written, NEITHER of them could have known when the other arrived unless they were BOTH lying!! There's no way Stan could have known how many minutes Helen had been there BEFORE him, unless she had told him.
And Helen stated that Stan arrived 10 minutes later, even though she obviously didn't SEE him arrive. So my conclusion is one of two possibilites....that they were "in on it together" since their stated "arrival times" had to be fabrications.... or that NEITHER of them was the murderer, and they implicated one another, each protecting his or her own self.
Dec 11, 2005


She got there, and waited for a while. A while could have been about 8 minutes. After that, she went to the door and saw him lying there dead. That could have taken two minutes. He was still inside after the murder, which is how he got in. do you understand? She knew how long she was waiting... anyways, it doesn't matter whay *you* think, because that obviously isn't the answer.
Dec 11, 2005

Sorry, I didn't mean to offend, Metallicman. You're right... its your teaser!! I was just stating how I interpreted it. I meant it as a debate of logic.... not as a criticism. I wrote in the spirit of fun.... sorry it didn't come out that way.
Dec 11, 2005

Well, I did interperate it the wrong way, so it is my fault to. While my post did seem a little aggresive, do you get the point?

Also, sorry for the misunderstanding
Dec 20, 2005

pretty good teaser. I didn't get it until i read the answer.

of course it could have been the fact that it was midnight when I read it so i was sort of tired
Dec 27, 2005

Good teaser Tinman. Enjoyed the read.
Dec 28, 2005

Great storyline, loved the imagination used by metallicman.

Great Teaser!
Jan 13, 2006

nice tinman. Want to play chess?
Jan 17, 2006

This was very easy. I figured it out as soon as it said that Stan opened the window and didn't need to read any further. But it's still a good one. I could see people missing the whole window thing at first and really making them think.
Jan 17, 2006

Good one...I got it on my first try though. Give me more like this one, but harder.
Jan 29, 2006

Ah, the old windows opening from the inside trick. But who would want windows that opens from the outside.
Feb 11, 2006

Nice one, Tinman. Easy, but very fun!
Feb 11, 2006

Oops I mean metallicman.
Feb 13, 2006

nice one i liked it easy but liked it
Feb 14, 2006

what happnd 2 eric and pete??!! i got the window thing straight away!
Feb 27, 2006

i have to say it was pretty easy but the times did make it a little confusing. However, I chose not to analyze them, noticing the window factor right away.good one!!!
Mar 01, 2006

Eric got there 20 minutes early, killed Clyde and unlocked all the windows, because he was Stan's lover. Just kidding.
May 14, 2006

AWES ome!!!!
Easy but in my faves!!
visit my page!! Neway-
Got it as soon as i read the "window" part kud s metallic man!!!
Jun 17, 2006

Way too easy, but still well written. I likes it!
Jul 05, 2006

Great teaser! I needed the hint but Iwas kind of distracted.
Aug 11, 2006

Great fun! I have a suggestion for you though, right now there are two ways to figure out how Stan killed Clyde. Either you can use your window solution or figure out that there is no way Stan could have know what time Helen arrived unless he arrived first, proving that he had in fact killed Clyde. (keep them coming Tin Man!)
Feb 22, 2007

Loved it! Rather easy, but very well written and entertaining.

Thimblenoggin: "Eric got there 20 minutes early, killed Clyde and unlocked all the windows, because he was Stan's lover." Very funny! Laughed out loud!
Mar 09, 2007

That was a very great teaser!
Aug 02, 2007

VERY GOOD!!!It was easy and fun i loved it keep em comin,this is going to my faves!
Oct 01, 2007

Very good!!! But it was pretty easy.
Dec 14, 2007

I thought it was...... let me come right out and say it, extremely easy. But very well written and interesting. A bit too easy though............
Jul 23, 2008

Hmm. I had something much more elaborate in mind...

Like Eric, Pete and Clyde were ex-criminals, now retired. They had agreed to lay low and keep their spending in check so as not to attract attention. When Clyde bought his new expensive house Eric and Pete became worried that the money had gone to his head. Seeing him lord over them with his expensive wine and BBQ made things worse, but the final straw was fighting and turfing them out when their friend Stan had too much to drink.

They went back to talk to Clyde about his extravagance. Clyde, who was nervous because of a fear of being a victim of the type of crimes he himself had commited, took to carrying a knife, didn't want to listen to Eric and Pete and a struggle ensued and the knife ended up in Clyde.

On seeing Helen's car arriving they un-locked a window in case she came around the back and slipped out unnoticed. Helen went through the door Clyde had opened for Eric and Pete and events unfolded as she described, Stan entered through the window they used and his statement was also true.

Enough of a twist?
Oct 04, 2008

good one... i got it!
Nov 01, 2008

lol stan tried to frame helen. stupid stan (lol alliteration) xD
Nov 22, 2009

That was Easy! But fun!
(user deleted)
Dec 12, 2010

i thought it was the girl...
Nov 07, 2012

XD, I almost didn't think it was Stan, since it seemed so obvious.
May 01, 2013

Excellent Teaser. That's all I could say for now!

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