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Sibling Rivalry II

Science brain teasers require understanding of the physical or biological world and the laws that govern it.


Puzzle ID:#27257
Fun:*** (2.8)
Difficulty:** (1.57)
Submitted By:bigSWAFF_69_Aus******
Corrected By:scm14




Geemiee was devastated after losing a competition to his older, much cooler brother Swaff. He decided his (fake) magic skills weren't quite up to snuff, so he decided to practice on his dog, Fredrick.

Swaff was sitting at his desk, not only being cool, but working on another competition for his brother. He knew he could not risk anything, or else he would lose his "Coolest Guy in The House" status. So, he decided to write the rules in such a way, to trick Geemiee.

The rules were as follows:
-The first to get 5 ounces of a clear colorless liquid, that they found in their kitchen, to pass from a liquid state to a solid state by loss of heat would be the loser.
-Both participants would have to keep their 5 ounces at the same temperature, and cannot mess with it in any way
-They must use the same freezing device, at the same time.
-They must use the same type of containers.

When Geemiee walked in, Swaff approached him with his challenge. Geemiee gladly accepted, as this was his chance to become cooler than Swaff.

Why was Swaff so confident in his ability to win?

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Dec 01, 2005

..... I've always known liquor to be kept in a bar, which is usually not in the kitchen but in a lounging area such as the living room
Dec 01, 2005

I have that drink in every room of my house!
Dec 01, 2005

For some reason, I found that pretty easy!
Dec 01, 2005

Even before I read the hint I figured some sort of alcohol, maybe rubbing alcohol from the medicine cabinet (Yes I have a medicine cabinet in my kitchen) but the hint pointed me right to vodka!!!
Dec 01, 2005

what would swaff do if his brother decided to use rum
Dec 01, 2005

Smack him, because Geemiee is too young to know about alcohol
Dec 02, 2005

easy. like vodka myself so... already knew that one. could also use tequila
Dec 02, 2005

Great teaser liked it a lot
Dec 02, 2005

Good one bigSWAFF, BUT this raptor got it Keep these coming liked it a lot
Dec 03, 2005

Also if Swaff wanted to cheat he could put some salt in his brothers liquid...but i like the Vodka idea better. he could also use Peppermint Schnapps. (yum) well that was a good one. and i like your stories. it makes them alot more intersesting.
Dec 05, 2005

OK, so am I the only one that thought of cheap vineager? It is clear, colorless and is found in a kitchen. Furthemore its freeze point is lower than water.
Dec 05, 2005

So the question was why is Swaff so confident, right?
Shouldn't the answer be -because the other guy is dumb?
If I wrote those rules, I wouldn't' be confident of a win. Nobody would think water!
Dec 10, 2005

Loved the story line- Good One
Dec 12, 2005

He probably would have won just by getting his water second...
Dec 19, 2005

The part about the 'clear colorless liquid' was a dead giveaway.
Dec 19, 2005

Cool teaser. Figured it was not water, blank on booze (beings I am sitting here drinking my Jack Daniels nad beeeer), but thee hint dowst give it aaawy! Enjoy thee drink of iced Vodka!
Jan 12, 2006

That one was pretty much a dead giveaway that it was going to be water. Swaff had so many other choices with lower freezing points than water that poor "Harry Potter" never stood a chance.
Jan 18, 2006

The hint really gave it away... still good.
May 11, 2006

HAHAHAA! I got it....mainly because I got vodka in the freezer, lol. Great one!
Jul 11, 2006

I got it! But trust me, it had NOTHING to do with reading the comments on the *other* teaser
Dec 29, 2006

Good to know you are stilll coolest guy on this site too! Right swaffaroo!
Dec 29, 2006

MMMM! Vodka!
Apr 29, 2007

Feb 24, 2008

Dirty, nasty, unbrotherly trick to play on an innocent litle brother! But funny!
Jun 27, 2008

I don't understand if swaff used vodka and it needed to be colder, then why did he win?

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